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Easy Sudoku for 17/September/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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17/Sep/13 6:18 AM
Will try the jigsaw.
17/Sep/13 6:18 AM
Too big for the square.
17/Sep/13 6:26 AM
My congratulations on the first half of your birthday, Keith!!

17/Sep/13 6:35 AM
Keith. Enjoy your 2 days.
17/Sep/13 6:37 AM
time. Any one care to join me?
17/Sep/13 6:51 AM
got my mug ready Grass-hopper. Weak, white and no sugar thanks.
17/Sep/13 7:07 AM
Keith. Enjoy your looong celebrations. Invite the new boarders to your party.
17/Sep/13 7:09 AM
1:44. Good morning everyone.
17/Sep/13 7:09 AM
Excuse me - good morning everyone.
17/Sep/13 7:10 AM
Mr Cee, I really enjoyed your puzzles. Even the sneaky, bizarre ones! Thank you for the entertainment and brain strain.
17/Sep/13 7:12 AM
Things are a bit hectic these days. I'm lucky to get a hello in, first thing. Anyway I can only do my best and drop in when I can.
17/Sep/13 7:14 AM
Thanks again for all the birthday wishes coming in. It is so nice to be remembered. Not sure what Sacky means by a party for the new boarders, but, I've pretty much never met a party I didn't like, so ... bring it on.

I didn't participate in Cee's puzzles very often, but enjoyed them when More...
17/Sep/13 7:29 AM
Hello Amelia, Jamie, Grass-hopper, Sacky, Chris, Keith & everyone on page!!
17/Sep/13 7:48 AM
Keith, have fun today celebrating that you're not as old today as you will be tomorrow!!!!
17/Sep/13 7:50 AM
Keith you really are slowing down! Ne boarders = pet sitting.
17/Sep/13 8:22 AM
Happy Birthday, Keith.
17/Sep/13 10:37 AM
Kate really has a way with words, doesn't she Keith?

Well, look at it the way I do. Every day is one day older, no day is one year older.
17/Sep/13 10:37 AM
He's my favourite mermaid.
17/Sep/13 10:38 AM
If I can find the photo to prove that statement, I'll post it later.
17/Sep/13 10:39 AM
I'm very worried about youkidme.
17/Sep/13 10:40 AM
Seems ages since she's been here.
17/Sep/13 10:41 AM
Can anyone give me an approximate time since she was last here?
17/Sep/13 10:43 AM
CP. I've had some communication with youkidme. She's been very busy and hopes to get back on site soon.
17/Sep/13 10:54 AM
It appears the Costa Concordia has been successfully rotated to an upright position. Fantastic salvage effort!
17/Sep/13 12:31 PM
Great time lapse of the righting.

http://www.news.com.au/technology/italy-gives-the-ok-to-right-shipwrecked-costa-concord ia/story-e6frfro0-1226720255881
17/Sep/13 12:40 PM
17/Sep/13 12:42 PM
In retrospect - Not So Great.
17/Sep/13 12:42 PM

Keith - I'm sure your wife will do something to make your birthday special, even if you just stay home.

Enjoy it!
17/Sep/13 1:24 PM

Best wishes on your xxth birthday, Keith. You old fart!
17/Sep/13 1:57 PM
Good night people of the world.
17/Sep/13 2:11 PM
Enjoy your special day.
17/Sep/13 3:07 PM
We had a very enjoyable evening with old Navy friends, it is way past bedtime. Meeting for breakfast in the morning, or I should say later this morning.
17/Sep/13 3:12 PM
17/Sep/13 3:13 PM
HalT and I were chatting about college marching bands last week and I said the Ohio State University marching band is known as The Best Damn Band in the Land (TBDBITL) but I went to Ohio University and I'm proud to be a Bobcat. Here's a video from their performance last Sat. The OU band has long More...
17/Sep/13 4:23 PM
should read 'I don't think THEY let females join yet'.
17/Sep/13 4:25 PM
17/Sep/13 9:21 PM
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