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Easy Sudoku for 18/April/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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18/Apr/12 1:27 AM
Bats to you, Kathy!
18/Apr/12 1:29 AM
Good for you, Shiela! I was off looking for a new avatar for today.
18/Apr/12 1:29 AM
Well, I need to control my excitement and get on with my duties. The Looney Lass has her parents visiting and will me MIA for awhile.
18/Apr/12 1:31 AM
The answer to yesterday's poozle: HARD

Which, evidently, it wasn't for winners (big breath!) Shiela, HalT, Pam, Kathy(V), Jeanine, Keith, Heidi, Denny, Sue, Mardi, Jamie, lonewoof, Eve, Neil, Sarah, Meg, and Old Hickory. WHEW!
Wear the Coveted Bat Crown proudly!
18/Apr/12 1:40 AM
... bellycan. The way bats scoop insects out of the air ... I'm imagining a Pelican doing that to a bat with it's pouch wide open. Do Pelicans eat bats?
18/Apr/12 1:43 AM
I just noticed a resemblance to Rick Santorum in the Bat Crown picture. New job since he dropped out of the race?
18/Apr/12 1:46 AM
Well, Rick needed a job, Keith.
18/Apr/12 1:49 AM
from So. OR still cool spring & plenty of precipitation at least often this year.

Happy Birthday Shiela (with your Grossbeak - hope it doesn't hit a window), MyMare (with your Butterfly - a sign of life - cherish it) & Dave maybe skydiving is you Aeriel event to More...
18/Apr/12 1:50 AM
Good (almost) afternoon to all! A pelican We should have had a bat on Bat Appreciation Day!
18/Apr/12 1:51 AM
And for today....

Each sentence or phrase below can be reduced to two words that are spelled the same but pronounced differently. You may need to put "a," "an" or "the" in between.

1. Say no to garbage!
2. Wax from Warsaw
3. Leave a dry, sandy More...
18/Apr/12 1:52 AM
I titled the photo of CP and myself with the neighbourhood pets. Sorry I forgot to do that yesterday. For those who asked, that was outside the Museum of Nature, about three blocks from where I live. That building was being renovated when Lynne and Keith visited.
18/Apr/12 1:54 AM
As to CP's missing luggage, I believe she has requested that it be forwarded to Norfolk where she is meeting up with Mike.
18/Apr/12 1:59 AM
A tough looking group of bikers were out riding when they saw a woman about to jump off a bridge.
They parked their Harleys and the leader, a big burly man, walks over from his bike and says, "What are you doing?"
"I'm going to commit suicide," the beautiful young woman More...
18/Apr/12 2:00 AM
And Kathy, the beavertail picture will come eventually, but not swinging from trunks!
18/Apr/12 2:03 AM
One more for a CP!
18/Apr/12 2:04 AM
CP meets up with Mike in Norfolk, VA tomorrow (18th) then they are driving to DC on the 21st.
18/Apr/12 2:05 AM
List of 9 things to do when you're bored...

1. Drive around town with a notebook and record all the phone numbers you see on commercial vehicles with signs on the back that say “How’s my driving?” Go back home and call all those numbers. Tell them their driving was okay.

2. More...
18/Apr/12 2:30 AM
18/Apr/12 3:26 AM
18/Apr/12 3:27 AM
Hello, Sharkey.
18/Apr/12 3:27 AM
Jim, Love #9.
18/Apr/12 3:28 AM
I started cleaning out my stuff in my ex's shed yesterday (ok, I bought the shed when we were married, but it is difficult to move). I won't be moving a lot this time, just putting my stuff on one side and his on the other...and trash in the trash. I did find my college diplomas! And someone told me to throw it all away!
18/Apr/12 3:30 AM
Nal, I am thankful that your Jim survived his rough year.
18/Apr/12 3:31 AM
Now off to do that shed!
18/Apr/12 3:31 AM
Almost time for kids to show up for class. I guess I better prepare something!!
18/Apr/12 3:41 AM
It's really not my birthday...
I was just mentioning that on ONE of my birthdays I had seen a special bird for the first time. It was in reference to mymare seeing a butterfly on her birthday - which IS today.
Sorry for the confusion.
18/Apr/12 4:01 AM
Jim - #3 brought back memories. When our family went on trips (many years ago), my brother and I would stick our hands out the window and pump our fists whenever we passed a semi. The truckers would generally respond when we were on the open road, but seldom when there was heavy traffic.
18/Apr/12 4:33 AM
18/Apr/12 4:49 AM
Good mAen, good people. I'm glad that Sudokuland is user friendly. I just got done doing the taxes a whole 9 hours early!

So, tell me how we can work so much extra time during a year to earn just $7000 profit, spend the equivalent of I don't know how many eight-hour workdays on the More...
18/Apr/12 5:10 AM
18/Apr/12 5:18 AM
2.19 mymare hope you have a great day.
18/Apr/12 6:34 AM
Plum... What is "profit"? That's a word that never comes up around here.
18/Apr/12 7:19 AM
He thinks he's found a mate & is trying to get her attention. We have a white faced Heron which "dances" in front of his reflection in the glass doors of the blue boathouse, putting on a display for his new found mate. We had a native bird doing the same thing in side mirrors of cars More...
18/Apr/12 7:51 AM
PS, If the bird is aggressive towards the reflection, he thinks it's another male intruding into his territory!
18/Apr/12 8:03 AM
18/Apr/12 8:20 AM
Back to glass & birds! If the bird flies directly into the glass - it is most likely an accident. I took a badly stunned kookaburra of to the local rescue service after it had flown into a window. The odd think about that was it must have been flying pretty low because that window was at floor level!! It revered & was later returned to our area - it didn't fly into the window anymore!!!
18/Apr/12 8:26 AM
It certainly looks like I'm "talking" to myself!
18/Apr/12 8:27 AM
7.19 to 8.27am Eastern Australian Standard time - I guess everyone' out or asleep.....
18/Apr/12 8:29 AM
Hi CP. Hope your trip gets better......
18/Apr/12 8:29 AM
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