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Easy Sudoku for 19/November/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Can I??
19/Nov/10 1:44 AM
She was probably just the serving wench, Heidi.
19/Nov/10 1:44 AM
YOU were in Mystic when I was there, Kathy??
19/Nov/10 1:47 AM
Time to get my act together! Run some errands, meet friends for lunch, run more errands.
See ya!
19/Nov/10 1:47 AM
Was that YOU with the grog, Judy?
19/Nov/10 1:48 AM
Holy crud, Kathy! We have "history"!
19/Nov/10 1:49 AM
If she'd been on the foc'sle, she might have been serving the winch.
19/Nov/10 1:56 AM

Several men are in the locker room of a golf club. A cell phone on a bench rings and a man engages the hands free speaker function and begins to talk. Everyone else in the room stops to listen.

MAN: 'Hello'

WOMAN: 'Honey, it's me. Are you at the More...
19/Nov/10 1:57 AM
Let's just keep the "Long John Silver" episode to ourselves, shall we?
19/Nov/10 1:58 AM
19/Nov/10 2:02 AM
Thx, Neil, Loved it!
19/Nov/10 2:03 AM
Been there. Agreed about it remaining an undeveloped park. Lots of interesting features to look at. I don't remember that particular view.

I had no idea God invented ½&½.

We've been to Mystic, too, in the fall, back when my daughters were young. It was a pilgrimage because they loved the movie Mystic Pizza.
19/Nov/10 2:19 AM
A man and his wife, approaching their 68thd and 63rd birthdays, respectively, scheduled their annual medical examination the same day so they could travel together. After the husband's examination, the doctor said, "You appear to be in good health. Do you have any medical concerns that you More...
19/Nov/10 2:22 AM
Yellowstone - one of the most precious places on earth!
Good Maen friends.
I'm arriving late because I hosted our book club last night and didn't get to sleep until way past my usual bedtime.
19/Nov/10 2:30 AM
We read "The Last Season" by Eric Blehm. I highly recommend it. It is about an experienced back-country ranger in King's Canyon National Park who mysteriously disappears. True story. Wonderful nature and an interesting mystery, too.
19/Nov/10 2:32 AM
HI all! What a horrible thought for the day - Judy in something's bowels - I feel quite ill.
19/Nov/10 3:09 AM
To more serious matters: yesterday's riddle answer was just to give back the pack of cards - the card chosen is bound to be in there. Well done to Kathy, Phantom, Eve, lonewoof (much better now!),and HalT.
19/Nov/10 3:12 AM
And so to today's teaser; answers to the 'let's club together and buy Kathy a new dictionary for Christmas' inbox please!

I have a common English phrase. I feed this phrase into a computer translation program. This translates it into a foreign language then back into English again. More...
19/Nov/10 3:14 AM
Well ... I thought of THAT, but thought it was just way too dumb.
19/Nov/10 3:22 AM
Hear that, Fiona? Your riddles are just not highbrow enough!
19/Nov/10 3:37 AM
Rubbish Keith - you were frightened I'd think YOU were dumb for posting such an answer!
19/Nov/10 3:41 AM
Not highbrown enough??? Didn't see YOU posting any answers either Judy!!
19/Nov/10 3:41 AM
highbrown?!!! Where did that come from?
19/Nov/10 3:42 AM
everyone. I feel lucky to have visited Yellowstone & to have actually LIVED in beautiful Mystic, CT for awhile back in 1968. Rob was a Navy enlisted man & reported for duty at the Submarine Base in Groton just a few weeks before our first baby was born. We were so poor More...
19/Nov/10 4:14 AM
1 sheep 2 sheep 3 sheep 4 sheep5 sheep6 sheep 7 sheep8 sheep9 sheep 10 sheep baa baa 11 sheep 12 sheep13 sheep14 sheep 15 sheep16 sheep17 sheep 18 More...
19/Nov/10 4:16 AM
Many years later in 1974 with two daughters by then Rob was stationed at the Sub Base again & we lived in Navy housing in Groton. During that tour of duty I was a volunteer at the Mystic Seaport. That must have been when Judy & Kathy were there. I remember seeing a couple of witches hanging around
19/Nov/10 4:17 AM
From Judy's bowels, Fiona?
19/Nov/10 4:19 AM
Or were they wenches?
19/Nov/10 4:20 AM
Hey! Et tu, Kathy?
19/Nov/10 4:25 AM
well they do say a sailor has a woman in every port...I know what I'd bet on them being!
19/Nov/10 4:28 AM
Carefull Kathy - Judy is reaching or is that wrenching for her stick.
19/Nov/10 4:31 AM
Kathy & Jerry - the answer to the riddle is NOT "Drunken Sailor". Fiona didn't even give me credit for my "logic".
19/Nov/10 4:34 AM
But lots of credit for having a go!! You get today's matchstick for effort Eve!
19/Nov/10 4:37 AM
When the sun comes up next week - Mt. McLoughlin will have a nice coat of snow (much lower than in the avatar) and it will officially be winter. It's getting coated today....through Sunday/Monday...then I will be driving down to LA for Thanksgiving with Mom.
19/Nov/10 4:38 AM
Good afternoon to all! Is this another Hawksbury picture?
19/Nov/10 4:46 AM
Fiona, your riddle is obvious. You must have typed in the phrase "Love at first sight".
19/Nov/10 4:47 AM
Looks like Anne is having trouble sleeping. Have a few glasses of port wine Anne and forget the sheep.
19/Nov/10 4:51 AM
Rob & I went back to visit Mystic on a trip to New England in 1998. We drove up to 435 High Street Lot 49 & that old trailer of ours was STILL there 30 years later!!
19/Nov/10 4:52 AM
Anne, are you still awake? Hope you can get some zzzzzzzzz's soon
19/Nov/10 4:53 AM
First Christmas Joke
Three Canadian men died on Christmas Eve and were met by Saint Peter at the pearly gates.
'In honor of this holy season' Saint Peter said, 'You must each possess something that symbolizes Christmas to get into heaven.'
The man from Nova Scotia fumbled through his More...
19/Nov/10 4:53 AM
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