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Easy Sudoku for 17/September/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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I don't post anonymously. I think it's wrong.
It seems to me that some people are missing the point so many of us, in many different ways, are trying to make. I know that many of the so called CPers are retired or have a lot of time on their hands. That's fine, more power to them: however it does seem a little selfish to post page after page More...
Mrs Pooter where are you, you old lovey you? we need you real bad.

Baz, one place we have solid agreement...''Comment on content, not quantity.'' You can just see them jumping up and down and clapping their little hands and stamping their little feet as they congratulate each other for posting 5 times in succession.
That wouldn't be my $20 you are putting up is it Buzzy?

Right on cue...

Ian, you are right there, and I can
fromdom, sorry to have offended you!
I did not include the incontinence stories. Those definitely require a sense of humor.
nal, I temorarily forgot your situation. I wish I lived in Miami...I could help you with your Mom. I know how hard it is to care for your loved one without respite help.
Nah Bazzy, I still have high hopes of sending that back to you.

Baz: One thing I enjoy is that we go at each other mercilessly, with an occasional nod of respect and agreement. I think that makes us adults.

Buzzy: ''Posting pigs''.....good turn of phrase, a logical extension of Bandwidth Hogs.
Ian, don't always believe what you hear. Maybe in the city schools are pretty bad because of the type of students they get, but in the suburbs, public schools in the US are really not so bad. Most of the public schools in the suburbs of Boston, one of the most educated cities in the world, are More...

Michael: yes, the programs for the promising kids in wealthy suburbs of Boston like Newton and Wellesley are held up as a paragon of education. Look beyond the advanced programs, and you find kids who can't balance a checkbook or read the Sunday paper.
sandwich hog yerself, mate-more then 20 posts
Now THAT is a logical extension, Ian.
All who agree say oink
Gosh just realised I don't post much these days, but gee there are so many posts nobody noticed. lol
Chrissy you know you have been in our loving thoughts and prayers along with all those other people hmmmmm now what the frig were all their names now, that we have been praying for and hugging and kissin and oops better stop now
Nortee Buoys,Dame Edna Average, Dr Wright, Mrs Pooter, someone who liked to read from APPLEX where have they gone? Mousie from Ireland, I was very happy to see you pop up again.So many gone from this site, I've only mentioned a few. Talk about gone but not forgotten.
You can't be serious Baz. You want me to just skip over any post or comment that annoys me? There are 8 pages today so far. There were 8 yesterday. Somewhere in amongst the crap may be tucked away a little bit of something that means something. One, today, for instance was Franklin asking what the More...
I think what Ian and other are getting at the post are turning into a chatroom and we have a chatroom,or exchange emails or IM ,if someone wants to post a important item it gets lost in the what i ate and did or going to do kind of stuff,heck exchage phone numbers if you need to ,but to have to look at pages of ho hum is tough and takes forever!
Jamie.....do get your wife to write down everything. As sad and hard as it is to see a loved one with dementia if you can laugh and see the funny side it does help.
Actually, there were 10 pages yesterday. What sort of 'important' items would you like to see posted that you might miss?

We don't know, Jamie, thanks to the bandwidth hogs.

see I very seldom post and and that is why
Judy...no, Maggie doesn't seem to want to herd. She thinks she's human, I swear. I do have one major problem that needs to be looked at. She was savaged by a dog that the former owners also had. They never got on for three years. After a particularly bad fight Maggie was being surrendered. Don't More...
If you don't know what you want to see, how would you recognize it anyway when it was posted?
If your comment was to me, Jamie, then just what I said. Franklin's geographical question and your handling of a very disabling disease.

Because it would not be buried in mountains of crap.

To be frank...if I hear about Kim's tractor again or the bees I think I will throw up. There are only so many times you can hear these things. Post and comment all you like but can we keep it moving. Like I said, the tractor comments could have been cut and pasted from many times in the past they are all the same.
Deb, no my comment wasn't to you. I had seen your comment, and thanks for what you did say.

She said she could CP with one hand tied behind her back...Of course she can because all of her posts are the same or relate to one thing...the tractor!!!!! She isn't even retired so doesn't have that as an excuse for the sameness.

Tee hee

Loved your joke!

So sorry you died yesterday!

You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!111

You're in my prayers!!!

sandwich hog**sandwich hog**sandwich hog

You go girl, even though you died yesterday. You're in my prayers, and I loved your joke.

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