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Easy Sudoku for 19/July/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hello page two.
19/Jul/13 1:15 AM
I really need to get my head together. (Hold on a minute, I cannot stop laughing at that statement).

Anyway, I keep thinking it is Friday. Which on Friday, I have a 10 o'clock phone appointment. So, just before 10 made sure my darlings were occupied and a fresh cup of coffee was ready. My More...
19/Jul/13 1:20 AM
Thursday is supposed to be our library day, but somehow, we did not finish our books this week. Of course, we will finish today, but the library will not be open tomorrow, so no new books until next week, which I think is when that reading program is supposed to begin.
19/Jul/13 1:23 AM
OK, really need to get my act together. Might go get poked on TOS, that should get me moving and grooving.
Then again, that is the site where my sister is, and of course, we will have to talk about everything that has happened since bedtime last night and waking up this morning. Oh, wait, only sleep occurred. Well, we will find something to talk about.
19/Jul/13 1:26 AM
19/Jul/13 1:48 AM
Good afternoon to all! Where is this place in today's photo?
19/Jul/13 1:49 AM
Everyone was so busy answering Serena's puzzle yesterday so I only had three attempts. Not to worry, as I will re-post that puzzle next weekend, as Mr Cee has asked me to cover two weekends for him.
19/Jul/13 1:51 AM
Of the three who tried, Dottie R got 4.5 out of ten, Mr Cee got 3.5 out of ten and Grass-Hopper got 3 out of ten. I gave everyone 1 point for number one after I messed up the clue.
19/Jul/13 1:54 AM
Dottie, in response to your question, the first clue was supposed to read 'curt or short -> a type of cheeses and the answer was brief and brie. Now what made you think the missing clue was 'men's underwear'?
19/Jul/13 1:57 AM
19/Jul/13 1:57 AM
Dog fed. Check.
19/Jul/13 2:01 AM
Humming birds fed. Check.
19/Jul/13 2:02 AM
I have to go back and see what Gregs puzzle was, it will give me some time to work on it before the weekend.
19/Jul/13 2:02 AM
My turn. But no one fixes it for me.
19/Jul/13 2:02 AM
Something's wrong here!
19/Jul/13 2:03 AM
Aw gee whilikers, I thought sure I could do it, but Sue foiled my best effort.

Well done. Nice block.
19/Jul/13 2:05 AM
Excuse, I have 3 children today, brought my great niece and great nephew up today so they could play in our community pool. Then I will be brave and take the g-niece to the movies while Kevin takes the g-nephew also the girl friend of g-nephew to another movie. I would not want to be a child in More...
19/Jul/13 2:06 AM
Try again D O A,
19/Jul/13 2:07 AM
The weekend is full also. Tomorrow we are going to Arkansas to my other nieces for the weekend. Saturday is the the train ride from Springdale to Van Buren. An hour each way with time for lunch and shopping in the middle.
19/Jul/13 2:10 AM
I need to get busy, I am sure after swimming they will want fed before the movie.
19/Jul/13 2:12 AM

19/Jul/13 2:13 AM
Quick cure for crying/screeming child in a shopping cart: pick a bag of long stick pretzels, open it and hand one to the child. Works like magic. If you choose to actually buy the whole bag you might also find it useful in the future.
19/Jul/13 2:54 AM
19/Jul/13 5:09 AM
Morning all,I thought it might be Venice with the water streets.
19/Jul/13 6:17 AM
DotCom, had to laugh at your comment, the number of times I have found an open packet of something left on a shelf while shopping.
19/Jul/13 6:22 AM
Good morning everyone. Thanks Keith for that resizing information. A wet weekend is forecast here, so I should be able to organise smilies.
19/Jul/13 6:48 AM
Peter, I hope those tests come back with good results.
19/Jul/13 6:49 AM
I'm a bit pleased with myself this week. My ribs and shoulder are the best they have been since I fell over in a shop a whole year ago. I've been to physio every week since then and am finally getting some of my shoulder movement back without pain!
19/Jul/13 6:52 AM
I've done more in one go this week than I have for months. Usually I do 1 task then have to sit down for a while to ease the ache before I do the next job. Off to physio again today and I can give him some good news for a change. Yay!
19/Jul/13 6:58 AM
CP and I'm out of here. Enjoy your day, folks.
19/Jul/13 6:59 AM
Sacky, I'm glad to hear you are mostly back to normal! Well done!!
19/Jul/13 7:01 AM
Sue, that puzzle won't be posted this weekend, but the following weekend. Mr Cee will be here to torment us this weekend.
19/Jul/13 7:02 AM
Greg, sorry I couldn't spend more time on your poozle. I had to make an emergency dash to my daughters. Grandson needed to have a filling, & was freaking out. She couldn't take baby & daughter into room with them, & son wouldn't go in without her. G'ma's child minding service to the rescue.
19/Jul/13 7:31 AM
Oh Grass-hopper, I hope you made it! Kids and anywhere that combines pain and fear is a mixture for frantic complications! Add other kids and the problem increases. Been there, done that!
19/Jul/13 7:47 AM
I'm back from Florida. I love the way the RV handles. I'm heading back down there in a few weeks to pick up my mare and foal again once the mare has been bred. She wasn't ready when we got down there.
19/Jul/13 7:51 AM
Once older son and hubby had an argument. Son threw his glass of water down. Unfortunately his little brother walked in the line of fire. After emergency room trip and a couple of stitches, one contrite teenager held his little brother apologizing over and over.
19/Jul/13 7:51 AM
Another Varner? Am I spelling that right? Or do I even have the correct breed?
19/Jul/13 7:53 AM
Race you to the next page?
19/Jul/13 7:53 AM
19/Jul/13 7:54 AM
Oops now . . . BOPP!!!
19/Jul/13 7:54 AM
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