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Easy Sudoku for 19/September/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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19/Sep/14 6:39 AM
Morning all, I have done this picture as a jigsaw on another site. We have been following the Scottish debate also as hubby was born there.
19/Sep/14 7:05 AM
Chris, I would have given you a run for the topp if I had been on here a few minutes earlier.lol
19/Sep/14 7:07 AM
Good morning.
19/Sep/14 7:15 AM
Moved the bird seed tray to under a bench right nest to the kitchen Full-length glass door because I thought it was going to rain overnight.
19/Sep/14 7:17 AM
This morning I had 2 crimson rosellas on it, chomping away.
19/Sep/14 7:18 AM
I didn't think they would move up so close to us.
19/Sep/14 7:19 AM
Maybe today's frost sent them looking for a ''warm'' meal.
19/Sep/14 7:20 AM
Well, will they finally get their freedom or should they pursue it now? Only they can say...

19/Sep/14 7:22 AM
thanks Serena !! Maybe a few more answers will appear in your email shortly, by no means all the answers but an improvement on the number you got earlier
19/Sep/14 10:24 AM
CP, I gave up leaving seed out for the birds as I was getting too many white cockatoos. When the seed was finished they took to breaking and demolishing anything they could find. I now only feed the other birds when the cockies are not around.
19/Sep/14 11:37 AM
Long day coming tomorrow, so I think I shall retire.
19/Sep/14 12:22 PM
19/Sep/14 1:55 PM
Had thought that May happen, June. So far no cockies.
19/Sep/14 3:39 PM
So Scotland remains in the United Kingdom. David Cameron keeps his job. There is a collective sigh of relief in Westminster strong enough to blow clouds out of the sky. Hmmm....
19/Sep/14 4:21 PM
As mean as England has been to Scotland for centuries, I think they should have voted for freedom.
19/Sep/14 8:28 PM
Good evening all. Scotland the Staid (pun).
19/Sep/14 8:42 PM
You know Keith I don't really think this referendum had much to do with the historical aspects. People today are more interested in the here and now, and voters were more concerned about how their bank accounts would stand up to a separation (all those threats about the banks transferring all the More...
19/Sep/14 9:01 PM
Most voters have a very short-term memory, spanning less than the last election. (Asking them to think historically would net blank stares.) Promises are often made during elections which aren't kept, yet that is overlooked come next election. THAT mentality crosses national boundaries.
19/Sep/14 9:40 PM
20/Sep/14 4:53 AM
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