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Easy Sudoku for 17/April/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hello Page 2!
17/Apr/09 7:20 AM
Great photo Terri!

Karen, sending support to your prego buddy! Hope we see her back here soon.
17/Apr/09 7:20 AM
OK the general chit-chat may commence. I TOPP'ed the page. I haven't done that in a long long time. Too much has happened lately. Kids on spring break, Easter, etc...
17/Apr/09 7:21 AM
I did have a quick trip to the hospital. The good news is that baby is doing great. All my blood work came back and is in normal range. I do have two of the warning signs for pre-eclampsia (high Blood Pressure, and headaches that won't quit), but I do not have it yet anyway. Thank you for all More...
17/Apr/09 7:25 AM
Well, look at that, came back while I was typing. Good news to start the day.
17/Apr/09 7:32 AM
Update on Jill. Apparently, my prego buddy did not get her over night or weekend stay at the hospital, but seems her test are coming back good and she and the baby to be are fine.
17/Apr/09 7:37 AM
Not that I know any details.
17/Apr/09 7:38 AM
sorry Karen, I can't type in 2 places at once! I was just going to do a quick hello here, but then I saw an opportunity to change the page. Well you know me and page turns. I promise I am typing as fast as I can.
17/Apr/09 7:44 AM
It's a sad day ... went by unnoticed.
17/Apr/09 7:45 AM
I am feeling better now, as I was sulking that I had no information, she in the process of doing so. Now my BP is going back to normal.
17/Apr/09 7:46 AM
Keith, If I weren't in the hospital today, I would have noticed!!!
17/Apr/09 8:00 AM
Keith, why is it a sad day? What have I missed?

Jill ♥
17/Apr/09 8:22 AM
1.49 Hi Nick and Mike.
They look like a couple of tearaways Terri!
17/Apr/09 8:26 AM
I knew it had to come ... the day there was no race ... or notice.
Take care, Jill. Get better.
17/Apr/09 8:47 AM
17/Apr/09 8:58 AM
Keith, what are your plans today? Sight seeing around Melbourne? Whatever you and Lynne do, I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time.
I loved the Great Ocean Road. Hubby and I have plans to visit it again and spend more time there.
17/Apr/09 9:03 AM
Morning everyone. Yes the Great Ocean Road is a great trip. I hail from Geelong so we quite often drove to Lorne.
17/Apr/09 9:15 AM
Jill, take it easy girl. Two of the warning signs for pre-eclampsia is not good. Rest, rest and more rest.
17/Apr/09 9:16 AM
There is a succession of quite big quakes offshore between Padang and Benkulu in Sumatra. One wonders if Mount Kerinci might decide to erupt in the next week or so. The location is more or less directly opposite Mount Kerinci.
17/Apr/09 9:22 AM
If the galumpher ate a pound of licorice at the market, I can understand why he could not go out the next day.
17/Apr/09 9:36 AM
Good morning all.
Keith - that what happens if you live in or visit Australia - you sleep through the race!!
17/Apr/09 9:43 AM
Jill - take care! Glad you didn't have to stay in hospital but this must be a wake up call to take it easy - which I realise is not easy with other children.
17/Apr/09 9:45 AM
Good Morning everyone..

Jill you take care, rest as much as can.

Keith. hehehe ~ fancy everyone forgetting the race !!!
17/Apr/09 9:53 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Mary!!!
to you!
May your special day be wongerful with a and lots of !

17/Apr/09 10:51 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Les!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !

17/Apr/09 10:57 AM
Well the avatar of the ole school marm is back due to state testing in 4 weeks. I've taught all the grade level standards and now it's going to be review, review, review until the little buggers dream the test!!!
17/Apr/09 10:59 AM
Just passing by!!
17/Apr/09 12:39 PM
Freaky Friday
Has the web ground to a halt. Surely it's before bedtime somewhere in America.
17/Apr/09 2:34 PM
I have 15 minutes, Saylz.
17/Apr/09 2:41 PM
I am not going to make it.

Good night worldly people.
17/Apr/09 2:46 PM
We all seem to be busy on the same days.
This site is either inundated with posters fighting for places or as quite as this. Do we all do our chores at the same time?
17/Apr/09 5:38 PM
See what I mean almost 3 hours between Karen's bedtime and my mid morning coffee.
17/Apr/09 5:39 PM
...or..... is there a connection with Fiona's teasers? Is it quiet here when her puzzles are more difficult and everyone is tucked up with pencil and paper? When they are easy we are here to fill in the time until she sets the next, OR do some have lives outside this site?
17/Apr/09 5:41 PM
Of course talking to yourself has also become a sideline. What I need is another Glindagory or a Rayrayatory
17/Apr/09 5:44 PM
Instead I will settle for a Mo-cp-ery
17/Apr/09 5:44 PM
GM: I have just arrived. Maybe I am too late, but I hope I can rescue you from your solitude. But are you reallt so alone with yourself? The two halves of your brain need to talk to each other. Then they convey their decisions to your typing fingers. It's quite busy up there in the noddle when you think about it (then, while thinking about it, it will be busier still).
17/Apr/09 7:02 PM
It is certainly very quiet. I just realise that is the first post for almost one and a half hours.
17/Apr/09 7:04 PM
Happy Birthday mymare !!!
17/Apr/09 7:05 PM
Quiet in Sudokuland today.
17/Apr/09 8:26 PM
oh right Mo, so it's all my fault!!
17/Apr/09 9:48 PM
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