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Easy Sudoku for 19/November/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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1:35. Good morning everyone. Beautifully constructed photo! I'm not sure when, or if, I'll be able to get on to the site tomorrow - I go under the knife this afternoon to have an inguinal hernia repaired and will be in hospital overnight. I'll be back home tomorrow but how much I'll feel like More...
19/Nov/14 6:30 AM
2.07 Hope all goes well today Chris and you are soon back with us.
19/Nov/14 6:51 AM
Good morning.
19/Nov/14 6:52 AM
Hope your surgery goes well, Chris.
19/Nov/14 6:53 AM
Sending your way, Chris!
I hope your recuperation is as pain free as possible!
19/Nov/14 6:54 AM
Not much to say this morning - except see you later.
19/Nov/14 6:55 AM
Morning all, love the photo today.
Oops slept in this morning Bridei is here already.
19/Nov/14 6:56 AM
Good luck ,Chris. 👍
19/Nov/14 6:59 AM
Prayers for a trouble free surgery and speedy recovery, Chris!
19/Nov/14 7:06 AM

Nice sunset.
19/Nov/14 7:37 AM

116 Nails

Their solution:

The four corners of the square have one nail each.

Each side of the square now requires 28 nails (excluding the four corners).

Thus, total number of nails used = 4 + (4 × 28) = More...
19/Nov/14 7:44 AM
Good luck, Chris. Hope your surgery goes as well as mine did. Mine was in the morning and I was home that afternoon.
19/Nov/14 7:49 AM
Heck Chris, you'll be up and running in no time.
Take care and good luck. I hope things go well and quickly! Take care!
19/Nov/14 8:09 AM
Good morning everyone.
19/Nov/14 9:02 AM

Kayo - I'll miss your factoids and daffynitions. Enjoy your time away.

Chris - Good luck with your surgery. I hope it's a quick and mostly painless recovery.
19/Nov/14 9:56 AM
Thanks, Kayo, for warning us ...we all would have been fretting over your whereabouts!
19/Nov/14 10:37 AM
Best to you Chris - can't imagine any meds would be able to slow YOUR times........!
19/Nov/14 10:43 AM
Missed my lucky number '55'! Never mind, grabbing a quick lunch - hectic day at work today!
19/Nov/14 1:02 PM
19/Nov/14 1:45 PM
Hello everyone!
up-the-River at the moment - Internet keeps dropping out!
Thinking of you all, regardless.
Lindfield house is still in the hands of the Real Estate people.......
Miss you all.....
19/Nov/14 8:11 PM
Early morn here - like the quiet. Nursing a cold and enjoying tea with honey. Will read abit before venturing out into the cold - love the fresh air - getting adjusted to the change in weather.

19/Nov/14 11:00 PM
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