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Easy Sudoku for 15/April/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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15/Apr/14 9:39 AM
Hi HalT!
Off to tennis now!!!
15/Apr/14 10:17 AM
1:30 Good morning one and all!

Must go and mow the lawns, what there is of them, before the forecast drizzle arrives. I won't keep my fingers crossed, for the rain that is. It just seems to miss our area, which is most unusual for Albany.
15/Apr/14 11:01 AM
Anne, would you like some rain sent over from the east coast - perhaps north Queensland could oblige after the drenching they have had from ''Ita''
15/Apr/14 12:08 PM
Can't remember who it was that sent a video link from the Crufts Dog show where a border collie was part of a dancing demonstration.
It was fabulous. I wrote down the detail, then sent emails to two friends and included one to myself, just to see if it would work. Wacko ! IT WORKED.
Thank you to whomsoever !
15/Apr/14 12:12 PM
Hello youkidme - I managed to mow the lawns but once again, my whippersnapper kept playing up. I managed most of the edges, though. Still no rain!
15/Apr/14 1:45 PM
Now to have a shower and go and play badminton for the next couple of hours.
15/Apr/14 1:46 PM
15/Apr/14 1:46 PM
I'm now totally buggered!
15/Apr/14 4:47 PM
Chris - what happened in your run on Sunday?
Thankfully you are still alive - unless you are posting from 'the other side'.
I wouldn't still be alive after a marathon - or even a half marathon.

Anne - I also 'pass' on two hours of badmington.
15/Apr/14 5:45 PM
Heavy cloud and some rain coming in from the east so no hope of seeing the lunar eclipse. I have seen a total lunar eclipse before.
15/Apr/14 6:01 PM
Hello Anne, YKM, t'other Kate, Rayray & June!
15/Apr/14 7:25 PM
Happy Easter everyone!
We're probably up-the-River tomorrow (Wednesday down here), maybe Thursday - depending on the weather. Have guests coming - hope the river's not too rough!! ''See'' you all next week. Have a great Easter weekend!!
15/Apr/14 7:36 PM

So you'll be up the creek, Kate? Don't forget your paddle.

Oh yes, enjoy your Easter!
15/Apr/14 7:41 PM

Just saw that they tagged a 5 metre white pointer near Albany.......Anne, don't go swimming, will you?
15/Apr/14 7:42 PM
Peter - I think it's been around for a few days. They tagged it a few weeks ago, I believe, and it's come back in near shore.
15/Apr/14 7:53 PM
Bye for now - sometime next week!!
15/Apr/14 8:41 PM
No, Peter, we didn't forget the a paddle, but the other one disappeared with the canoe (a Canadian) earlier in the year - got blown away. We do have another one (Canoe -Canadian) now, but we're still a paddle short!!!!!!!!!!!!
15/Apr/14 10:13 PM
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