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Easy Sudoku for 15/December/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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15/Dec/11 1:01 AM
15/Dec/11 1:01 AM
G-h! You pushed me over the TOPP!!!!
15/Dec/11 1:02 AM
Hmmmm I appear to be a bit out of practice.
15/Dec/11 1:02 AM
Tis all good Shiela.
15/Dec/11 1:03 AM

15/Dec/11 1:06 AM
Well YIPPEE!!!! to you too, Shiela. (For the last few days, at this time, we'd be around post 10 ... not so today.)
15/Dec/11 1:24 AM
& nice to see Gh hopping about.
15/Dec/11 1:30 AM
15/Dec/11 1:42 AM
Where you been, Grass-Hopper?
15/Dec/11 1:43 AM
Did you actually get to go on your trip to the US?
15/Dec/11 1:43 AM
I'm at work again.
15/Dec/11 1:43 AM
And not busy right now, though I have been prior to this.
15/Dec/11 1:44 AM
Good thing happened though, right at the start of the shift.....
15/Dec/11 1:45 AM
....found that one of the patient's mums was a childhood friend.
15/Dec/11 1:46 AM
And she was here for the baby's arrival, as in actually in the room!
15/Dec/11 1:46 AM
So we had a lovely catch up, briefly, but are hoping to get together for coffee or lunch before she goes back to Nelson Bay on Tuesday.
15/Dec/11 1:48 AM
& here's CP hopping about as well. Nice whenever you run into an old friend.
15/Dec/11 1:49 AM
We have known each other since we were toddlers, but spent every school holidays together from age 8.
15/Dec/11 1:51 AM
Her mum and my grandmother were great friends.
15/Dec/11 1:52 AM
Good morning, all. Captain J - I got teary-eyed; wonderful clip. Bob Hope was an incredible human being.

CP, what a wonderful surprise!!
15/Dec/11 2:13 AM
Morning, all. Gray day here, and still no snow.
15/Dec/11 2:36 AM

Pregnant, Phanty???? Did a star rise that I wasn't aware of??? I do believe I shall look for a different stork for my smilie collection. You gave me such a fright!
15/Dec/11 2:56 AM
That's OK Grass-hopper, I was watching Bob Hope. For those who haven't, be sure to visit Captain J's page... Ya may want to take a box with you.
15/Dec/11 3:27 AM
Your comment sent me scurrying back to see if Phanty was pregnant ... couldn't find any stork references but sort of forgot what I was looking for half way through.
15/Dec/11 3:29 AM
Good morning people of the world.
15/Dec/11 3:34 AM
Monkey Day
15/Dec/11 3:34 AM
Brace yourself, I am about to make a statement.

I agree with the Phantom. I do have a wonderful girl and yes, she was hugged.
15/Dec/11 3:36 AM
And an added comment about my niece and nephew. They did not come right out and ask for money. I asked if they wanted something special for Christmas. When they started talking about about foriegn stuff that just blew my mind away, so I suggested Scooby undies. When the cries of, "Please don't do that again," got too much, I suggested gifted cards. They agreed.
15/Dec/11 3:42 AM
What is the answer to number 4, 7, and 9, on Fiona's puzzle?
15/Dec/11 3:44 AM
I sent my answers to Fiona's puzzle and got booted off the site. I'm looking at the answers I had written down and can't find anything that would incur our beloved Hall Monitor's wrath.
For the record, I DID answer! Whether they got to her is another matter.

Keith, Phanty's More...
15/Dec/11 3:57 AM
If I tell you, Karen, Fiona would have to shoot me.
15/Dec/11 3:58 AM
I am off to a Christmas luncheon, or I will be if I get out of this chair and get ready. Yes, it's the sweatshirt and jeans clean up, again. I might even put on some shoes!
15/Dec/11 4:04 AM
Back again.
15/Dec/11 4:08 AM
Friend and I are joshing and arguing about who's going to take the next patient.
15/Dec/11 4:12 AM
I'll find a way to make sure she wins!
15/Dec/11 4:12 AM
I have important things to do.
15/Dec/11 4:13 AM
Like being here!!
15/Dec/11 4:14 AM
Glad to see you have your priorities straight, CP.
15/Dec/11 4:16 AM
Don't stop here.
15/Dec/11 4:34 AM
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