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Easy Sudoku for 19/July/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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19/Jul/09 12:00 AM
Good Maen
19/Jul/09 12:00 AM
2:17, good night all.
19/Jul/09 12:03 AM
Good Morning World.
19/Jul/09 12:08 AM
19/Jul/09 12:11 AM
I give up! What is it?
19/Jul/09 12:15 AM
Several correct answers (so far) to yesterday's puzzle. Well done, Greg and Plum! I'm leaving it for today, if anyone else wants to give it a go.

Someone has stolen a precious diamond. Under suspicion are Susan, Agnes, Nancy, Simon, and Tommy.
One of them is definitely guilty. Look over More...
19/Jul/09 12:22 AM
Anyone watch 'Smarter than a 5th grader' last night? I didn't know that calcium was a metal. Why didn't I learn that?
19/Jul/09 12:29 AM
Hubby tells me he will be working on my computer today. Installing stuff and backing up stuff (that is the extent of my tech terms)
I will check back when he finishes.....
19/Jul/09 12:30 AM
Good morning Chris, John , Dorthea, and Ksthy!
It a great here in California
19/Jul/09 12:31 AM
As much fun it is to travel, to see different places, and to experience new customs, it's deliriously comfortable to be able have everything the way you arrange them! And especially the way the weather is up to your specs!
19/Jul/09 12:34 AM

Named "Bov-ver-Hover over One-Place";
so no-go elsewhere blur in surveillance;
stripey-wasp, streamline high-buzzer -
frights gobbly-sparrows and thrush -
so survives to find own devoury grub -
by hawk-like pounced unsuspectingly.
So then More...
19/Jul/09 12:36 AM
off to enjoy the day
19/Jul/09 12:38 AM
dorthea, it looks to me like an umbrella that a tree limb took out of commission
19/Jul/09 12:40 AM
Rayray, for some odd reason reading your offering today gives me a Disneyesque vision of a garden (like the one in the movie of Tinkerbell as she and her ilk bring spring to England - one I saw with my grandson!)
19/Jul/09 12:45 AM

Good morning Rayray, Mary, and Steve!
19/Jul/09 12:46 AM
everybody. Kathy, what a coincidence - my hubby is working on my new computer today, too! As a matter he just hung up from talking to Dell. We were having a problem with this new computer not wanting to go into "sleep" mode. Funny, I have that problem myself sometimes!!!
19/Jul/09 1:02 AM
2:33 so-much-to do, what-to-do, Su-do-ku.
19/Jul/09 1:27 AM
Good Maen everyone!
19/Jul/09 1:30 AM
Did I arrive just in time for the race?
19/Jul/09 1:31 AM
What? We're not at 22 yet??? Where is everybody?
19/Jul/09 1:31 AM
I see Keith in my window...are you daddling on another page????
19/Jul/09 1:31 AM
19/Jul/09 1:31 AM
You sneaked in ahead of me, Vici!!!
19/Jul/09 1:31 AM
Strange picture.
19/Jul/09 1:32 AM
Woooo Hoooo! Thanks for the push, Jane...haven't grabbed 22 in quite a while!
19/Jul/09 1:32 AM
Oh well, good morning, everyone!
19/Jul/09 1:32 AM
I was doing the puzzle, & reading comments.
19/Jul/09 1:33 AM
Keith is daddling outside your window, Vici? Better call the cops ...
19/Jul/09 1:33 AM
Thought I might have a chance, but glad to see Vici get it ... and so close to your birthday.
19/Jul/09 1:34 AM
Good morning, gang.
19/Jul/09 1:34 AM
Rayray - Enjoyed your poem! It brought to mind a cicada symphony we enjoyed last night! (English subtitles would have helped, however!!!)
19/Jul/09 1:35 AM
It looks kind of like a derelict "umbrella style" clothes-line.

It is supposed to be hot-hot-hot here again today. Summer has arrived!
19/Jul/09 1:36 AM
Judy - your mind and perspective are always SOOOOOOOO delightful! Thanks for the chuckle (and the blush!)
19/Jul/09 1:36 AM
Good morning, Jamie. We're only 5 days from FionaFest. Any breaking news on the canine front?
19/Jul/09 1:37 AM
I cannot BELIEVE that so many people are obsessed with Jamie's pooch getting laid!
19/Jul/09 1:38 AM
I would never ... um ... daddle.
19/Jul/09 1:42 AM
Judy - just don't read the rest of this!
Jane (and other interested parties) - the dog did not cooperate (with MY plans) - I will have to enjoy the festivities from afar. DRAT.
19/Jul/09 1:44 AM
Sure, Keith ... right ...
19/Jul/09 1:44 AM
Whoa, Judy. Wait I'm trying to imagine this - nope oops better not!
19/Jul/09 1:44 AM
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