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Easy Sudoku for 15/February/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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15/Feb/16 5:14 AM
Wow, Hal ...you could do a lot of damage while you wait for that flight; might be worth accepting a challenge to see how many posts you can do in a row - you're likely bored with people-watching by now............ if you've already departed, hope your vaca is stupendous!
15/Feb/16 5:42 AM
Amelia, not sure about CP but I put the AC on and slept right through!
15/Feb/16 6:01 AM
Good morning all.
15/Feb/16 7:23 AM
Happy birthday Judy. 🎂
15/Feb/16 7:23 AM
1:56 Dogs to the left of me, dogs to the right of me, dogs everywhere! Could be worse......101 dalamations.
15/Feb/16 7:37 AM
15/Feb/16 8:14 AM
Good morning.
15/Feb/16 8:23 AM
Happy Birthday, Witchy.
15/Feb/16 8:24 AM
Adele and her babies make a lovely photo for Valentine's Day.
15/Feb/16 8:26 AM
No, I didn't sleep through. Was awake and up from 0330-0530.
15/Feb/16 8:26 AM
Then went back to bed for an hour or so.
15/Feb/16 8:26 AM
But the big poster wouldn't boot up, so now I'm on my iPad.
15/Feb/16 8:28 AM
Big pooter.
15/Feb/16 8:28 AM
Made it to Miami. Mora waiting.
15/Feb/16 8:32 AM
15/Feb/16 8:38 AM
Happy birthday Judy, and may you enjoy many more. 2 U
15/Feb/16 9:20 AM

Happy 21st Judy, yeah, I know, light years late!
15/Feb/16 12:52 PM
Well, if Keith and Hal can do it. I'm sure I can too.
15/Feb/16 12:55 PM
15/Feb/16 12:56 PM
Clickety - one!
15/Feb/16 12:56 PM
Clickety - two!
15/Feb/16 12:57 PM
Clickety - three!
15/Feb/16 12:57 PM
Nearly there!
15/Feb/16 12:58 PM
Must be getting close to Judy's birthday number!
15/Feb/16 12:59 PM
15/Feb/16 12:59 PM
I have just completed making a napkin holder and I have posted some photos of the process from beginning to end.
15/Feb/16 3:33 PM
Great photos, Peter - thanks! The grain of the wood is quite lovely & even more so with your choice of finish.
15/Feb/16 4:02 PM
Finally made it to Guayaquil. We are in our hotel room. But it is midnight and past my bedtime. So, until tomorrow, night all.
15/Feb/16 4:04 PM
Got my Birthday number!
15/Feb/16 4:44 PM
You old fart, Judy!
15/Feb/16 4:46 PM
15/Feb/16 4:49 PM
So, witch lady, is it a big '?0' birthday?
15/Feb/16 5:59 PM
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