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Easy Sudoku for 17/July/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Here we go....
17/Jul/08 8:12 AM
Oops! forgot to
17/Jul/08 8:13 AM
Eve, that test was hard! Sometimes I wanted to pick 3 things, others none at all... But the end result was pretty close to me anyway.
17/Jul/08 8:52 AM
Hi all hey who stole my cat ahhh no the eyes are the wrong colour mine has gold eyes LOL Eve love the joke [1st page]
17/Jul/08 8:58 AM
2:05 Good morning everyone.
17/Jul/08 9:02 AM
Sue have a great day also to anyone I've missed I hope it was a happy day for you.
17/Jul/08 9:11 AM
Good morning Rose how are you $ your family.
17/Jul/08 9:12 AM
OOOps $-& fingers not working LOL
17/Jul/08 9:14 AM
Welcome to the world Win's grandchild.
17/Jul/08 9:23 AM
1.57 Two cute!
17/Jul/08 9:48 AM
17/Jul/08 10:30 AM

Here I sit, with time to think -
on issues broad and small.
Sometimes my mind seems on the brink -
of ideas that would enthrall.

But like a maple key my brain next spins,
and falls back to the ground.
So it’s on reality my mind next pins;
on More...
17/Jul/08 10:48 AM
Is a Baz in the hand worth two in the bush?

Hi, Baz.
17/Jul/08 10:50 AM
Well, Heidi, I did jump out of a "perfectly good" airplane, once... Never tried sheep herding, but, I've caught up a few horses.
17/Jul/08 10:53 AM
Sue from OK.
Isn't July 17 Martha from Saratoga's birthday, too? Martha, if you're still around to you, too. You have not been forgotten!
17/Jul/08 11:06 AM
Claude, I am glad you got things arranged for your parents' holiday & got over your lumbago so now you can have some R & R time with your grandchildren, I had to Google troglodyte village as I did not know what that was! Sounds interesting. Have fun!
17/Jul/08 11:16 AM
OK Jerry, skydiving it is!

I just got word that the head of our Collie Rescue just lost her job, and won't be able to take care of the collies in her care. Since I'm the only one who will take the geriatrics, that means that 6 old collies are soon to join our happy More...
17/Jul/08 11:18 AM
(In case you're interested, she was an elementary school teacher.)
17/Jul/08 11:21 AM
Judy, I guess it is what part of Baz you have in your hand!
17/Jul/08 11:34 AM
Is this why Baz thinks he got banned?
17/Jul/08 11:41 AM
Hmmm, Somethings going on in Sudokuland....not sure what or why, but count me in. Hello Baz...good to see you back. Win...Congratulations on the birth of your grandchild....enjoy...they are wonderful as well as cute.
I'm not quite back,but I'm getting there....still lots of things to attend to, More...
17/Jul/08 11:55 AM
Mamacita... I just turned her back in with the flock. She's doing great.

You sound better, too. Keep it up. Just take it one day at a time, OK?
17/Jul/08 12:00 PM
God! You would be stiff to get banned for THAT!
17/Jul/08 12:17 PM
Hi Mamacita! The ewe is back, Baz is back, & YOU are back! This is a GOOD day
17/Jul/08 12:36 PM
OK... I forgot the "wink". Here it is:
17/Jul/08 12:44 PM
Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes. Day one has been great, day two looks to be just as good. Going to Tulsa again tomorrow, husband and son are taking me out for dinner.
17/Jul/08 12:49 PM
Eve, I gave up on that test. A couple of questions, like art, I wanted to answer ALL. And what was that blank square about?
17/Jul/08 1:14 PM
Well said Kathy...couldn't have said it better myself.
17/Jul/08 1:36 PM
Hi folks. Well, it looks like my blond roots are showing 'cause I put the wrong url on my page for those who would like to see some wedding photos. All better now.

On the family front - we've just arrived back home from seeing the endocrinologist for VB and he couldn't give us much More...
17/Jul/08 2:14 PM
and Good Night all. I'm off to bed.
17/Jul/08 2:54 PM
Hi Everyone,

Sorry for booting everyone off for a moment. I noticed the server was getting slow & had to reset it.

17/Jul/08 3:44 PM
Hi Gath... How's Kym doing?
17/Jul/08 3:46 PM
Hi Gath
Hope all is okay with Kym.
We are eagerly awaiting the birth, to see who wins the comp. of course. lol
17/Jul/08 4:01 PM
Thought you were off to bed Heidi?
Great to hear sheepy is okay.
17/Jul/08 4:02 PM
Out and about today here doing grocery shopping.
Have taken the bandage off my knee after the op.
It is swollen and bruised still but thats to be expected.
I miss getting out and about in the car, had not driven it since last Friday.
I also went to my favourite More...
17/Jul/08 4:06 PM
Oh no one has visited since my last post.
Better think about the evening meal I guess.
As usual am up to the 'Tough' but can never do it.
17/Jul/08 4:43 PM
Hi Elise/Viv - glad you managed to get out to do your crosswords.

I'm wondering if anyone's heard how Broni is. She didn't tell me which hospital she was going into. Have you heard Gail?
17/Jul/08 5:07 PM
Same as last time I believe Cyn.
17/Jul/08 5:24 PM
Finished evening meal here etc.
A cold night by the feel of it.
Very quiet here.
17/Jul/08 6:57 PM
Ohh might get the Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!
17/Jul/08 6:57 PM
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