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Easy Sudoku for 14/May/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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14/May/16 8:39 AM
Huh? Where did CP go?
14/May/16 8:40 AM
I think I scared her!
14/May/16 8:41 AM
Morning all,I don't care if it's the same picture as long as the site works. Many thanks Gath !👍
14/May/16 8:47 AM
Shosho, your sneaky friends gave me a laugh !😂💐
14/May/16 8:52 AM
It is so good to back on here.....my laptop would never load the site but now it has decided that it will !! I have missed my 'fix'
14/May/16 9:38 AM
Morning folks.
All is right in my world... Sudoku.com.au is working again.
14/May/16 10:25 AM
Oh my goodness - hello, Meg! You haven't made an appearance in a long long time - Welcome! I'm doubtful your laptop had anything to do with your inability to 'load the site' - Gath needed to make his magical repair; none of us could use it earlier...you were not alone!
14/May/16 10:31 AM
Have a good weekend everybody... weather is glorious down here ... sun shining.. blue skies...
14/May/16 10:49 AM
Good maEn, good people. I missed the excitement. I didn't break the site!
14/May/16 10:53 AM
At least I don't think I did.
14/May/16 10:55 AM
Shosho, you don't strike me as being the shy type.
Modest, Yes.
Shy, No.
Congrats. You deserve the professional accolades.
14/May/16 10:57 AM
I don't specifically remember the photo but I knew immediately when it came up that it was a photo taken in France.
14/May/16 10:58 AM
1:51 Good morning ONE and all!

IT WAS JUDY WHO BROKE THE SITE. It really was. Judy did it! Judy did it! She sent me a message then broke the site so that I couldn't reply.
14/May/16 11:14 AM
Brilliant piece of detective work, Anne. I suspected Judy from the beginning, but had no hard evidence. Well done.
14/May/16 11:22 AM
Wow ... I just WISH I had that much power! These days, the truth be told, I am just a quiet, helpless, subdued old lady ...
14/May/16 11:26 AM
Thank you, Hal. I wasn't a convict for nothing. I learnt the hard way.
14/May/16 11:27 AM

Quiet? Subdued? LADY????? Pull the other one!
14/May/16 11:28 AM
Old? Maybe. We're all heading that way.
Helpless? I very much doubt it.
14/May/16 11:30 AM
Uhhhh ... what exactly am I supposed to pull?? Can I pull Hal's??
14/May/16 11:33 AM
Sorry, Judy. The temptation was just too much for me to resist.
14/May/16 11:34 AM
Pull the other one! Pull a leg when you're telling a fib.
14/May/16 11:36 AM
You have always had a problem with that, haven't you, Hal ...
14/May/16 11:36 AM
and yes, you can pull Hal's if he'll let you anywhere near him. Poor bloke.
14/May/16 11:37 AM
Judy, Judy, Judy. You really make me wonder.
14/May/16 11:38 AM
And YES, any time.
14/May/16 11:39 AM
Hal, you stole Peter's clickety click. I'll tell him on you.
14/May/16 11:41 AM
Please ladies, slow down a bit. I'm too old for this rapid banter.
14/May/16 11:42 AM
No need to wonder, Queen Anne ... There might be snow on the roof, but there is still a fire in the furnace ...
14/May/16 11:43 AM
Peter is the least of my worries right now.
14/May/16 11:44 AM
S o r r y, H a l! I s t h a t b e t t e r?
14/May/16 11:45 AM
It's a date, Hal ...
14/May/16 11:45 AM
Bl**dy hell, still a fire in the furnace? Keep clear, folks.
14/May/16 11:46 AM
Yesterday she broke the site. Today she's setting fire to it.
14/May/16 11:47 AM
KA ... BOOM!!!
14/May/16 11:47 AM
GATH! Where are you. The site is down again.
14/May/16 11:49 AM
Judy blew it up.

I think it's all too much for Hal and he's gone to bed.
14/May/16 11:50 AM
Not yet, Anne. It's about time to turn the page.
14/May/16 11:53 AM
Who's going to get it?
14/May/16 11:54 AM
Waiting on me?
14/May/16 11:55 AM
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