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Easy Sudoku for 15/August/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Oh, a page turner.
15/Aug/10 1:04 AM
Those darlings could survive a moment longer without my interference.
15/Aug/10 1:05 AM
to you,
to you,
to you, dear Eve!!!
to you!
May your day be special with a and lots of
15/Aug/10 1:06 AM
to you,
to you,
to you, dear Kashyapoza!!!
to you!
May your day be special with a and lots of
15/Aug/10 1:07 AM
Ok enough singing for today! Finished running and showered, so I'm ready for the day! Must take my dad to see my mom. Can one grieve for someone before her passing on?
15/Aug/10 1:08 AM
Vici snagged it, and with a "Your Smilies" too. Now how did she pull that off while racing?
15/Aug/10 1:10 AM
Yes, shosho, and even though it is sad to watch while it is happening, it helps to prepare everyone.
15/Aug/10 1:15 AM
Thank you, Keith.
15/Aug/10 1:33 AM
Karen - I assume they had found their way into your favorite room!?
15/Aug/10 2:46 AM
Wow - nobody here for a while! Karen must be doing serious kid tending now.
15/Aug/10 2:46 AM
It is nap time for one, wish it were for two, so I could reunite with my pillow too.
Jamie, darling dear, I have children, I do not have a room any longer.
I would really like to know why CPS frowns one people who shove their children in the closet? It seems like such a great idea, especially More...
15/Aug/10 3:02 AM
Hey, Jamie, how is that retirement going? I am not slow, just not fast when you said you were going to sub for a few weeks when school starts.
Which for us, the day is only 10 days away. I am not counting though.
15/Aug/10 3:03 AM
Karen - "retirement" has consisted of much substitute teaching in order to pay medical bills! I have another eye surgery scheduled October 6 (corneal transplant), so this may or may not be my last go round in the classroom. We get kids back on the 23rd.
15/Aug/10 3:15 AM
I should probably start mowing before the heat index gets much closer to the 109 they are calling for!
15/Aug/10 3:16 AM
Ewwwe, you are so much hotter than we are. It is after the 13, we are supposed to have a change in the weather. But the back up weather people changed the numbers to higher.
15/Aug/10 3:27 AM
Vici says it's a quiet day here - and you're half way down page 2 at 3.30am????!!!!
15/Aug/10 3:40 AM
Queen Anne has wafted a gift my way.....
15/Aug/10 3:40 AM
CP - I, too, thought it was a somewhat active day.
15/Aug/10 3:41 AM
..... HER INSOMNIA!!!!!
15/Aug/10 3:41 AM
Hi Jamie.
15/Aug/10 3:42 AM
Off to try some more reading, and another hot milk, and anything else that might work.
15/Aug/10 3:43 AM
Can't blame Mr P tonight - he's sleeping very quietly.
15/Aug/10 3:44 AM
The Phantom and Viv will be sleeping happily - their Cats won!!!!
15/Aug/10 3:44 AM
It is time for Thing I to take her nap. She is trying her best to wake Thing II. I on the other hand, am going to take a much deserved nap. Hopefully, by the time my eyes open again, those girl's father will be home, then I can roll over and snooze some more. Oh, how I love to dream.
15/Aug/10 3:53 AM
Tickle Mr. P's fancy, CP ... that has the reputation for putting one to sleep ...
15/Aug/10 3:55 AM
I had one of those "How the H*ll much can I read?" times several nights ago. Turns out I can read more than half of a large book. Why does that always happen when you have to get up early the next morning???
I figure Jamie is semi, semi, semi, semi retired.
15/Aug/10 3:58 AM
Speak for yourself, Judy. My fancy tickling has just the opposite effect.
15/Aug/10 4:01 AM
15/Aug/10 4:31 AM
What? Perfectly innocent comment!
Geez! Looks like our cats are from the same litter!
15/Aug/10 5:34 AM
Same litter? Only in your wildest dreams. My cat has MUCH more class than yours, Kathy!!!
15/Aug/10 5:43 AM
Now ladies. No cat fights!!!
15/Aug/10 6:05 AM
Tickling Mr "P" and Kathy's fancy, now now. Jane says her cat has more class then Kathys, oh are we are talking about the four legged cats?
15/Aug/10 6:13 AM
Farmers market first thing this morning while it was cool if one considers 95º to be cool. Over half of the vendors were missing today, can't blame them.
15/Aug/10 6:15 AM
Bought the most delicious watermelon today, so sweet.
15/Aug/10 6:16 AM
Karen good to see you here today, nice that thing one and two are letting you have some Mommy time.
15/Aug/10 6:17 AM
Guess everyone else ran away. I really need to do some work but think a nap sounds better.
15/Aug/10 6:18 AM
Wakey, wakey, wakey!!!
No naps now!!!
15/Aug/10 7:18 AM
Hmmm has everyone gone to ?
15/Aug/10 7:19 AM
Darn, did my chores and now that I have time to play everyone has gone!
15/Aug/10 7:20 AM
Guess I"ll turn the page and go back to work.
15/Aug/10 7:20 AM
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