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Easy Sudoku for 15/March/2015


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Hello page two.
15/Mar/15 5:45 AM

I was able to buy Girl Scout cookies as I came out of the grocery store today. Just made it, it's their last day of sales, too. I'll save them because I did bake a pie to honor the day. I wasn't going to, but hubby commented this morning....''It is Pi day, you know.'' Subtle, he isn't.
15/Mar/15 5:52 AM
I have spent way too much time on Silvergal's rebus.
15/Mar/15 5:57 AM
homeward James, and don't spare the horses!!! Seventy kilometre drive home then all is done. Have a good day all......
15/Mar/15 6:00 AM
Kentucky is now 33-0, and still going strong!
15/Mar/15 6:11 AM
Kentucky will face the winner of the Georgia/Arkansas game (which starts in a half hour) tomorrow, for the SEC tournament championship. Then on to the Big Dance!!!!

They don't call this March Madness for nothin'!!!!
15/Mar/15 6:19 AM
I labeled my version of this picture, ''Four Sisters and a Brother.''
15/Mar/15 6:28 AM
1:29. Good morning everyone.
15/Mar/15 6:43 AM
Just popping in to do the puzzles before heading off on my normal Sunday morning 'long' run. I'm going to shoot for at least 20km today but let's see how the legs feel after the first couple of laps of the 6.8km circuit - last week I stopped after two laps but I really need to get the distance under my belt as I have a half marathon to run five weeks from today.
15/Mar/15 6:46 AM

Keith - I like your name on your pic of the 3 Sisters.
15/Mar/15 7:27 AM
Rhubarb pie here for Pi Day, but I won't worry about eating it at 9:26. But it was in the oven about 9:26 am. So 3/14/15 9:26 was observed!
15/Mar/15 7:29 AM
15/Mar/15 8:19 AM
Karen, you can't avoid Pi. Pi makes the world go round.

Pun intended.
15/Mar/15 8:26 AM
Good afternoon to all! The three sisters in the dark.
15/Mar/15 8:31 AM
Geez Keith! Does that mean you married your sister!!
15/Mar/15 8:34 AM
Um ... you see ... I ... oh, never mind.
15/Mar/15 8:37 AM
Good morning.
15/Mar/15 9:32 AM
Have been up a couple of hours, trawling through emails ....
15/Mar/15 9:33 AM
II have had daughter's cat for company.
15/Mar/15 9:35 AM
He tells me every 3 seconds how unhappy he is.
15/Mar/15 9:37 AM
The 'kids' went out to a party last night and got back very late - or was it early? They are still asleep and we have not allowed puss in to wake them up. He is not impressed.
15/Mar/15 9:42 AM

Eight new pictures in my gallery. Most taken in our backyard. Enjoy.
15/Mar/15 10:43 AM
I'm back from the run, showered, fed and caffeinated so ready to face the world again. I ended up managing the half marathon distance (21.1km), but quite slowly. I now have less than five weeks to find around ten minutes to take off this morning's time - eeeeek!
15/Mar/15 11:16 AM
I didn't get around to baking a pi(e) yesterday but we had several of my 15yo son's friends overs so I made them pi-kelets.
15/Mar/15 11:20 AM

15/Mar/15 11:31 AM

Oh look.....clickety-click.
15/Mar/15 11:31 AM

Check out Hal's photos..........pretty good.
15/Mar/15 11:32 AM
Nice photos, Hal!
15/Mar/15 11:33 AM
Good morning! Have a great day!
15/Mar/15 12:09 PM
HalT, thanks for clarifying that the lion was not in your backyard. But how cool would that be.
Nice pics.
15/Mar/15 12:12 PM
Peter, Judy and Kathy, thanks for your comments on my pix. You might want to check back to see the answers to your questions. And other's answers to your comments, Kathy.
15/Mar/15 12:17 PM
Karen, I would love to have a lion in my backyard. But what would I feed it and who would mow the yard. Wait, maybe the lion could... Nah, we don't have that many mowers locally.
15/Mar/15 12:21 PM
Keith, first, I 'relocate' anything I trap to the local Animal Control people. And second, if it's a California law, I tend to do the opposite.
15/Mar/15 12:34 PM
Heidi, yes, it occurred to me that the possum might be sick. But both times that we have seen it was late in the day, about sunset. And it's been about two weeks since the last sighting. If I see it again, I will call Animal Control.
15/Mar/15 1:12 PM
Loved the photos HalT. Sorry I did not have time for individual comments.
15/Mar/15 2:18 PM
15/Mar/15 6:41 PM
15/Mar/15 9:39 PM
15/Mar/15 9:40 PM
15/Mar/15 9:40 PM
15/Mar/15 9:41 PM
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