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Easy Sudoku for 18/July/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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18/Jul/08 8:29 AM
Good to hear Broni is doing okay.
Good wishes to Jamie too for the knee operation.
I am still hobbling a bit but its nice to be out and about again.
18/Jul/08 8:30 AM
Arghghgh Plum. You beat me!! lol heheheheheh and hello to Little Plum too.
18/Jul/08 8:31 AM
Well, that elevator lifted me to the 3rd floor, I mean page. Good tomorrow morning, Australasia. We've been waiting for you to wake up and come play.
18/Jul/08 8:32 AM
By accident I just discovered today that you can still post messages on archive pages, even though they are out of date. Of course when you do that the correct date is shown for the message you post.
18/Jul/08 8:32 AM
This is a line from my stars today.
A Virgo I am.
'This is a day when your heart is likely to runneth over.'
That sounds interesting !!
18/Jul/08 8:36 AM
Hi, Elise!
Little Plum is a bit put out right now that I'm making her school year round (we home school). However, she's not only NOT forgetting her math, but she's going to be halfway through 3rd grade math before everyone else starts school in the fall and she won't have to spend 3 weeks More...
18/Jul/08 8:39 AM
Morning Elise
How are you feeling today? Are you back to normal yet?
18/Jul/08 8:42 AM
Rayray - who's going to read a post on an archive page? Hey, maybe we can have treasure hunts with clues and such and find new postings on old pages -- or maybe not. I spend too much time in Sudokuland already ...
18/Jul/08 8:42 AM
Hi Plum
Good move, she will thank you for it one day !
How long have you been home schooling her?
Oh and how old is she may I ask?
18/Jul/08 8:43 AM
Whoops, posted before I saw your next comments......
18/Jul/08 8:43 AM
You just figured that out, Rayray? I was doing that before I joined!

I had all sorts of things I was going to do today, instead I laid down for a brief nap, and slept 5 hours. Oh, well.
18/Jul/08 8:45 AM
Hi Suzy
Getting there thank you very much.
Still swollen a bit and bruised but time should fix that.
I should go and finish my brekky as I have Nutrimetics deliveries to do today.

There will be no wearing of high heels for a while More...
18/Jul/08 8:46 AM
Plum, I once sat down and worked out approximately how many days of school a CA student attends compared to an Aussie child. The long summer break seemed to suggest that CA children had fewer school days, but not so! There were only a few days difference, and that could just have been my approximations rather than a real difference. So Little Plum isn't missing out!!!
18/Jul/08 8:47 AM
Elise - sounds messy.
[*heartbeat thump/thumps*]
18/Jul/08 8:47 AM

Afraid of laundry? You will be after reading this
Published: 7/17/08, 6:25 PM EDT

GORHAM, Maine (AP) - Mara Ranger will be a little paranoid doing laundry now.

When she was removing clothes from the washing machine at her Maine farmhouse Wednesday, More...
18/Jul/08 8:49 AM
Elise, 5'2" and a tiny bit here too so know the feeling....
18/Jul/08 8:49 AM
Suzy - do you mean that Aussie schoolchildren school year round?
Heidi - you laughed yourself to sleep, right? Did you dream of the Love Boat?
18/Jul/08 8:50 AM
I am kicking myself now Canuk Greg has explained to me the answer to Fiona's #7. Before that it had completely escaped me.
18/Jul/08 8:52 AM
Elise - Little Plum is 8 and she's never been enrolled in an institutional school. Neither has my 18 year old. My 20 year old went to 1/2 day kindergarten before I started homeschooling her for 1st grade -- the first day of summer break, BTW. Schooling through the summer from the start, but it only made sense with my husband's work schedule.
18/Jul/08 8:53 AM
Rayray - It's good to have you waxing poetic again! I really liked your latest works. Keep 'em coming!
18/Jul/08 8:55 AM
Rayray - I was thinking tiny mosaic tiles and thinking about how my parents have mini tiles in their bathroom and then it finally came to me, but I didn't send to Fiona.
18/Jul/08 8:55 AM
Elise - glad you're doing well, and it's also good to hear Broni is on the mend. Now, how about Jamie? Anyone heard anything?
18/Jul/08 8:56 AM
Oops! I smell something burning. There goes dinner!!!
18/Jul/08 8:57 AM
Plum, Aussie kids (at least the ones living in NSW) go to school from the end of January to around 20-22nd December (about 5.5 weeks off) with three 2 weeks breaks during the year.
18/Jul/08 8:58 AM
I should have mentioned that the biggest benefit I have seen of year round schooling (or a shorter summer break with more breaks during the year) is that the kids aren't quite as exhausted by the end of the school year... d1 spent 2 years in CA schools and was dragging by the end of each one. The breaks weren't enough for her to catch up with herself.
18/Jul/08 9:03 AM
Well I wish you'd explain #7 to me, Rayray! I can't figure it out either. But then, I've never had a parking ticket.
18/Jul/08 9:03 AM
Thanks for noticing the poems. You are the first to comment on the second one Yesterday p.3).
Maybe the recent ones are a little mundane but at least I'm trying to get back into it again.
I hope your dinner is not too scorched. Sometimes a little carbonizing results in an imporvement.
18/Jul/08 9:03 AM
Rayray... thanks for making me groan. Now that it's been explained, it makes sense. But it is the worst of these puns, Fiona.
18/Jul/08 9:08 AM
Rayray!! I'm HURT! I commented on your post on page 3 yesterday!.... look under "more".
18/Jul/08 9:11 AM
No time to read comments- but wanted to tell Susan/Qld- I did respond to your PM originally- (don't know what happened to my reply) and I just now sent you another one.

Hello and goodbye everyone else :)
18/Jul/08 9:11 AM
Regardless of the possible answer I sent to Rayray and he passed on to you Heidi, we won't know if it is correct until Fiona responds. I feel like I have violated her game by sharing the answer early with others. I did not think it would be passed on.
18/Jul/08 9:16 AM
Rayray, Just went back to check your second poem as I didn't see it yesterday... I SO identify with the sentiment (forgive my non-poetic grammar). You may think it is mundane, but I do not. It highlights the main reason some of us go along letting life happen to us rather than making things happen - the pressure of everyday, real or imagined.
18/Jul/08 9:17 AM
It won't go any further, Greg, but I didn't cheat with it. My answers to Fiona omitted #7.
18/Jul/08 9:19 AM

As much as I dislike this sort of joke, I decided to post it as it is the only one I have had emailed to me so far today.


A new sign in the Bank Lobby reads:
'Please note that this Bank is installing new
Drive-through ATM More...
18/Jul/08 9:21 AM
Heidi more or less asked me to pass it on to her. Sorry if I shouldn't have.
18/Jul/08 9:22 AM
Yes. I missed your comment yesterday. Sorry.
18/Jul/08 9:23 AM
Thanks, Suzy. Maybe it has a message after all.
18/Jul/08 9:24 AM
Just had another message from Broni's friend Teresa - Broni is doing really well and should be home tomorrow. Teresa is staying with her while she recuperates.
I'm off to the solicitor to sign the contract for the sale of our business. All going well we will settle on 1st August. Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for us please.
18/Jul/08 9:25 AM
I didn't feel right responding to Fiona since I've heard it before. I forgot I knew it until the answer came to me. I should have been quiet about it at least until she posted with the answer tomorrow. Sorry. I think the heat is affecting my judgment. Going to put in a movie and have some more iced tea. Night/g'day all. Nice chatting with everyone.
18/Jul/08 9:25 AM
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