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Easy Sudoku for 14/May/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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To as soon as I saw the artists of the song, I knew which one it was and I love that song, how true, everyday is an adventure and enjoy everyday.

Also the Martina song, In My Daughter's Eyes', makes me cry, and also makes me want to be the best mom I can!

Dave, wish your Linda a happy mother's day!
Today our Mothers Day celebrations will include my daughter who is (almost) 6,
myself who is *?*,
my mother who is 64
my grandmother who is 94.
4 generations celebrating together - how lucky am I ?

Have looked through yesterday's comments but can't see the info on how to see the picture without doing the puzzle. Can someone please spell it out for me again? Ta
good morning to everyone! not such a good day today! overcast and wet but the thing with melbourne is that u can never be sure about the weather over here! it will prob be hot later!
Lucky all of you - have a wonderful day !!
maEn all. Happy Mother's Day all mothers. Happy birthday LK/MN. Warm and dry here. Started seeding yesterday. Much sooner be on this site than in the tractor. Not quite as old as the one in the picture, but almost!
What about Danny Boy - (Father/son songs)
If you want to see today's photo without doing the puzzle, click on show solution, change one number in the puzzle and then put it back again and the photo will come up. If you are wanting to see old photos they are in the gallery section - see below
Oh, boo hoo Warren. How about The Living Year, Cats in The Cradle.
Strange as it may seem, one of the singers who made 'Oh My Papa' a big hit was Jim Nabors, of Gomer Pyle USMC fame. On the TV, as an actor, he was a nitwit. As a singer, he was good, but you just couldn't get past the TV persona, somehow.
To Soph in Melb.
I'm not actually in Melbourne at the moment but, at this time of the year, I can pretty much guarantee that it wont be hot there any time soon!
Has anyone out there been on an Alaskan Cruise? If so, what was it like & which cruise line did you go with ? I've been thinking & talking about doing it for several years & have decided it's time to bite the bullet & go ahead & book it. I am planning to go next year so have a bit more time to do a some more research. I'd appreciate any feed back.
What about 'Cat's in the cradle'??
2:22 Happy birthday Linda, happy mother's day to all who are
Good maeN everyone. Happy Mother's Day to the mothers in Sudoku-land. . Hope this day fills you best wishes for a happy Mother's Day.
Oh Opps - just saw your posting vlc.
'Cat's in the cradle' is okay but reminds me too much of my relationship with my father. 'Loving you has made me bananas' is a silly song...

'Your red scarf matches your eyes,
You close your cover before striking,
Father had the shipfitter blues,
Loving you has made me banans,
Vic/Melbourne - My daughter did a year with Royal Caribbean International and would recommend them as they are one of the top cruise lines. She did the Caribbean, Hawaii and Alaska.
I think that the 'Cat's in the cradle' syndrome was quite common in that generation - which is one of the reasons why the song had such appeal.

Hopefully today's dads heard the song and listened and learned from the lyrics. Trouble is - like in the song - it's sometimes too late that we More...
What a beautiful old tractor, just like my mom.
On her back?
I think this is one of my best times. This was a simple puzzle - just glided right through - FUN. Happy Mother's Day to every mommie out there.
I believe that song about 'Butterfly kisses' refers to a father/daughter relationship .. (and don't any of you weirdos who won't sign their names make more of that) and I believe Eddie Fisher recorded 'Oh My Papa'; and what about Daddy's Little Girl, popular at weddings.
have a wongerful day with all four generations. There are not many people who have that opportunity. I was never lucky enough to know my grandmother - mums mum - and mum is 6 hours away, but nevertheless a lovely mothers day with my husband, 3 out of 5 of my children and our gorgeous 2 year old grandaughter Taylah Rose.
I did the Alaska cruise on the Princess Lines. If you have never seen glaciers it is worthwhile. Try to see more of Alaska if you have the time.Weather is unpredictable.
You really are an ignorant fool aren't you? Its just a pity that you are such an idiot that you don't put in a little research before you open your stupid mouth.

Transplant - $50,000 approx. One off cost.
Dialysis - $40,000 to $50,000 per year ongoing til ya die or get a transplant.
3.48 Happy Mother's Day to all the Mums.
Lookin' good for the Crows at half time Baz.
bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz the sound of an angry bee !!
Yeah, Beezy. I have to keep track of em on the net - no results up here, but, so far so good
Now that's what I call creative accountancy !!
Read in the Australian that Ripper, or ripoff, in WA did sweet diddly for anyone, in the budget, but the coffers are brimming. Perhaps you should send the bill to him.
Yes Johnno, I was mistaken. Dialysis costs are actually about $72,000 per year.
hey from, ever tasted the sting of a real bee?
if not you are sure to get one soon..do enjoy it and yes please do report about it.
Tom etc have resigned from Renal - it's not John Howards' bill it's yours and Ripper's.
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