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Easy Sudoku for 15/June/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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I was going to see if we made page 2 yesterday but find it is now Thursday!
15/Jun/17 12:01 AM
Good morning everyone who will visit here today. I am now off to bed.
15/Jun/17 12:02 AM
nice wedding picture... old or retro?
15/Jun/17 12:03 AM
1:54 Good night one and all!
15/Jun/17 12:37 AM
Sunny, but may rain later. (We need a bit of rain.)
Looks like the ladies have taken over today!
15/Jun/17 12:56 AM
Just returned from California's Mendocino-Ft. Bragg area. Wife and I celebrated our 52th wedding anniversary. We also were on the coast for our 50th. Beautiful area!
15/Jun/17 12:57 AM
Did you wander through the sea glass, Denny? It is supposed to be spectacular there! Congratulations on 52 years!
15/Jun/17 1:09 AM
Denny and Mrs. Denny!
15/Jun/17 1:52 AM
15/Jun/17 2:07 AM
Denny and Mrs. Denny!
15/Jun/17 2:08 AM
Good morning.
15/Jun/17 3:41 AM
Have been tossing and turning for a couple if hours so decided I might as well get up.
15/Jun/17 3:43 AM
I think there's a frost outside as the inside temperature is only 13*C (55*F).
15/Jun/17 3:46 AM
On our first night away last week, we stayed in the van at Albury NSW - at the showground, where powered sites are inexpensive. Trouble was the power on our site didn't work. We were too lazy to move the caravan and reasoned we could make it with no power overnight. No power = no heating and it was freezing!
15/Jun/17 3:52 AM
WE survived!
15/Jun/17 3:53 AM
CP, I'd rather have it too cold than too hot. Unremitting heat just saps all energy out of me. Cold, I can handle....I just keep bundling up.
15/Jun/17 4:07 AM
We finally have some gorgeous weather after all the rain and flooded areas around us.
15/Jun/17 4:44 AM
I missed my chance to say Good Morning, so ... Good Afternoon.
15/Jun/17 5:45 AM
Since I'm here ...
15/Jun/17 5:45 AM
I might as well take a run at it.
15/Jun/17 5:45 AM
15/Jun/17 5:46 AM
15/Jun/17 5:46 AM
Morning all, unusual maids dresses. Thanks for the photo Kate.
15/Jun/17 7:14 AM
Happy Anniversary , Denny and Mrs Denny !
15/Jun/17 7:17 AM
all. And a happy anniversary to the Denny's.
15/Jun/17 10:09 AM
You can't deny that the Dennys are stayers and not sprinters.
15/Jun/17 11:24 AM
Had an ECG and an Echo thingy done yesterday then fitted with a heart monitor - can't wait to get it off this afternoon.
15/Jun/17 11:41 AM
Congratulations to the California Dennys - that red wine is a big help.
15/Jun/17 11:44 AM
I missed this mornings G'day as well Keith, so I'll say G'arvo to everyone instead.
15/Jun/17 12:41 PM

Ah yes the old heart monitor, know it well Peter. My doc's thing at the moment is blood pressure monitoring 4 times a day, I just want to go out into the bush and be left alone, bloody doctors
15/Jun/17 12:43 PM
I've had the heart monitor as well, after I was diagnosed with A-Fib. The first time, I had to wear it for 2 weeks. I got really tired of it, especially after the adhesive started slipping, and I'd have to add more tape to make the contacts work again so the warning light would quit flashing.
15/Jun/17 4:06 PM
Yes, Happy Anniversary, Denny and Mrs. Denny.
15/Jun/17 4:07 PM
Have been un-wired, de-wired, whatever......See the doctor next Wednesday and maybe a change in medicines. We'll see.

Glad to get rid of the monitor. Don't think I could put up with it for two weeks though. I can understand Keith getting tired of it.
15/Jun/17 6:31 PM
Happy anniversary Denny to you and your wife.
My CT scan last week had mixed results. Start a new regime of Chemo next week.
Hubby went to use the microwave and said we had blown a fuse. When he went to check we had a fire in the meter box. Used the fire extinguisher to put it out. Only one side of the house is without electricity so lights, computers, and electric blankets are all working.
15/Jun/17 8:59 PM
1:37. Good evening everyone.
15/Jun/17 10:30 PM
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