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Easy Sudoku for 15/November/2012


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Submitted by: Gath

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Hello page 2.
15/Nov/12 4:26 AM
Hi KathyF,

Who said, 'I'm going to Tampa with you.'
15/Nov/12 5:18 AM
Morning all, lovely sunrise.
Neil, like your play on words.LOL
15/Nov/12 6:20 AM
15/Nov/12 6:31 AM
Hello everyone!
Amelia, looks like we've done it again - just missed each other!
15/Nov/12 7:00 AM
Kayo that diarrhoea (English spelling!) diary daffynition is spot on! Sometimes people have to keep diaries on what's dropping into the loo for medical reasons!!!
15/Nov/12 7:03 AM
Sonogram = ultrasound Kathy!
15/Nov/12 7:07 AM
Kathy, I noticed your comment about Jill Kelley and General Petraeus on fb and didn't have a clue about who they were as I had never heard of them before. I have no recollection about reading anything about this item in the newspaper but as the names meant nothing to me I would have skimmed over it More...
15/Nov/12 7:13 AM
We get plenty of news on the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission/Corporation - can never remember the C word!!) TV here, from all round the world!!
15/Nov/12 7:39 AM
Off to do the jigsaws * sudokus!
15/Nov/12 7:40 AM

Kathy we are DELUGED with it. No idea before this who they are or were. First your elections and now this.
Don't get me wrong we love our American friends but really this is Australia and I don't know about other Aussies but I certainally do not care More...
15/Nov/12 7:44 AM
Wooo! Mr Cee, who put the fly in your Wheeties!
Personally I don't care who was sleeping with who(m?), apart from the stupidity of telling a Journalist anything.(was he supposed to be smart?)
I assume that it is the same worldwide...the press resorts to the gutter whenever it wants to take our eye off what is really happening in the world, or their ratings need a boost.
15/Nov/12 8:23 AM
OH, pardon my bad manners

Loved the daffynition Kayo.
15/Nov/12 8:26 AM
Good morning.
15/Nov/12 8:46 AM
Like CEE said, we are being bombarded with coverage.
15/Nov/12 8:47 AM
With a family military background, I have taken a bit of an interest initially.
15/Nov/12 8:48 AM
If a man running the biggest spy agency in the world can't do the right thing (and yes I know he is amongst millions), and not expect his or other covert agencies to find out............
15/Nov/12 8:50 AM
CEE has said what I think now, so I think I'll just leave it there.

PS Kathy, Kate has answered your question.
15/Nov/12 8:51 AM
That's a really pretty photo! Have a good day everyone.
15/Nov/12 8:53 AM
{{{{Hugs}}}} Mr. Cee.
When you make it back over, darling, I would treat you like a long term friend and let you sleep on my couch.
I do agree with your post though.
15/Nov/12 9:14 AM
The things that can happen in a hour. As I was leaving the house to go pick up my girl, there was a pick up truck in my drive-way. When I was going out, I just thought it was someone, doing a turn around, but since I was out, they came down the drive. Since, we have put that For Sale sign up, I More...
15/Nov/12 9:21 AM
The second one, is that I picked up a bawling child today. From what I could understand, between the wails, she did not do good on a paper and the teacher gave her a zero. My first mother's instict, was to go give a teacher a what for, but rational, over ruled and waited till we got home and More...
15/Nov/12 9:27 AM
And the third incident. We saw an UFO on the way home. As we got closer, I thought it was a blimp, but it was too flat. Guess, we have aliens out here now. I can see it from my front porch, just floating there in the sky.

Really, should not tell a 6 year old, that aliens are landing. She is really worried, even after I said, it is probably a blimp.
15/Nov/12 9:30 AM
Sounds like you've had a fun????? day Karen!! Hope it doesn't happen again! But do hope the house/property sell soon for you!
15/Nov/12 9:46 AM
Hello Mr Cee, Grass-hopper, CP & Judy!
15/Nov/12 9:47 AM
Beautiful photo! And really great jigsaw especially on hard!!!
Got to go & do some housework!
15/Nov/12 9:48 AM
Aww, Kate, with the exception of a very upset little girl, it really has been fun. My imagination of giving a teacher a what for, is going wild. But in the morning, I will be objective, in finding out what happened, as I think of getting a voodoo doll.
15/Nov/12 10:03 AM

I have to say that I agree with Mr Cee.......well put.

15/Nov/12 10:15 AM

Where's Hal, shedding skin somewhere?
15/Nov/12 10:16 AM
Would love to know who submitted the photo of the sunrise at Charmhaven. This is where my sister lives
quite close to the lake which In think is the one shown in the photo ! Was it you Kate, when you were travelling around ?
15/Nov/12 11:15 AM
youkidme - someone was at Charmhaven in NSW for that shot...
15/Nov/12 11:19 AM
A'm ratcheer, Pete. And the major shedding is over; just doing the daily thing.
Cee, the TSA treats us the same way!
Karen, what did upi mean when you said, 'or her world comes to a complete halt.' I was nowhere in the area. Honest!
15/Nov/12 11:23 AM
upi = you. Really!
15/Nov/12 11:28 AM
Grasshopper your post at 8-23AM reflects my thoughts entirely. Re the world news, my biggest concern is to see demonstrations and riots in SO many countries across the world. Greece, Spain, Portugal and even GB on an economic front, then politically -
Egypt, Syria, Israel, Afghanistan and More...
15/Nov/12 11:43 AM
Sorry HalT, to confuse you. Notice how the words are typed. One is spelt, halt and your name is HalT. See? I do the same with man. When talking about a man in general it is spelled, man, when I talk about Man, I use a capital letter. I hope this clears things up for you.
15/Nov/12 11:52 AM
There's nothing I can do about the deluge here and in Australia of news coverage regarding the Petraeus affair. But I assume from Neil's comment that he doesn't want to read about it here in Sudokuland. I'm sorry if I offended or bored him or anyone else.
15/Nov/12 11:54 AM

Kathy - Neil is English and is used to that sort of thing so I doubt that you offended him.

It's news, they'll replace him and the scandal will continue until it all peters out. Sooner rather than later, I hope.

As for the fallout.........who cares? It's his problem.
15/Nov/12 12:12 PM
Kathy - if you want to talk about Petraeus, you talk about Petraeus. My main concern about the affair is how you pronounce the word Petraeus. The real issue is whether the ae is a dipthong or whether the e should have a diaeresis above it. Why we have dropped these punctuation marks from the English language is beyond me.
15/Nov/12 12:12 PM
And how many texts has that guy sent. He'd need twenty mobiles and a thumb for each of them.
15/Nov/12 12:14 PM
Perhaps Shane Warne has been giving him lessons.
15/Nov/12 12:15 PM
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