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Easy Sudoku for 16/June/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen
16/Jun/14 12:00 AM
Happy Father's day
16/Jun/14 12:08 AM
Is everyone watching the soccer? Hubby has the TV so loud it woke me up. I think it is Australia 3, Netherlands 1 at the moment.
16/Jun/14 12:10 AM
Happy Father's day to all the US dads. (We have Father's day in September)
16/Jun/14 12:11 AM

Going to Victoria today.
16/Jun/14 12:13 AM
Just found out Hubby is watching Hockey, not soccer. Hockey is now 5/1 to Australia.
Enjoy your day in Victoria HalT. I loved the place when we there in about '97.
16/Jun/14 12:27 AM
Good morning to all! A nice clear and sharp photo. That reminds me of Donal O'Shaughnessy's song:
'Than came that rooster, into our yard,
and caught that chicken, right off of her guard
she's layin' eggs now, like she never used to
ever since that rooster, came into our yard'
16/Jun/14 12:35 AM
Answers to the 'Even Dozen' puzzle:

1. Las Vegas and Vega
2. crisp and RISP (runner in scoring position)
3. whoops and Hoops
4. pray and Ray
5. spam and Pam (Anderson)
6. President and resident
7. Aries and (Ferdinand) Ries
8. Joker and Oker (River)
9. pride and More...
16/Jun/14 12:37 AM
I do not have a puzzle for today folks. I just can't sit at the computer too long. My bad!
16/Jun/14 12:38 AM
Happy Father's Day to all you
Dads out there!
It's your day, enjoy it!
16/Jun/14 1:23 AM
RIP, Casey Kasem - 82.
16/Jun/14 1:26 AM
While Greg is resting and, hopefully healing, here is something for you to ponder.....

What three word expression is hidden here?

Take an 'S' as your centrepiece
Screw an 'I' and a 'T' into either side of it
Next hammer on your 'M' and an 'A'
Be sure to leave some room on More...
16/Jun/14 1:36 AM
16/Jun/14 2:30 AM
Happy Father's Day to every father whether you're a biological, adopted, or even unofficial but there when needed!
16/Jun/14 2:39 AM

Such beautiful words Shosho
16/Jun/14 2:46 AM
Happy Father's Day.
16/Jun/14 2:48 AM

Greg, you wouldn't be any good for anyone or anything if you don't rest and if that includes not sitting at your computer for long, so be it!! Kathy has stepped into the void today, Im sure others will follow suit
16/Jun/14 2:48 AM
. OK folks,
16/Jun/14 3:12 AM
lets move this thing along.
16/Jun/14 3:12 AM
Maybe we can make 40 today,
16/Jun/14 3:12 AM
if we really try.
16/Jun/14 3:13 AM
16/Jun/14 3:13 AM
Beautiful rooster in all his glory , today.
16/Jun/14 3:14 AM
According to Peter, Hal was bored in Vancouver, and got us over to page 2 yesterday. Victoria is one of Lynne's and my favorite cities. We've spent several days there several times. I hope the Butchart Gardens is on your agenda, Hal.
16/Jun/14 3:25 AM

I may be female, but Im not saying THAT much that it will get us over the page........but Im sure someone has said somewhere 'every little bit helps'
16/Jun/14 4:40 AM
So.... here's my 'little bit'!
16/Jun/14 5:54 AM
on behalf of fathers, and Happy day to all, fathers or not.
16/Jun/14 6:00 AM
1:32. Good morning everyone.
16/Jun/14 6:14 AM
Good morning everyone.
16/Jun/14 6:40 AM
Chris and Sacky, I guess you are both wrapped up warmly at the moment as it is a bit cool where you each live.
16/Jun/14 6:50 AM
Maen all.

Just a heads up for those that enjoyed my photos last time, I've posted some new ones.
16/Jun/14 8:23 AM
Not cool where I am, June.
16/Jun/14 8:40 AM
Daughter disagrees.
16/Jun/14 8:41 AM
As would many brisbautes here.
16/Jun/14 8:42 AM
We are off to the movies this morning.
16/Jun/14 8:44 AM
Finally got our trip to Maleny in yesterday a lovely drive followed by a very nice afternoon tea.

There, I've done mt little bit. I'm sure Shosho will be along soon to whee.
16/Jun/14 8:48 AM
Someone near us has a rooster. We can hear it every so often.
16/Jun/14 10:22 AM
Happy Father's Day to those celebrating.
16/Jun/14 10:22 AM
Last night was a work night for hubby so we did a quick gifting this morning and then he pretty much slept through the day. He started a campfire this evening and we had hotdogs and smores.
16/Jun/14 10:24 AM
Anybody following my posts at all will know I'm not a flower or plant person. I start seeds indoors when I do a garden so that I will know what they are supposed to look out before I have to figure out if they are plants or weeds. I have my own separate garden this year. Hubby put tomatoes and More...
16/Jun/14 10:28 AM
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