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Easy Sudoku for 16/September/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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16/Sep/10 12:58 PM
As I laze away might as well take us over.
16/Sep/10 12:58 PM
Yep! Steppin' out.
16/Sep/10 12:58 PM
Snooze, ya lose....
16/Sep/10 12:59 PM
Are the shoes to make bigger splashes?
16/Sep/10 12:59 PM
This evening they will. Now it's a race against the weather, for me. I have the forms partly set up for my barn foundation / slab. I must complete and pour the concrete before the rains come in earnest....
16/Sep/10 1:06 PM
It was easy Heidi, but clicking my way through with no mistakes , it still took me 2.57.
16/Sep/10 1:22 PM
saylz - I loved those medical quotes.
I must say I'm still rolling around the floor laughing at #21! Hohoho!
16/Sep/10 1:30 PM
16/Sep/10 1:31 PM
Colo Jim was right about media coverage, if you only listen to Fox.
16/Sep/10 1:42 PM
#17 had me wondering how big must one's rear be if they can see through to the thyroid?
16/Sep/10 1:42 PM
Doesn't the T Party only listen only to Fox?
16/Sep/10 1:49 PM
Well the rain has finally started, I could do without the thunder and lightening. Guess I won't be planting flowers tomorrow.
16/Sep/10 2:05 PM
Karen, my darlings enjoyed the cat's food when they were little. They especially liked to finish the cat's left over tinned sardines/fish. I took to feeding the cat in the laundry with the door shut. I couldn't stand the smell of the cat food on the kid's breath.
They still love tinned fish (not cat food) and I still hate the smell and taste of it!
16/Sep/10 2:09 PM
saylz... LOVED those medical quotes.
16/Sep/10 2:24 PM
Victoria, between Busy (the cat) and Thing I, it was always a race to see who would make it to the cat bowl first. Moved the food to the laundry room, which is in between the relief room and pantry, so the door was always being opened. So moved the bowl to the top of the dryer. Apparently, Busy More...
16/Sep/10 2:36 PM
The smell of canned cat food, always makes me turn green, could not stand the smell on the cats either or the girl. So we have the nice variety dry pieces.
Also, I do not make a habit of feeding cat food to my girls. The cat bag is a No-No, which makes it all that more appealing. I should say More...
16/Sep/10 2:40 PM
I was a front end manager for Jewel grocery stores when I was young. There were quite afew seniors who use to buy a lot of canned cat food. I always wondered if they were just crazy old people who had a hundred cats or crazy poor old people who were eating the food themselves....
16/Sep/10 2:42 PM
Again, our pasts are similiar, though my store was HEB Grocery. Cat woman lived across the street from the store. She was crazy and had millions of cats. Everyday she purchased 20 cans of cat food and 5 pound bag of cat liter. Cashiers ran when she came in the store and store managers, walked More...
16/Sep/10 2:50 PM
Hope Jane takes notes and remembers them when she gets old and is surround by cats.
16/Sep/10 2:52 PM
Tomorrow, have to keep Thing II up, from her morning nap again. Poor girl, generally lays down around 10 in the morning and sleeps till 2. Today, she did not lay down till 1 and did not wake till almost 5. Thankfully, she is a good sleeper and was ready for bed before 8:30. Hopefully, tomorrow I can get her down for her nap a little earlier.
16/Sep/10 3:01 PM
Good night people of the world. Until tomorrow.
16/Sep/10 3:02 PM
That's why I refuse to visit animal shelters and admire Vici for working at one...I would want to take them all home and give them love. Those commercials with their forlorn faces always gets to me. Luckily I'm semi-allergic...
16/Sep/10 3:03 PM
16/Sep/10 3:05 PM

Got this in an email today and thought I would share. Hahahaha

you don't laugh at this one, you're

was a bit of a demon in her wheelchair, and
loved to charge around the nursing home, taking More...
16/Sep/10 5:50 PM
Sorry forgot to put it under jokes.
16/Sep/10 5:51 PM
Amelia!!!! Yes, ok, I laughed!
16/Sep/10 6:01 PM
Chuckle from me too!
16/Sep/10 6:22 PM
Honey, I'm home!
16/Sep/10 6:23 PM
Is it bedtime soon?
16/Sep/10 6:23 PM
Can't have a nana nap when I work - it's frowned upon!
16/Sep/10 6:24 PM
Oh well, I'll just relax with a nice cuppa and eat the nice dinner Mr P is cooking - and then go to bed early!
16/Sep/10 6:25 PM
Had a lovely afternoon at a concert at Mum's nursing home, no matter how old they are the ladies still swoon over the Elvis impersonators. A few of them even got up and danced and sang along, it was wonderful to see. Like CP I'm having an early night now that I have a book to read. Goodnight.
16/Sep/10 9:45 PM

Today in summary....

Easy – A Black Jezabel. Why the Jezabel, I wonder.

Chris – First. May be disqualified due to a false start. Stewards enquiry pending.

Keith/Karen/John/Dorothea/Shiela – All vying for a place.

June More...
16/Sep/10 9:45 PM

Today in summary.... continued

Saylz – You tell ‘em, mate!

Jerry – Tells a story of his recent travels as Father of the Year.

Saylz – Been reading up on medical stuff... and posted his findings.

Shannon – When young, used to More...
16/Sep/10 9:46 PM
A joke from the Phantom!
Didn't you know it's supposed to be submitted in the joke section?
16/Sep/10 9:51 PM
Interesting - just did this on my iPad and it took around 30 seconds longer than normal. It'squite different doing the puzzles without a keyboard!
16/Sep/10 10:27 PM

Forgot something....

Gooooooooo the Mighty Cats!

Oh yes! Sorry Anne, wont do it again.
16/Sep/10 10:38 PM
Chris, it took me a while to get the hang of doing Sudokus on hubby's iPhone, but time was something we had plenty of a couple of months ago. I mastered it!
16/Sep/10 10:47 PM
1.46 I'm glad butterflies exist...
16/Sep/10 10:50 PM
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