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Easy Sudoku for 17/September/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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definitely not as many as 40, more like 30
Deb you might be right about 40 years in colour but i remember b&w tvs still into the 1970s... tho i guess colour started out as very expensive
It is time for my breakfast, but I shall not be having shredded wheat.
speaking of corrections, someone asked about the longest river in Oz and I always thought it was the Darling. I know we talk about the 'murray-darling basin' and that the darling eventually flows into the murray but i had a look at the wikipedia and there it does say the darling is 2793km long just to reach the murray. (so long and yet so little water eh!!)
Lauren thanks for the postcard newsy stuff from Rose. did she mention any sandflies on the west coast, along with the rain? they can be ferocious in the summer, so perhaps she's chosen the best time to be there when they are sleeping ...
assuming they sleep a bit - i've never been there outside of the summertime
Anne what will you be having then (or maybe what have you by now had)?!
bonjour Loza, how are you? I don't have the translation of raggamuffin? Qu'est ce que c'est, un gâteau, un animal? :)
I think i'll soon be able to eat my posts for breakfasts, but only coz noone else is around just now ... .lol
Hi All,
I didn't get a chance to watch the show tonight. I did however found out that 'The Landing On the Moon' was at NO. 1
There are lots of theories floating around, what is your Theory. 'Did Man Actually Land On The Moon?'
hey salut catherine
tu m'as sauve! ne pas devenir cp!!
catherine - ragamuffin - un gamin, en qqe sorte. there might be a closer translation tho, as 'gamin' is in such general usage that the idea of ragamuffin isn't so much there any more. i'll keep pondering
cp c'est à partir de 5 commentaires?
ah bon j'étais complètement à côté. Donc un petit voyou, un chenapan?
ok got it - more of an urchin ... ce qui se tradiut comme un galopin? (selon mon dictionnaire) ... un va-nu-pieds
et oui t'as raison 'cp' = a partir de 5 commentaires (sauf bien sur pour notre sage-femme dont le nom est 'cp'!!!)
'petit voyou' sounds about right; 'chenapan' might be too(i just looked it up - never heard that one before) but ragamuffin is not a pejorative term; there's a bit of affection in it.
hey Angie about the moon - were you around in 1969 to watch it on tv? at the time i thought it was just amazing, but on reflection i don't think it could possibly have been done in some desert studio, the pictures were much too bad!!!! no way they could have made them like that on purpose, what do you think?
catherine, d'ou vient ta question sur ragamuffin????
Loza, I was around but I must admit I was only a little thing. Like you I found it amazing, however I was at school at the time, and only remember the whole school gathering in the Gym and watching it. Most of us where happy to be out of class. Didn't really notice the quality of the Film.
merci Loza, ici c'est la journée du patrimoine, patrimony day, have you also a sunday in the year : historical monuments are free visiting and few are only open this day.So I go to the 'flies tower' (XI ème siècle)in my town to see an exposition : 'the gold of the Francs' jewellery of the middle age.
I've probably got a few years on you Angie - I think i was in year 11, but we were all gathered round in much the same way. but even if you look at the pictures now (maybe especially if you do!) they are very hazy.
i remember they played 'sounds of silence' in the build up and it all felt very More...
ben c'est toi qui a employé ce terme je ne sais plus à propos de quoi!des écureuils peut être? je te l'avais demandé à l'époque, mais tu n'avais pas du voir mon mot.
Actually no, catherine, i don't think we do, tho in the not too distant past our museums were all free all the time! then the govt got the idea it could make more money out of us and started charging for admission. in between the two we missed out on the idea of such a day. More...
All you young things I remember feeding my so whilst watching the tv
vraiment?! je suis desolee!!!! excuses-moi. je n'en sais plus non plus....
My son was born 1969
ah ganniemo thank you.there i was thinking how much younger than me angie must be. so nice of you to add that in!
and ganniemo you've suddenly made me realise i was in year 12, not 11, for 1969 was my last year at school and 1970 my first at uni.
Loza, c'est plus vaste que seulement l'histoire: this day TV studio, painting exposition, government department, l'Elysée, olf factory are open to the visit.
I was 19 when for the landing on the moon and in Cannes ( you know the festival?)
no, 21
time to start off, j'ai été trés contente de te retrouver Loza, à plus.
Good maen to all
i came back to here from 'tomorrow' catherine and i'm very happy that i did, to see your later posts!
nous avons presque le meme age...
et oui bien sur tout le monde connait Cannes!
a la prochaine
bonne journee
17/Sep/07 6:17 PM
17/Nov/10 11:49 PM
15/Oct/11 6:38 AM
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