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Easy Sudoku for 16/January/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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3:21 My best yet yippee!
As a kid, I use to bike-ride through the 17 Mile Drive to Carmel. Packed a sandwich, knew where the road side spigots were for drinking water, and the wild blackberries patches for dessert. Now it is a ride in my 1970 Cutlass, but would rather bike. Off to do Sudoku.
I usually come on about 10pm, which would be about 1am FL time. Yes, we are loaded with sea otters. They are protected too. Pebble Beach Co. fences off one of their beaches yearly for a nursery. Happy I'm making every one feel younger. Bought the Sudoku Puzzle book sometime ago. Also bought a More...
I just recently got hooked on sudoku. It's addictive, but I like a good challenge.

who logged in the chat room as me??? You'll get yours, my pretty...
1:38 finally a time up with the fastest! must be the cold here. nice warm picture
Just tried Jigzone & I dont need something else to be addicted to but I think this might go there! Something a little different to the numbers but just as challening
Passed the last few minutes during today's working day...thanx heaps...picture was lovely.
2.20 Yipee my best time ever!
Still trying to better PB.
3:03 - Have a nice day.
3:11 Hi Nan, saw Memoirs of a Geisha last night, loved it & was happy that it stayed pretty true to the book. I can recommend both, the book gives more insight into the skills & schooling of geishas which I found fascinating.
Susan - my $5 was a BIG BET for me-lucky I was going down the street shopping to put it on.
Would you be the John that visited here?
think the chat room died again Gath
it wasn't me I swear. Lynne please check on G
There's a cork down here. Where'd everyone go?
Fell off chair roaring with laughter, found cork under bench, bobbed up to find chat room expired. What's going on?
chat room up and running again
Hi you nice people!
A friend told me about this site. I am hoping to play Sudoku (average 6 minutes in easy) an also perhaps make friends
1.49 - my fastest ever, and the first time I have ever broken the 2 minute barrier, whoopee!
Join the fun, ask some questions and you'll soon make some friends,
He said no. There are too many people who just do the puzzle and don't read the comments (No!!) who would not benefit but it would slow the site down. But he will make it so that after posting it will go to the last page. I agree, since I have been posting I have found it really annoying how it More...
pretty good...nice picture at the end
how are you tonight kym
that would be great if it went to end of comments not the start as people think their comment has not listed when it returns to 1st page
2:31 Under 3 min! My best time!
4.49 first time doing puzzles....sudoku noob......o well
I TRY to keep up but it is hard! I pretend its helping Gath.
There is no picture of him. I am currently watching Andy Roddick in the Open and he looks A LOT like Roddick when he wears a cap. Except Gath has better legs.
Hi! He said it is a lot of work which is why he hasn't done it already. He has tomorrow off and might do it then. Right now he is doing the proposed photo gallery (and watching Andy Roddick).
LOL kym
we have been admiring roddick in the chat room as well
5:30 still much slower than you speedsters :)
one of the fun things about the sum total of 45 for each row is that it is havlf of 90!
appreciate all the work and you both do a great job as so many love the site
Welcome! We went to Barcelona on our honeymoon last year. Loved it, ofcourse. We were in a restaurant and I saw someone doing a sudoku in a Spanish newspaper. So I introduced myself and wrote down our website and told them to try it. I don't suppose you can link back through a friend of a friend of a friend..?
LOL. Thanks for that. We're off to bed. I think we know who is going to win...
first day back at work after Mexico - matchsticks holding the little eyes open, feel like I have been drinking most of the night, but haven't - takes a while to eliminate tequila!
Well, that would be too much of a coincidence, I guess :) but I must check it out. Friend of mine being a girl, tall, slim and dark haired, around 40.
So how did you like Gaudì? Barcelona being perfect town for honeymoon...
Hello, Princess. Checked your mail?
indeed i have !!!
Sorry, forgot to say that last comment was to Gath's Kym... but I gueess found it out by now.
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