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Easy Sudoku for 19/November/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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19/Nov/11 1:48 AM
19/Nov/11 1:48 AM
What an awe inspiring picture today!!!
19/Nov/11 1:55 AM
Great picture. Chris congratulations on your promotion. It is cold as Shiela said, but we have sunshine!!
19/Nov/11 1:55 AM
Interesting lighting effect. At first I thought it was light snow cover on a field...which is what I woke up to this morning.
19/Nov/11 2:04 AM
Good morning people of the world.
19/Nov/11 2:14 AM
Mickey Mouse Day.
19/Nov/11 2:14 AM
Wonderful news Chris, hope high success in your new position.
19/Nov/11 2:15 AM
everyone. Glad I'm not in Michigan this morning! Here in South Carolina in was a balmy 75F. yesterday, but dropped to 42 during the night. That's plenty cold for me.
Congrats, Chris, on solidifying your job! Hope you find a sax you like to reward yourself - good idea.
19/Nov/11 2:23 AM
Karen, being a "Sticky Beak" I'm curious - is the school your daughter attends public or private? Do you have other choices? I can't quite understand how the hallway & door policies affect her education, but maybe you would be happier having her at a diferent school?
19/Nov/11 2:32 AM
Thank you all for your support and I am sure, prayers, because today, I feel like I have some parent support. Nothing actually done, but 2 outraged parents and one grandparent. Cannot tell you how much better I felt, when I noticed that a few more people had been kicked out of the building this More...
19/Nov/11 2:32 AM
Kathy (V), I would love to have my child at a different school. My perference would be an all girls private school, but at the moment I have no choice but to send her to this small minded school. When the school fails their academic scores, which are low, but passing, then I can switch to a school that is closer and I like a whole lot better than the one she is in.
19/Nov/11 2:37 AM
Today should be fun. The school is having Thanksgiving dinner for parents to join their children. Oh, joy! Turkey out of a can.
19/Nov/11 2:39 AM
At first I thought the white 'ground' in the picture was snow - but it can't be - then I realized it was mist.
19/Nov/11 2:41 AM

Today they are doubling the amount of kibble donated to shelters. Just takes a minute, people!
19/Nov/11 3:13 AM
news, Chris!
19/Nov/11 3:16 AM
Fiona is a little late in passing the baton....
Never fear! I don't need permission!
Brains in gear, people!

What phrase is illustrated below?

You're having a good time = Time Airways is cleared for takeoff
You're having a bad time = Time Airways is Delayed

Answers to the "Is it wrong to enjoy the pre-flight pat down?" inbox, please.
19/Nov/11 3:25 AM
19/Nov/11 3:53 AM
Karen, you hang in there. I can't stand control freaks!
19/Nov/11 3:54 AM
Trash is off, dishes mostly washed, one load of laundry done. It is warm but windy in Kansas today. The plans are to finish cutting milo and.....CLEAN HOUSE!!!!! Guess which I would rather do?
19/Nov/11 3:55 AM
Sarah Beth - did you have your interview with the plastic surgeon yet? How did it go? I was a receptionist in a plastic surgeon's office for 10 years, then an office manager for another one. Saw lots of interesting "transformations"!
19/Nov/11 4:41 AM
Rayray, I think the white 'ground' is probably sand.
19/Nov/11 4:49 AM
all - it is till a beautiful gold out back - some leaves still on the trees and the ground totally covered with leaves about 6" depth. Today the forecast was possible snow - the temp didn't get that low so it is rain again today - yesterday was wind - someone wants those leaves off the trees. I want them for another week so mom can see how beautiful.
19/Nov/11 4:57 AM
Well, I know what my next mission is going to be after I straighten out this wonderful school system. I am going to change the FDA standards for what they say is appropriate food to feed humans.
Canned turkey will be the first thing taken off the list.
19/Nov/11 5:37 AM
Kathy, yes, the interview with the plastic surgeon was last Tuesday. It was actually with his business manager (who was zoned out on cold meds....her words, not mine) and his wife, who I assume was his office manager. I have no clue what her credential are, but she told me her role was to keep More...
19/Nov/11 5:42 AM
Maybe white sand is there, but there is also mist.
Afterwards I noticed that Bev also thought it was snow at first then realised it couldn't be.
19/Nov/11 6:39 AM
I had my diagnostic appointment on Tuesday for an ultrasound scan.
It showed my kidneys and 'bits' are OK, so they are eliminated. There was no further positive clue as to what the pain is. It was conjectured that it could be osteoarthritis in the lower spine, but I need to wait for the expert More...
19/Nov/11 6:43 AM
My sleep activity is now shattered. That is partly due to needing to frequently toilet at night, and partly spells from the witch.
19/Nov/11 6:45 AM
There are problems within the Court case still.
They are prolonging the misery by suggesting there may be grounds for appeal - despite rejecting the request in the first place. The Court appears to be providing the Defendant with legal advice, which seems most irregular to me. Courts and More...
19/Nov/11 6:50 AM
19/Nov/11 7:03 AM
Good mAen, good people. Warmish windy fall day after a chilly, chilly overnight. Made a list today with Little Plum of all sorts of possible Christmas projects we can do. Decided to throw away all our traditional "rules" about waiting until after Thanksgiving to think about Christmas. Just feel we "Need a Little Christmas Now."
19/Nov/11 7:11 AM
Tomorrow (or today, depending on your location) is World Toilet Day! However, a third of the world's population does not have toilets. For an in-depth discussion of toilet technology, listen to Science Friday's program, Building A Better Toilet at
19/Nov/11 7:15 AM
The white is the reflection of the clouds in the mirror-still water. Not mist, not snow, not sand.
19/Nov/11 7:16 AM
Kathy MD, About the double kibble donated today, I get the email reminder so I can vote on my phone as well as the 5 computers in the house.
19/Nov/11 7:23 AM
all. With all of the discussion about the picture, I had to take a second look. I've got to side with Plum.
19/Nov/11 8:08 AM
19/Nov/11 8:20 AM
I had another look at the picture.
There are reflections of clouds as Plum says - and there is mist - where it couldn't be reflection - I think. And there are strips of white that are raised above the water - which may be sand. So maybe all are represented. I am bog-eyed with it !
I tried to download the picture but it wouldn't. I shall need to do the puzzle again.!
19/Nov/11 8:44 AM
That is not the first puzzle picture Wendy has set us.
19/Nov/11 8:45 AM
Chris, always good to have job stability! Cheers.
19/Nov/11 8:57 AM
How come we have stopped here?
19/Nov/11 9:10 AM
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