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Easy Sudoku for 14/February/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Nice shot. Bit warm there recently.
14/Feb/17 12:24 AM
🌞Good Maen ⛄️ new week - fresh start to life - enjoy your day
14/Feb/17 12:36 AM
My sun is coming over the tree line !
14/Feb/17 12:36 AM
Morning all.
14/Feb/17 12:37 AM
Happy Valentines Day !🌷💐💋
14/Feb/17 12:39 AM
2:11 Lovely photo. Good night one and all!
14/Feb/17 12:52 AM
14/Feb/17 3:29 AM
(Snagged for Shosho!)
14/Feb/17 3:29 AM
14/Feb/17 3:32 AM
I have spent the morning trying to correct a record on an ancestry site saying my mother died 8 years ago. She is still very much alive at 101 years old! It's an achievement for anyone to reach that ripe old age and to see her listed as dead is a bit disheartening. My poor mother has had More...
14/Feb/17 3:40 AM
Very pretty sun rise photo.
14/Feb/17 4:10 AM
14/Feb/17 4:23 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
14/Feb/17 4:23 AM
Thank you, Shiela! Here's flying your way!!!
14/Feb/17 4:23 AM
14/Feb/17 4:41 AM
I'm back!! For a long while I wasn't allowed to comment on site unless I logged in. Now I don't know about anyone else but I can't remember passwords. So this morning I decided that I didn't really want to be excluded from a site I had been with since 2006 so I took a stab at a password and - behold, I'm baaaack (to quote Arnie). Woo Hoo!
14/Feb/17 5:33 AM
Happy Monday!
Beautiful sunrise pic
14/Feb/17 5:34 AM
Great to see you Ian. I keep a book with all my passwords (other than to bank accounts).
I was worried about you and Anne with all the heat out your way.
14/Feb/17 5:43 AM
Welcome back, Ian.
14/Feb/17 5:45 AM
Those pesky passwords.
14/Feb/17 5:45 AM
14/Feb/17 5:45 AM
14/Feb/17 5:45 AM
~ Kate ~
14/Feb/17 5:57 AM
For the password challenged try a free download called 'keepass'. It provides a space for the website name, your user ID and it will generate a password up to 50 characters using upper, lower case, numerals, characters and even ascii characters. It lists websites alphabetically and all you do is More...
14/Feb/17 6:16 AM
I just opened mine and had it generate this password of 25 characters for an example. That's what most of mine would look like.

14/Feb/17 6:20 AM
Morning all, lovely to look at wouldn't like to be there, humidity too high.

Woo hoo Ian, was wondering where you had got to, hope you and Anne are keeping well.
14/Feb/17 6:25 AM
Kate,have a wonderful day doing whatever you feel like doing. 🎂
14/Feb/17 6:29 AM
Happy Valentines Day everyone. I bought a card to give Hubby. Just have to remember where I put it!
14/Feb/17 6:30 AM
Saltie, regarding your comment yesterday...I find the birthday suit is better than a nighty.
14/Feb/17 6:33 AM
Under 4 w/o possibilities on Easy is a good day for me.

Great pic. What are the trees?
14/Feb/17 6:43 AM
Happy Valentines Day to those that celebrate, we don't ,I'm married to a Scottish guy.😍
14/Feb/17 6:46 AM
Thanks Jeb. I've been looking for a good one and tried a few that didn't work for me. I'll give this one a try...
14/Feb/17 6:51 AM
14/Feb/17 6:57 AM
D, let me know how you get on with it.
14/Feb/17 7:15 AM
Thanks to everyone who welcomed us back, it's a bit lonely out there. Thanks also to JEB for your password suggestion, I'll have a look at it when I wake up. We are surviving the HOT weather with the help of a faithful air conditioner or two and restricting the exposure of our bodies to the heat. More...
14/Feb/17 8:03 AM
I've just remembered - the original reason for resuming contact was I wanted to congratulate the photographer for the fine photo of the sunset through the casuarinas.
14/Feb/17 8:08 AM

I played cards today and just got around to trying Wombat's puzzle. I was well and stuck for quite some time until I checked yesterday's comments and noticed the correction. Saved my sanity, it did.
Welcome back,Ian! I also More...
14/Feb/17 8:10 AM
Good to see you again, Ian. I agree, remembering passwords is a bugger.
14/Feb/17 8:21 AM
Welcome back, Ian.
14/Feb/17 8:46 AM
Well, well! BOPP
14/Feb/17 8:47 AM
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