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Easy Sudoku for 16/February/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
n. Nature's way of getting you up mornings.
16/Feb/12 12:00 AM
Kayo - hehehe
Good Maen all!
16/Feb/12 12:00 AM
NO need for today.
With a 40°F temp expected, our snow will probably melt today.
16/Feb/12 12:01 AM
Will Vici get #5 ????
16/Feb/12 12:09 AM
16/Feb/12 12:15 AM
Nice catch, Kayo! I was really getting anxious!
16/Feb/12 12:17 AM
Just gorgeous ...Everlastings.
16/Feb/12 12:18 AM
I was just dilly dallying.
16/Feb/12 12:19 AM
Hello everyone & I'm off to bed
16/Feb/12 12:22 AM
So early in the morning, Vici?
16/Feb/12 12:28 AM
16/Feb/12 12:54 AM
Good evening one and all!

Just off to relax in a bath after playing 2 solid hours of badminton in a hot, airless hall.
16/Feb/12 1:00 AM
and I'll take the 13 before I go.
16/Feb/12 1:00 AM
Yeah! The queen got 13!
I was up at 3:30 this morning...of course, the problem being that I fell asleep at 7:30 last night! Off to the cathouse.
16/Feb/12 1:02 AM
Good Morning all. Looks like sunshine in SE Michigan. Bye bye snow!!
16/Feb/12 1:24 AM
day 3 and off to a good start on my challenge - of course, the day is new ! enjoy
16/Feb/12 1:31 AM
I don't see any sunshine here, Nancy.
How do you rate?
16/Feb/12 1:34 AM
Good morning people of the world.
16/Feb/12 1:53 AM
National Gumdrop Day
16/Feb/12 1:54 AM

I dropped my gum once last summer while I was mowing the lawn. Got grass clippings all over it. Didn't taste very good.
16/Feb/12 2:08 AM
Where's Keith?
16/Feb/12 2:09 AM
16/Feb/12 2:09 AM
Beautiful Everlastings in the sunshine. I'd love both flowers and sunshine here. At least we're not supposed to have any rain today, for a change.
16/Feb/12 2:13 AM
Shiela, we had sunshine for about a half hour and now it is gone.
16/Feb/12 2:26 AM
all from sunny So. Oregon (at least for the moment). Black Ice on the road is making driving difficult today - lots of accidents out there.

Love the color of those posies.
16/Feb/12 2:28 AM

Sunny but windy here this morning. It's supposed to get into the 50's, so we're back to our mild winter.
16/Feb/12 3:16 AM
We had light rain last night and this morning . We need this rain very bad especially since we only got 2" of snow on Monday.
16/Feb/12 3:17 AM
I've just noticed my bat seems to have a clipped wing. Poor thing.
16/Feb/12 3:17 AM
Does your bat fly in circles now, Kathy?
16/Feb/12 3:22 AM
'Round and 'round he goes, where he stops, no one knows.
16/Feb/12 3:30 AM
Beautiful photo ,Wendy. Wish they did last forever.
16/Feb/12 3:51 AM
Happy Wednesday!
Lovely Everlastings--wonder if they can grow in SoCal?
16/Feb/12 3:53 AM
Hi all! I just knew posting the poozle I did yesterday would cause trouble! There were lots of different possibilities - the ape doesn't have a tail, badgers burrow, ape is a generic term, goats have horns...the list goes on! However Colo Jim, Capt J, Mr Cee and Kathy gave me the official answer More...
16/Feb/12 4:16 AM
And an easier one for today...answers to the usual inbox please.
When telling a story
About flounder or dory,
I often end up far apart.

But when bowing your head
Or mourning your dead,
I'm together and close to your heart.

You may lend me or hold me
Or show me or fold me,
And all this is merely a start.

What am I?

16/Feb/12 4:19 AM
I did mention to Fiona that I have heard the expression "to cat around", having to do with behaving like a Tom cat, I suppose.
16/Feb/12 5:00 AM
By the way....Get your goat

"This apparently refers to an old English (Welsh?) belief that keeping a goat in the barn would have a calming effect on the cows, hence producing more milk. When one wanted to antagonize/terrorize one's enemy, you would abscond with their goat rendering More...
16/Feb/12 5:16 AM
Good mAen, all. What? Still on Page One???
16/Feb/12 5:17 AM
Let's see if we can remedy that situation.
16/Feb/12 5:17 AM
16/Feb/12 5:17 AM
16/Feb/12 5:17 AM
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