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Easy Sudoku for 19/July/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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19/Jul/09 1:45 AM
One more?

19/Jul/09 1:45 AM
Darn, Jamie beat me to it! Jamie!
19/Jul/09 1:47 AM
Wishing all of you a very nice and happy day.
19/Jul/09 1:47 AM
Good morning to all! Looks like someone's umbrella clothes line got wiped out by a falling tree limb. It's lucky that the car wasn't park there!
19/Jul/09 1:49 AM
Mo, regarding your Canadian business man joke yesterday, since the zipper was invented by a Canadian, a zipper would have been more appropriate then a button. That way, all he has to do is leave his zipper open!
19/Jul/09 1:52 AM
Jamie, maybe your dog is just shy and insecure. Have you tried dog counselling?
19/Jul/09 1:54 AM
Only two responses to my fun riddle from yesterday. Come on folks, keep those cards and letters coming.....
What did the instructor at the school for Kamikaze pilots tell his students?
19/Jul/09 1:58 AM
Greg - the shy part is over, she just waited too long for our schedules to work!
19/Jul/09 2:07 AM
Kathy and Greg - I think my mind went on vacation for the summer. Be interesting to see if it wakes back up when I DON'T have to head back to school.
I now have to begin getting ready for my quick trip to New York - have to be at the airport at 5:45 in the morning. Lots of errands to run today.
19/Jul/09 2:09 AM
Jamie - it looks like you've already discovered what the rest of us geezers already know: life picks up speed when you retire. After all, "retired" spelled backwards is "tired". (Well, for us dyslectics anyway).
19/Jul/09 2:17 AM
Off for my bike ride. See you later....
19/Jul/09 2:18 AM
READER ADVISORY: This joke has been deemed to be politically correct, non-racist, non-sexist, and meeting the standards of animal rights activists due to the method of transportation used and the fact that no animals were harmed during the production of this joke.

Bagpipes (noun) - I More...
19/Jul/09 2:39 AM
CG - great joke, even though I do enjoy bagpipes.
19/Jul/09 2:47 AM
19/Jul/09 2:58 AM

Just arrived home from my 3 week holiday from China.
Had a Wongerful time.
Catch you all on the Flip Side.

19/Jul/09 3:10 AM
Hmmmmmm - A tripod for a camera? Not sure!

Good Afternoon to everyone!
19/Jul/09 3:22 AM
Oh my goodness Jamie, I never considered the impact of that joke on music lovers. Folks, if you found that joke offensive, please just click on the "Report this comment as abusive" link.
19/Jul/09 3:36 AM
Jamie - Sorry to hear your can't make the Fionafest!

Have a great day everyone!
19/Jul/09 3:36 AM
Hey LK, I 'see' you lurking. How is all going down in the land of the blue ox?
19/Jul/09 3:44 AM
CG, since I have taken up the chanter (practice pipe for bagpipes) I now know what quality I must aspire.
Jeb ( my dear mentor) my most profound apologies.
19/Jul/09 4:03 AM
Hmmm. Where's Keith? After being caught daddling, he seems to have skedaddled.
19/Jul/09 4:40 AM
Had to cut my bike trip short. Big storm rolled in, with lots of thunder and lightning.
19/Jul/09 4:42 AM
Of course, as soon as I got home, it cleared up.
19/Jul/09 4:42 AM
Success! Stuff installed, stuff backed up.
I missed Keith's daddling?
19/Jul/09 5:31 AM
CG - definitely no apologies necessary. We must be able to appreciate jokes about things we like, as long as they are not "bad".
Got some of my errands run, still have others to go.
19/Jul/09 5:48 AM
The photo is very simple, A 'Gum' or Eucalyptus tree has come down and demolished a 'Hills Hoist' clothes line. A true Aussie has a Gum Tree and a Hills Hoist in their back yard! (I consider myself a true Aussie but I do not have either of those in my yard!!) By the way it is not my photo.
19/Jul/09 6:54 AM
Having driven to Bordeaux and spent the morning in the IKEA kitchens department along with half the population of S W France. We organised the fitters to come next week to survey the room and made our choices of work bench, handles etc. Life must have been a lot easier with less choice.
We More...
19/Jul/09 7:10 AM
Kathy, just to keep you on your toes.....
What do a racecar and a kayak have in common?
19/Jul/09 7:20 AM
I shall tippy-toe my answer to your inbox, Greg! [
19/Jul/09 7:35 AM
Mo and Kathy....
Well, Mo in her crocs (or with all the construction going on are you wearing steel-toed work boots Mo?) was able to walk faster than you on tip-toes Kathy, and of course you were both correct. Mo, I'll send you an email later tonight or tomorrow.
19/Jul/09 7:48 AM
I was wondering how long it would take for an Aussie to explain the photo. June you beat me to it while I was reading the comments. Is there an Aussie anywhere who hasn't used Mum's clothes line as a merry-go-round!
19/Jul/09 8:02 AM
Must have been the moccasins that slowed me down. The kitchen calls!
19/Jul/09 8:05 AM
... buttons his coat and goes daddling off into the sunset.
19/Jul/09 8:15 AM
Close Jamie. Your grade is a B+.
19/Jul/09 9:03 AM
Jane & Shosho,
Actually, from time to time there is swarming of hover-flies in my conservatory - a swarm due about now - there are myriads of them and they are a pain. It is however a bit disneyesque, as the conservatory is a rather unreal fairyland and when the swarm comes it takes over the whole place.
19/Jul/09 9:07 AM
CG - you are generous - I would have given me a B- or a C+!! As I said, I think my brain is taking a summer break. ARGH.
19/Jul/09 9:23 AM
By the way, Jane joined Kathy and Mo at the A+ level! I guess it was a ladies only riddle!
19/Jul/09 9:34 AM
19/Jul/09 12:10 PM
Too quiet - I am of to bed, then onto an airplane early.
19/Jul/09 12:11 PM
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