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Easy Sudoku for 15/August/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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15/Aug/15 12:00 AM
Good morning, Hal & others who follow.
15/Aug/15 12:07 AM
Morning Hal and Joyce.
15/Aug/15 12:21 AM
Happy Friday!
15/Aug/15 1:02 AM
A sunny summer day today!
Have a great weekend everyone!
15/Aug/15 1:03 AM
fellow puzzlers hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
15/Aug/15 1:16 AM
no more blathering (talk long-windedly without making very much sense)from me......
15/Aug/15 1:24 AM
15/Aug/15 1:51 AM
15/Aug/15 1:57 AM
Darn missed my fav post by one! Oh well, here's flying to you, Kathy!
15/Aug/15 1:57 AM
another beautiful cool day in OK
15/Aug/15 2:26 AM
Lizzy G you can do all the [ blathering (talk long-windedly without making very much sense)] that you want to, the rest of us do.
15/Aug/15 2:27 AM
School has started here already. The summers must be getting shorter.
15/Aug/15 2:31 AM
Keith, I will talk a little longer.
15/Aug/15 2:32 AM
I have been working on the pictures from holiday this summer. I need to quit taking so many pictures over 1,000 in 2 weeks. If I had to go back to film would be a lot less, too much $$ to process.
15/Aug/15 2:35 AM

Was lovely to see Serena's comparison pic of her two girls, my baby (he would hate me to call him that!) turns 36 today...not too sure if I should laugh or cry...
15/Aug/15 2:35 AM
Good afternoon to all! Great photo of one of nature's wonders.
15/Aug/15 2:38 AM
Does this geyser erupt on time like Old Faithful ?
15/Aug/15 2:40 AM
Peter, I have the Best of the Celtic Thunder CD, and the song you posted is on it. It's sad that George Donaldson, the first singer in the version you posted, passed away last year. He was only 46.
15/Aug/15 2:43 AM
, y'all! Enjoying a change of scenery for an extended weekend!
15/Aug/15 2:56 AM
Started the day off with a good 5-mile run - easier to do when it's in the low 60s (F). Now looking at blue skies and sunshine... I think it's time to go poolside! At least I've helped Keith to his cause.
15/Aug/15 2:58 AM
I have not even started with the pictures I took in Australia or Japan. That will be my next endeavor.
15/Aug/15 3:09 AM
Yea! Last post was
15/Aug/15 3:11 AM
Nieces FIL is here so we will be going to lunch.
15/Aug/15 3:12 AM
Unexpected visit but we always enjoy seeing him.
15/Aug/15 3:13 AM
I need to get dressed so I can go out in public.
15/Aug/15 3:14 AM
Please do that, Sue .
15/Aug/15 3:18 AM
Poolside delayed while one of those 'isolated showers' passes overhead. Shouldn't last too long before sunshine breaks through again.
15/Aug/15 3:21 AM
Nice thing about not getting fried at the beach this past Sunday is that I'm not peeling, for once! Came back bronzed enough for folks to notice, and I plan on adding to that this weekend, again without burning.
15/Aug/15 3:25 AM
Silverteen is still in her lounge like Sue. She's been pretty productive this summer, on top of summer projects (her magnet programs often have a little summer work, this year a bit more than usual with one course), pet sitting and some baby sitting, working out... so she's enjoying being a bit of a couch potato today. School starts back up next week around here.
15/Aug/15 3:28 AM
MIL asked what we wanted to do for dinner tonight. We usually do pizza, so pizza it is. Salads on the side for those who wish. I'm the appointed salad maker. MIL usually dead-eyes me, says 'I want a salad', and I know that's my cue . At age 88, sharp as a tack, she's earned the right to command salads or whatever else she wants.
15/Aug/15 3:32 AM
We'll break out the vino, too. There's an article on memory in the latest issue of 'Health' magazine (Health is proving to be a bit on the schlocky side - a combo of 'Shape' fitness mag and the ultra schlocky 'Cosmopolitan' - I don't think I'll resubscribe). Anyway...
15/Aug/15 3:36 AM
...article is about memory. It begins to decline as we get older at the rate 2% each decade starting in our late 20s. Like we didn't know that, though we may have forgotten! There are things we can do to do to help minimize that, like eating certain foods, adding cardio to your daily routine (walking), addressing certain other health issues.
15/Aug/15 3:42 AM
But HERE's what I really wanted to share: Folks who drink alcohol in moderation have a 30% lower risk of dementia than either abstainers or those who really booze it up. Folks who drink coffee, up to three cups a day, have a 65% lower risk of Alzheimer's.

I'll drink to both of those!
15/Aug/15 3:47 AM
These clouds really need to go away - they seem to be lingering, and the audience isn't .
15/Aug/15 3:49 AM
Double cp, my work here is done. I'll leave it for someone else to turn the page.
15/Aug/15 3:50 AM

Have a good day/afternoon/evening all, just about time to head home from another night at the coal face.
15/Aug/15 5:33 AM

well look at this! Sue grads 22 and Silvergal has a marathon run 9envious Chris?). Where was Keith?
15/Aug/15 5:54 AM
I just can't bring myself to do it. Turn the page domeone
15/Aug/15 5:55 AM
Jeez, I'm a 95%er...
15/Aug/15 5:57 AM
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