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Easy Sudoku for 2/January/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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2:45, a good time for me. My brain must have been renewed by vacation. Still New Year's Day here, Happy New Year everyone!
Congratulations to USC and its fans for a convincing victory in the Rose Bowl. The Trojans were definitely the better team today.

Yes, go Buckeyes, and bring home the National Championship!
YES! I can post again!
Probably seems weird to others...but, for a few hours of checking in, I kept getting a DATAerror message.
You musta been cussin', ANEW!
Anew - if you are worried, go to a doctor! I am lucky, I have a family doctor (i.e. a doctor who is also family), but if you don't, you shouldn't EVER try to diagnose yourself on the internet! That way lies EITHER hypochondria, or compacency.
You all know I meant complacency, right?
ANEW - just one more piece of advice - I agree with all the others about seeing a doctor. If you have another infection, it can really become bad if not attacked soon.
Too bad we can't see a doctor for about $30 - at least not in Texas!!
Keep us posted - your youth is appreciated by many of us 'old folks' on the site.
Of course, NURN!
JUDY and KATHY - I feel your pain! But what a year it was.
It's very late here in Galway, and in my usual warped way, I'm putting off going to bed because I am the only one in the house who has to get up for work in the morning...!
Yeah, JAMIE, as far as bowl games go, are we three a bunch of losers or what?? LOL

You go back to school tomorrow? We have this week off ... much better.
If my dog's opinion means anything, I did OK.

USC had a great game plan, Michigan had none.
Anew - I have had three 'streps' in the past year. They can be dangerous if left untreated for long, leading to rheumatic fever, etc.
here's what I wanted to tell my friends, earlier today~(BUT COULDN'T)
TO: (Mama, and others)
Deb~ In the USA, all hospitals (as far as I know) are required to treat anyone, with/without money.
Bill~In UTAH, they don't base it on your income, at all, at the hospitals, or urgent/instacares. More...
Only a couple of days till by baby brother Kev's wedding (4 Jan). If anyone here has ever heard of The Sawdoctors (an Irish band), he's been one of them for the past 18 motnhs or so. It should be a good wedding!
Thanks, ED ... I can always depend on you to cheer me up! LOL

P.S. I hope your dinner stinks ... :)
Col - it sounds as though you had a pretty wild storm over your way last night. I hope you didn't suffer any damage from it. It's sometimes literally true that it never rains but it pours!!
You know I meant months, not motnhs, right?
whats an Irish coffee?whats it made of and does it contain any alcohol?was served one ,tho never attempted it just wanna know what it is!
and you know I meant my baby brother, not by baby brother...? Must be time for bed...
Ap - Irish Coffee means Coffee, Cream, Sugar, Whiskey - all of the four major food groups in one drink!
If you are always this wound up at bedtime, NURN, how in the world do you ever sleep? :)
thank you jamie, nurn~ EVERYONE

I realize now, that It's entirely possible that I just wanted someone to tell me, it's okay to go to the doctor, even when we can't afford it.
I'm not used to using $$ for myself, I take care of everyone around me, and rarely give myself what More...
haha Judy, I was getting frustrated

Ed, good luck on your dinner

ap~ sorry I bailed on you in the chatroom, I got so excited that my comments finally worked, that I went ahead and started posting them
Ha!there you are....i trust my nose rather than my tongue!just the smell told me that it had some alcohol stuff in it...tho the coffee flavor was prominent i could still make out the faint smell of alcohol...but it did look attractive no doubt...
Judy, I have had a couple of nice sleep-ins this past week or so - they will have to do me until St Patrick's Day!
NURN - you sound a lot like me - I tend to stay up way later than I should at times, especially when I have to go to work. btw - JUDY - yes, I have to be there bright and early tomorrow, and ready for kids on Wednesday, so I am going to try and head to bed now in the hope that I might be asleep by More...
Jamie - I have tended to go to bed early all through the past week's holidays - why can't I do it tonight??? No, really, I'm off now...
Wow, I am feeling really down about Michigan's loss, but USC definitely deserved to win. They looked so good today I think THEY might be the best team in the country? I'm anxious to see if either OSU or FL play that well next Monday. I hope the Buckeyes will prove that they deserve to be #1 More...
Well Judy, looks like we got 2007 of to a good start.
LOL Ed, I thought you meant that Barb was having the transplant and you had to finish (eating) your dinner rotfl
Yes, KATHY ... that would have been money well wasted! And yet, if you had come out here ... you would have met us! Nah, that wouldn't be worth the cost either! LOL
Just picking on you, ED ... you know I love you! XO
Ed - good to see (?) you back here - Happy new year to you and everyone else on this site; I am really, really going to bed now! All the best for all in 2007.
Nite, NURN.
'Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite' is what my mother used to say at bed time. So I said it to my children when they were little, & now I say it to my grandchildren. Does anyone else use that crazy phrase?
Kathy~ My parents taught it to us, along with some other songs, and sayings.

But, thinking of it now that I'm older, after learning what bed bugs really are, I've decided~ I'll make sure my bed does not have any, rather then JUST KEEPING THEM FROM BITING
I would like to present my 2006 list of great albums. My opinion of course.

Bob Dylan-Modern Times
Tom Waits-Orphans An awesome album, my favorite.
David Gray-Life In Slow Motion
My Chemical Romance-The Black Parade
Yusuf Islam-An Other Cup (Cat Stevens)
Thomas Yorke-The More...
Anew - gee, it's good to hear you are familiar with that phrase, too. Your parents are probably my age or younger. Do they live anywhere near you? Hope you get to the dr. tomorrow & get some anitbiotics. Your health is worth any cost! Please do take care of yourself. And lots of liquids & sleep will help you recover, too.
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