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Easy Sudoku for 17/January/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Page 3 and back to the paperwork.
17/Jan/09 8:06 AM
Thank you to everyone who posted welcomes on my page. It is cold for SE Texas also, but not as cold as predicted last night. I'm glad. The wood fire feels good all day long. A bit cool in the office for typing though (or is that keyboarding?) It is in the 50's outside, but sun is shining. More...
17/Jan/09 8:48 AM
Hazel! Good to see you posting! We had a high of 20° today! I will also have the going this evening.
That "K" place is calling....
17/Jan/09 9:04 AM


When you look at your investments and wet your pants
17/Jan/09 9:07 AM
A two day test Jamie! I would be insane.

Hazel you are warmer than me, our highs today were mid 40s F (7.2C). Jamie is a hop and a skip away wonder if he is chilly?
17/Jan/09 9:08 AM
I'll be off to the "K" room, too, but first I have to decide which leftovers to reheat: the beef stew from two nights ago or the restaurant chicken we couldn't finish last night. Decisions! Decisions!
17/Jan/09 9:11 AM
Kathy you were just in that room yesterday. I felt so bad for you I could have cried.
17/Jan/09 9:11 AM
Jamie - for your retirement countdown, are you tearing pages out of your textbooks as you finish each chapter?
17/Jan/09 9:12 AM
I can call delivery if there was delivery out this far tonight. Just got rid of hubby and the girl so what is the number for pizza?
17/Jan/09 9:13 AM
Karen - I hope you appreciate the respect everyone shows you by not actually spelling out K*I*T*C*H*E*N. Oops, I mean the "K" room.
17/Jan/09 9:13 AM
Oh Jane I do appreciate how thoughtful and kind this wonderful can be. It is so heart smiling when I see how considerate of my feelings each has been.
17/Jan/09 9:15 AM
After wonderful world was suppose to show up. Guess I am just so overwhelmed with gratitude my fingers just kept on going.
17/Jan/09 9:18 AM
jamie, Jane just reminded me that when I retired, I had a short timer's calendar across the top of my whiteboard, the numbers 1 through how many days I had left, and each day I would X the highest one out. The students liked it too, since it was also a countdown to summer.
17/Jan/09 9:24 AM
Frustration - frustration - frustration !!!!

Have you ever lost all access to your USB Ports - Printer, Offline back up - cand other accessories? Then sporatically your keyboard & even your mouse? Guess I will have to get someone to come out and determine the source of my problems. More...
17/Jan/09 9:28 AM
Karen I do not have a 'k' room. Just a table with a portable induction plate and a table top Nu-wave turbo oven oh and a kettle and toaster. All this is on a table in the room that will become our salon. I manage very well, and never go into a 'k' room cos we don't have one, life is simple.
17/Jan/09 9:29 AM
Oh GannieMo how wonderful for you. When we first moved this house out here it did not have one of those rooms either, but Man put in a bar and got a hot plate. Since, that room has been moved 3 times, where it is now could possibly stay, unfortunately it is in the middle of the house. So in order More...
17/Jan/09 9:36 AM
Since your room has not been started, I would not add it on, if I were you.

Eve sounds like you are having horror of horrors nightmare. Hope everything is revived quickly.

17/Jan/09 9:38 AM
Hummm I am wondering if there is a connection here. The last time Man and the girl left for the day the TV went out, a fixable out. Now again those two have left for a weekend at MILs and in the last 20 minutes I have not had a signal. Starting to think there is a conspiracy.
17/Jan/09 9:41 AM
1:27, a nice easy one to start the day - straight through 1-9. all.
17/Jan/09 9:49 AM
Yippee I have a signal again, but still no hubby or girl.
17/Jan/09 10:01 AM
wow, going for heat wave of 20 degree tomorrow, but still a cuddle huddle night --- I know the saying 3 dog night refers to how many dogs you need to cuddle with to stay warm ---It's about a 6 dog night around here
17/Jan/09 10:20 AM
17/Jan/09 12:47 PM
hi all. hope everyone is well. have a great day/night!
17/Jan/09 1:39 PM
quiet night, I'm ready for my 3 dogs so I can go to bed --- nite nite
17/Jan/09 1:48 PM
Ed from Lithia
17/Jan/09 3:07 PM
Condolences to all who have farewelled friends and acquaintances recently.

17/Jan/09 3:10 PM
1.53 Stunning clematis.
17/Jan/09 3:17 PM
I just cut a clematis (the one pictured in my Avatar) to the ground. I haven't done that in years, and it always threw off new shoots from the ugly brown stems. I'm hoping I've given it a fresh start and haven't killed it.
17/Jan/09 4:18 PM
Good night worldly people
17/Jan/09 4:23 PM
Good luck Keith. When hubby sees me with a pair of secateurs in my hand he says 'She's off to torture the garden"!
I call it pruning!
17/Jan/09 4:38 PM
Night Karen.
17/Jan/09 4:39 PM
I'd like to have my pruning done by Edward Scissorhands ... how 'bout you, Gail?
17/Jan/09 4:46 PM

In case you're not sure, that is me drooling...
17/Jan/09 5:12 PM
Now that thought is enough to send me up the step ladder for the next best thing mmmmmmmmm
17/Jan/09 8:16 PM
Even with a 3 hour gap between posts.
17/Jan/09 8:17 PM
It was a slow day;
Their age was creeping up as they sat at the front of their keyboards;
There was a bright light, a shattering of monitors the bomb in the chatroom was wired to the PMBH.
17/Jan/09 8:44 PM
26/Mar/09 11:34 AM
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