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Easy Sudoku for 15/June/2011


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Submitted by: Gath

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I get my end-of-the-world scenarios from the Bible. It contains extremely helpful "pre-knowledge and warnings."
15/Jun/11 1:47 AM
Well, a new page.
15/Jun/11 1:47 AM
You beat me to the punch Plum! Well done.
15/Jun/11 1:48 AM
SOAPBOX TIME - I deliberately posted a "joke" yesterday that was objectionable to some (and was deleted), but I did so for a reason. Some folks who used to visit here and now rarely do feel they are being 'picked on' because some or many of their comments were deleted, but as my post More...
15/Jun/11 1:52 AM
Not that I'm one to subscribe to putting a heavy black "X" on a calendar square, but there are indications that a major upheaval is imminent.
15/Jun/11 1:54 AM
Phantom, it comes down to game 7 on Wednesday night for the Stanley Cup. As to the outcome, flip a coin!
15/Jun/11 1:55 AM
Keith & Plum, that flag store in Tampa is less than 10 miles from where we live! We buy our Annin flags at the Base Exchange at MacDill Air Force Base, Rob's last duty station before he retired from the Navy in 1990.
15/Jun/11 1:56 AM
15/Jun/11 1:57 AM
Today is baking day. Starr is making lemon pound cake and I'm baking a couple rhubarb pies. Help yourself to a slice on my page (though I found that pie photo on the internet, it's not mine). But you can find a photo of Little Plum's banana gun in my flickr photostream.
15/Jun/11 1:58 AM
Glad you had a good weekend with your grandchildren, Linda. Now you'll need a few days to rest up!
15/Jun/11 1:59 AM
Plum, maybe when you finish baking your rhubarb pies today you can take a picture of your very own creation to post on Flickr. Or how about a picture of rolling out the crust? I never could master the art of making a good pie crust. Any secrets you can share?
15/Jun/11 2:02 AM
Kathy - I'd love to make it back down to Tampa area again. The first time we went to Florida was for a convention held at the hotel on the Sand Key gulf shoreline (just off Clearwater Beach). The Gulf Coast is magical! We walked the beaches, Burl went deep sea fishing, and we saw the sights around Tampa Bay. Loved following a drop of spring water at the Florida Aquarium.
15/Jun/11 2:03 AM
Kathy - good idea on the photo and pie crust recipe. I'll see what I can do. The camera battery needs recharging ...
15/Jun/11 2:04 AM
Kathy.... great minds think alike.
15/Jun/11 2:04 AM
Kathy MD, that is.
15/Jun/11 2:05 AM
Kathy, you are right about the need to rest up. Our grandkids are 4 and 6 - and have boundless energy, it tires us old folks out! We took them golfing Sunday, which was such wonderful fun.
15/Jun/11 2:06 AM
I just checked, and my new flag was made in USA by Valley Forge Flag Co. in Moncks Corner, SC.
I don't have a flag avatar (yet) but I do fly it proudly.
15/Jun/11 2:13 AM
FYI - I have added instructios regarding putting a YouTube on your person pages in the Forum section, Questions about this site, Members Special Features. Cheers!
15/Jun/11 2:16 AM
Well, a US flag, anyway. My present avatar is the North Carolina state flag.
15/Jun/11 2:17 AM
Plum, a slice of rhubarb pie for me please!
15/Jun/11 2:18 AM
Heidi, I'm so hurt. My mind may not be as great as Kathy MD's, but it's pretty good (for my age anyway).
15/Jun/11 2:37 AM
Happy Tuesday day off!
Kathy/FL: I use the pie crust recipe in the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.

I've been told that 1) it's important to have cold dough (so the butter/shortening can melt and form nice airy flaky pockets when baked)
and 2) when rolling out the More...
15/Jun/11 2:47 AM
Sorry Kathy FL. I was commenting on our similar avatars.
You know I love you. ((( hugs )))
15/Jun/11 2:55 AM
Thanks for enabling that link for everyone.
I don't know how that 'space' got in there.
15/Jun/11 2:59 AM
Wow, Heidi. You have given me an idea.
Maybe I could MAKE MONEY out of predicting the end of the world !!
I am not sure what use the money would be to me if my prediction came true.
I could line my coffin with solid gold - but only if I could find a cabinet maker still alive along with any wood that had not been frizzled to vapour.
15/Jun/11 3:09 AM
Don't have an avatar with only a flag, so this will have to do.
15/Jun/11 3:22 AM
Went to get my car, was in the repair shop for over a week. The main thing I wanted repaired was the cruise control. By the time I got out of bumper to bumper traffic and tried the cruise I could not get it to work. We tried it again this morning, it worked twice but then stopped again. Harry and More...
15/Jun/11 3:29 AM
Where is everyone hiding??
15/Jun/11 3:29 AM
I am sick again, almost the same as last month but I have lost my voice this time. HAve a sore throat and feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest. Back to bed for me.
15/Jun/11 3:33 AM
One more, the really bad thing is we have a family reunion this weekend. How will I survive not being able to talk.
15/Jun/11 3:34 AM
Sue - hope you feel better very soon.
Plum - all your talk about rhubarb pie is about to kill me!! I LOVE rhubarb almost any way it is fixed. If you post info about the crust, how about including the pie recipe? Then I only have to find some rhubarb in Texas.
15/Jun/11 3:43 AM
Okay - worked medium and hard - still nobody here. Time to disappear for a while.
For those of you that "know" him, Gus is finally ready for summer. I will post a new picture in the next day or so.
15/Jun/11 4:05 AM
Heavens Sue - an elephant sitting on the chest of a mouse!
Joking apart I hope you recover quickly.
15/Jun/11 4:06 AM
It is gratifying to note that the scenario of the end of the world as painted by the Bible is similar to that described by Science.
15/Jun/11 4:08 AM
Oh, Sue that sounds awlful.
15/Jun/11 4:13 AM
Here is a happy pill, but I have something so much better.
15/Jun/11 4:15 AM
Chocolate has been medically proven to cure all that ails you.
15/Jun/11 4:17 AM
Or try a few of these. May not cure you, but after a few, who cares, you will feel no pain.
15/Jun/11 4:18 AM
I learned today, that when I am making out my To Do list, I should add feed the children.

We got up in the 7:00 hour, after two hours-plus, of getting the Things ready and out the door, ran a few errands and then back home around 12:30, I realized I had not fed the Things. I did give them some chocolate milk. So, I prepared them bacon and noodles, to knock out breakfast and lunch.
15/Jun/11 4:22 AM
Sorry, cannot say that is the first time it has hasppened.
15/Jun/11 4:23 AM
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