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Easy Sudoku for 18/December/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning to all!
18/Dec/17 12:42 AM
Good morning Greg... and all others who may grace these pages.
18/Dec/17 1:26 AM
Great photo, Colleen.
18/Dec/17 2:07 AM

Every year I tell myself I will wrap presents as I get them. Every year I end up with what seems like hundreds of presents to be wrapped at the last minute. Today is a marathon wrap day. You'd think I'd learn.
18/Dec/17 2:41 AM
I know what's coming. I will get the presents wrapped and find someone has more that someone else. This will be unacceptable. I will be shopping again tomorrow.
18/Dec/17 2:45 AM
Maenn, guys. How are we this morning?
18/Dec/17 2:46 AM
18/Dec/17 3:36 AM
Morning all, great photo Colleen .
Kathy, one of the perks of being from a large family is that I only have to get one gift per person. With the aunts and uncles they would need a trailer to cart everything home.
18/Dec/17 4:53 AM
18/Dec/17 5:01 AM
18/Dec/17 5:19 AM
Good morning Y'all.
18/Dec/17 6:27 AM
Forecast to be hot and humid today.
18/Dec/17 6:28 AM
And Hotter tomorrow.
18/Dec/17 6:28 AM
Beautiful dragon fly photo! Colleen.
18/Dec/17 6:29 AM
Today will be present wrapping day for me too, Kathy.
18/Dec/17 6:29 AM
Luckily not too many now that the kids are all adults.
18/Dec/17 6:37 AM
Good mAen, good people.
18/Dec/17 7:33 AM
Let's do a Holiday Quicktionary.  I am departing from my method of using my daughter's Quicktionary card game to formulate our three sets this week.  Instead I shall invent some sets with Holiday themes, but I'm not prearranging my answers so I still won't know what kind of answers may end up on More...
18/Dec/17 9:10 AM
Speaking of 2-2 ...
18/Dec/17 9:14 AM
I shall change into my Sugar Plum tutu ...
18/Dec/17 9:18 AM
Twirl a time or two, then stop with a cp and leave a gift for the next person who posts. Where are you, Keith? Ready to take a bow?
18/Dec/17 9:21 AM
18/Dec/17 9:24 AM
Rage jumped right on it ... I was late.
18/Dec/17 9:53 AM
Hello, Rage. Merry Christmas from me.
(Keith just put 'twinkle toes' on his Christmas list. )
18/Dec/17 10:16 AM
The question is, can twinkle toes fit on two left feet?
18/Dec/17 11:44 AM
2:15 with a couple of mistakes at the end.
Good morning one and all!
18/Dec/17 11:48 AM
18/Dec/17 12:49 PM
Happy 2-Day Birthday to Karen.
18/Dec/17 1:52 PM
all. I love dragonflies! It may be partially because the quilting group I belong to, who make quilts for cancer patients, call themselves The Dragonfly Quilters!
18/Dec/17 2:39 PM
Following is a message from June D's daughter Belinda on TOS:

Before she died she told my Dad to thank all of her sudoku friends for all the support and love they have given her. I was on her computer today but if you could pass this on to the group it would be greatly appreciated
18/Dec/17 4:19 PM
1:51. Good evening everyone and Happy Birthday Karen.
18/Dec/17 10:17 PM
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