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Easy Sudoku for 19/December/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Rola - I have Ed's e-mail - I will write him. More to follow. I am going to encourage my wife to write a book!! Fortunately, we have had one of the more 'pleasant' Alzheimer's patients to deal with. Not fun, but she hasn't gotten really nasty.
Gee LK, surely the Canadian Post knows who Canuk Greg is and where he lives!!!!
Like you writing Christmas Cards that should have been done ages ago, not a week before..... :-0
and as for the tree that is not up yet!!!!!
Thanks Jamie...
JAMIE: I sent Rola's address to you ... XO
Maybe the Canadian mail service needs to make a new commercial or something - they might be able to find Canuck Greg and use it in their promotion!
Thanks, Judy!
Thanks ♪ ♫ Jude ♪ ♫
grrrr the second music note didn't work :-(
Good to see so many of my buddies around...I invite you all go visit me and pick out a gift from the Christmas tree, sit awhile and enjoy the visit, or pop in and out as you must...Sully and I want to take this time to wish one and all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Hey y'all! I have a new nephew!!! He came into our world around noon today, weighing in at just over seven pounds and his name is Matthew. Of course I think he is perfect, but we will have to wait and see what others think. Hope everyone else is having a great day too!!!

Rola: Isn't it a shame I don't even have the tree up? It just means a lot of work in the next few days, I work my best under pressure
LK... Linda know the feeling...When under pressure its amazing how much is achieved!!!!
Usually the tree goes up when the kids go on School Holidays (mid Dec), as #1 is at Uni (no School) and #2 finished (final year at School) mid Nov - far too early for the tree to go up....Now it's less than a week to go, family coming here for Christmas Lunch.... really need to get the tree up soonish!!!
Lisa/ Nt Ontario....congrats with the birth of your nephew 'Matthew'
Hey CongratulationsLisa and Mom and Dad! Happy Birthday Mathew, aint life grand!!!
Any other Canucks here? Weather here's been like spring.. where's the snow.
Hi Mamacita, love the photo of the Christmas Tree...
Good Rola, but you didn't get your gift...go back right now and choose one. CG...don't ask me how its done...I'd only have to tell a lie...wish I knew. lol You too didn't get a gift, or any of the goodies...I'll try and save you some, but you know some people don't know how to act...no names of course, and the chocolate has been hidden until Christmas eve...no pushing now....
I very much want to help anyone who wants to contact anyone else. I'm just not computer smart, so I need you to write out your e-mail address in full, not just your name. I feel bad that I can not exchange them. Please send me the address, I will do only as you wish. I need Rola's, jamie's, More...
Question. I am contemplating a MAJOR career change at my advenced age . Has anyone else out there done this? How did it go? Was it better? Would you do it again?
IDLEOPDES from Toronto
Hello, there are plenty of Canucks on this site and some from Toronto. Just keep an eye out for them.
3:14 - a little slow today, humph.
Idelopdes, as Anne said, there are pleanty of us! Almost as many as there are Aussies. Well, maybe not.... Anyway, I say bring on the snow! It's odd to have spring-like weather, when we haven't seen a hint of winter yet.
Happy 16th Birthday Chantel & Rebecca !
******************* ******************
Sarah Beth, Been There, Done that...and It was the best thing I ever did. We can talk aboutt in depth after the holidays if thats not too late. contact me via Ed anytime. Good luck...follow your dream!
Sorry Ian. I'm feeling depressed.

Until this year I was a very big local booster. The gubernatorial election was the last straw. I'm not the only one who has soured on the Hub this year. A lot of educated people have left. I remember when Boston was the biggest high tech center in the More...
Michael: sound like you need a 'decent holiday' and 'recharge the batteries'
Michael, Have a trip to OZ and like Rola said, recharge your batteries. I don't know what you are discussing but you make it sound very dismal. Like you I have lived in my house exactly 20 yrs yesterday and improved it to suit me and I would hate to leave it now. I get depressed with my job More...
Right now I'm sitting here hot and bothered and smelling of lawn mower petrol fumes and dust and bits of grass and had better go and jump in the shower before I kick myself out of the house.
Anne, dont know about in Albany, but here in Perth.....balmy like yesterday.......no rain yesterday, still waiting!!!!!
Rola - quite warm and humid and it was very hot work mowing my lawns. We didn't get the rain and thunder storms that were forecast but it is still very overcast. I should have pulled the fence the rest of the way down and let the back neighbours sheep in to eat the grass.
Anne : re the fence and the sheep......would have saved yourself the trouble of kicking your smelly self out of the house!!!!! lol
Hey Anne, very draining this weather!!!!
Hi Ed, good to hear from you!
all showered and smelling sweetly, now for a late lunch.
Anne - hmmmmmmm What's lawn? ...looking out the front .......just looks like brown hay out the front of my place..........OH HANG ON - 'Lawn' - is that the green stuff we USED to have out front?
To all those that requested names to go with the photo - explanation and names are now on my page
Gorgeous photo.
It is very muggy in perth, isn't it?
Shell, it sure is Muggy !!!!!! 'decent' rainfall will clear it up....
For all those who do not have a SM and a special page I have posted my christmas message with a link on my page or go to
http://www.hallmark.com/ECardWeb/ECV.jsp?a=4537732145951 M153826353Y&product_id
remember no spaces
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