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Easy Sudoku for 19/September/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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19/Sep/17 12:00 AM
Chris I think your crazy, but I must say I admire you heaps
19/Sep/17 12:02 AM
rage and everyone!
Rainy right now.
Good! We need a bit of rain.
19/Sep/17 12:07 AM
http://sudoku.com.au/smilies/GoodMaen1.JPG from cloudy So. Oregon. We are expecting some rain today.
19/Sep/17 12:21 AM
OPPs, I tried to drag and drop Shiela's post , but that didn't work.
19/Sep/17 12:23 AM
Hi all.. smug in Montreal for the last few hours ...it is so sad...it was bright blue sky no clouds at 5 am...I had breakfast looking at the bright day coming but it was too early to make noise so went back to bed to wake up to greyish day, I cannot see pass next street....and it is too late to go beck to bed!
19/Sep/17 12:54 AM
19/Sep/17 12:55 AM
19/Sep/17 1:19 AM
It does look pretty dry. Kate.
19/Sep/17 3:16 AM
Happy Monday!
19/Sep/17 3:22 AM
19/Sep/17 4:30 AM
Morning all, that flower is dying to make room for a new bloom.
19/Sep/17 5:59 AM
Googled Dry Dock Hotel yesterday, it sure looks different in daylight.
19/Sep/17 6:01 AM
1:40. Good morning everyone.
19/Sep/17 6:13 AM
It does help to be a little crazy Rage, but not as much as a lady who was finishing an ultra marathon at the event on Sunday. She had run 1,300 over 19 days from Broken Hill to Sydney to raise awareness of domestic violence, while I was a member of a team of 10 doing the same distance over the same amount of time.
19/Sep/17 6:16 AM
I'd like to once more say a big thank you to everybody that wished me a Happy Birthday. 72 isn't a big milestone, but I am spending some time wondering how I got here. It sure sneaks up on a person.
19/Sep/17 7:19 AM
Apologies to all poozlers but I am having real problems with my computer. I'll try to operate as close to normal as possible while I organise some new equipment.
19/Sep/17 10:41 AM
This is a repost of yesterday's poozle.



As with all ECCO poozles the end of one letter become the beginning of the next. I'll give you the number of letters in the name, a clue to which bird it is, and the first letter of the first More...
19/Sep/17 10:45 AM
1:33 I thought I was slower than that.
Good morning all! Had a very busy start to my day. I had to pick my daughter up and take her to the bus station. I had only just driven a few minutes away, and my mobile rang. Normally I don't answer it, but pulled over and noticed her bag laying on the floor in the front of my car.
19/Sep/17 11:42 AM
I turned around and took it to her.

I am now waiting for a plumber to get back to me as the hot tap to my washing machine is leaking very bad. I had to turn the mains off yesterday so I have no water. Time to go next door and get another bucket full.
19/Sep/17 11:43 AM
Just hung out a couple of big loads of washing my daughter left for me to hang out for her.
19/Sep/17 11:44 AM
It's only 9:45am and I feel exhausted.
19/Sep/17 11:45 AM
Just called next door for some water and had a cup of coffee and a nice scone for morning tea with them.
19/Sep/17 12:34 PM
Doesn't sound like you're having a good day, Anne. Good luck.
19/Sep/17 1:09 PM
As for me...
19/Sep/17 1:09 PM
The answers to Saturday's poozle are:
BRACE(L) my mistake
19/Sep/17 3:08 PM
I tried Wombats bird puzzle but a few errors. treatment today so I am tired tonight.
19/Sep/17 8:54 PM
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