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Easy Sudoku for 14/May/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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14/May/16 11:55 AM
I'll leave that for you to do, Hal. Too much hard work for me.
14/May/16 11:55 AM
And Old Guys need to get their pleasure where they can find it ...
14/May/16 11:56 AM
Now I'm going to bed. Night all.
14/May/16 11:57 AM
I think we'll be banned from the site after today.
14/May/16 11:57 AM
Hal. Try not to dream or have nightmares about Judy.
14/May/16 11:58 AM
What about me?? Can I turn it over ??
14/May/16 11:58 AM
Gosh you have to really quick around here!!
14/May/16 11:59 AM
Goodnight, Hal and Anne! I'm going to look around and see if I can find my life ...
14/May/16 12:01 PM
old Girl! Sleep well and have nice dreams.
14/May/16 12:03 PM
Sorry, Meg. We had to let poor old Hal have the honour.
Housework awaits. Better motivate myself.
14/May/16 12:05 PM
And my shopping awaits...off to spend money :)
14/May/16 12:08 PM
Love the banter. There used to be a lot of that at one time.
14/May/16 1:36 PM
I'm regretting toddling off earlier.
14/May/16 3:54 PM
Would have enjoyed racing Shoshone.
14/May/16 3:55 PM
Bloody autocorrect.
14/May/16 3:56 PM
The repartee between Anne, Judy and Hal made me laugh.
14/May/16 3:59 PM
The site's fixed, the cheekiness is back (and Si is Meg) - all' right with the world!
14/May/16 4:11 PM
Bloody autocorrect! SO!
14/May/16 4:14 PM
14/May/16 4:15 PM
Thanks CP
14/May/16 5:06 PM
G'day all.
14/May/16 11:39 PM
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