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Easy Sudoku for 14/August/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning all. Looking for another fine, almost spring, day in Canberra.
2:16 - seems like it should have been faster. Time for the medium.
I give up, trying to speak to Anu and do puzzle at same time is hard
but i did and seen this couple.....hey hey
Good Maen to all! A good looking couple.
Good Maen all (except, Baz!). I thought I had the time zone thing all figured out, but maybe not. Isn't it night in Canberra now?
Anne from Albany - please check your Skype Chat.
Headed out for more yard work now. It's only 10:12 AM & already 88 degrees F.!
Hello Kathy I'm on skype now if you want to join us. I will be going to bed very soon though
Good Maen
Well, it's 0818 here and about 15° - I was tempted to put the furnace on this morning! Beautiful and sunny though.
Howdie all you folks. God Bless. Have a great week, we in Zimbabwe have two days of hoilday.
Hi Kathy from Valrico. You're right, it is night in Canberra, but after midnight so it counts as morning.
Good Maen everyone. 10:29 a.m. in Miami and scorching!
Hello BRUCE. Enjoy your holidays. It is back to work for us tomorrow and facing more traffic as it will be the first day of school in Miami-Dade County!
Now, I get back to my pictures. I met a real nice couple this morning as More...
10:42 and sunny and 72
who is the happy couple?
have a great day/night one and all
2:51 nice couple
My Pledge to you ...... You Will !!!! :)
Hey Bruce! Enjoy your holidays! Back to work for me tomorrow too!
Looks like they are in Lake Tahoe and enjoying themselves.
A Marine was deployed to Afghanistan. While
he was there he received a letter from his
girlfriend. In the letter she explained that
she had slept with two guys while he had been
gone and she wanted to break up with him.
AND, she wanted the pictures of herself More...
Hi. Yikes school again tomorrow, where did the weekend go! We have to go to the funeral on Monday but will only miss part of the school day.

I will have to look and find Ed's e-mail Kathy and get back to you. Also need to find a picture of my sister---full face picture.

I guess I More...
Today's pic, though a nice couple, is scrunched sideways like yesterday's car. Go to the gallery and click on the car to see what it really looks like.
Good Sunday Maen, all!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend...
cool game very fun yet challenging.. :)
Have a great day, all! I have to try and force myself to mow the yard in the stifling heat and humidity today. Don't want to wait until too late because we have seven cases of West Nile virus in the local area from mosquitoes.
I agree with Keith...they are scrunched sideways...and the car was U-G-L-Y!!!
Nice day here, not too hot. Lily, from Calgary, I did turn my furnace on this morning. Granddaughters stayed the night and the little one kept saying she was cold. It was pretty cool.
You people going back to school (teachers), I do miss it a little, although I always hated bulleting boards More...
Thanks, Marilea! As a male, unimaginative, math, high school teacher - I don't do bulletin boards.
I am about as 'unready' as I have ever been two days before school (mentally and physically), but I will be there with a smile on Tuesday morning.
And then there was this barge floating along at sea.
Ahead of it was this cruise ship. The cruise ship, asked the barge,
'Hey, are you the Love Boat?' To which the barge replied,

'No, I'm a freight yacht!'

a mathematician ponders..
If God is perfect, why did He create discontinuous functions?
really nice...
If the set of power stations forms a group under the operation of power
generation, when isn’t it cyclic?

When the generators are out of order
and this will surely make you laugh...
Standard normal deviates: A comparison group of sociopaths who were formally normal people.
cereal poster..me..na na
PAUL FROM MO: Hey, Paul, try the three progressively harder puzzles and see if they don't give the old brain cells a workout! Would you check back in with us once you've completed them? Or, are you just playing 'mind games' with us?? :)
just b4 going hey jamie hope you enjoyed it all...
and greg sorry cant sign in msn..catch you later in the morning..bye c ya..
14:50 but I'm only 12 and bad at Sudoku so this is good for me. =)
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