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Easy Sudoku for 2/January/2008


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Submitted by: Gath

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Rosemary - sorry YOU've had bad luck, too! We also discovered a flat tire on my PT Cruiser on Sunday, but I tried to tell myself that was last year's bad luck. Trouble is sometimes bad luck comes in threes, so maybe I have one more bad thing to come??? I hope not!
02/Jan/08 10:07 AM
Rosemary..good for you getting a good plumber now...hold on to him like he's gold....he may well prove to be..lol.
Judy and Kathy, I'm happy for Michigan too...I'm a firm supporter as long as they aren't playing P.S.U...go Blue! Judy...does your dog like socks too? I'm looking for investors in More...
02/Jan/08 10:13 AM
Hi Mamacita! What is the baby's due date & what date do you fly out to CA? I can only hope I'm as lively as you are when I get to be a great grandmother!! That's so exciting - I'll be watching for a birth announcement. Lauren's, too!!! Hope "Labor Day" goes well & QUICKLY for BOTH the moms-to-be.
02/Jan/08 10:16 AM
I want to thank all of you in the US for sending us your snow. The first big one from Texas brought us 45 cms. The second one from Colorado brought us 25 cms. Today Debbie in Michigan sent us one that is dumping 20 cms. And you folks are having a heat wave in Qz???
02/Jan/08 10:21 AM
Hey Kathy
Reina's due date is 01/05/08, and I get there on the 8th if all goes well here...so there's hope! Rosemary and I might share a birthday and won't that be grand!!! I'm getting excited too, even though I didn't start out that way....Babies are so very special as we all know!
02/Jan/08 10:22 AM
Hey Billster! I didn't fancy burnt toast this morning. I fancied gourmet sausage, did you eat the last one?
I am off to the Hopman Cup (Tennis) today with Emels/Perth ... we will watch Serbia -v- France. It is going to be 38C here in Perth today and Em has just told me that the air/con in the dome doesnt always cope ... OMG!
02/Jan/08 10:24 AM
All together now folks.....Awwww, CG.........Its only because we love you soooooo much. Stay warm and stay safe!
02/Jan/08 10:25 AM

Happy New Year everyone.
We are back from our holiday in Adelaide. Had a great time. It's always great to see the relies again.
This photo makes me sad that its been so long since I went to Holland. I'd love to go back again.
02/Jan/08 10:35 AM
jaz - i have the sausage....something to nibble on for lunch. Work A/C is struggling too - and for some reason I forgot to apply my deoderant...using my perfume...
02/Jan/08 10:40 AM
2.30 Beautiful photo.

How's the head everyone?
Relief at last. The cool change came through yesterday evening so finally able to get some sleep after two 'Sleepless in Cockatoo' nights. Various reasons mind you, heat was one...CELEBRATING was the other!
02/Jan/08 10:53 AM
Gail, was there a third reason? C'mon, Judy - that's your cue!!
02/Jan/08 11:03 AM
Finished loading the last of the set of pictures, on the building of the float, in my Photo Gallery. The first 197 are on my FLICKER page in the LCFTRA 2008 FLOAT Set - the final pics from the 31st are in the PHOTO GALLERY on my page (they were put on in reverse order - so the ones at the More...
02/Jan/08 11:05 AM
Well Kathy, yeah there was a third reason but I wasn't going to go into it here!!!
Leave it alone Judy!
02/Jan/08 11:09 AM
KAREN: - in light of your views that you should not do anything in the home go in or out, etc. on the 31st and 1st. I have a suggestion for you. Next year go to So. Cal for Christmas & New Years (I'll probably be down there next year). Go down and work on a float, and watch the parade. You More...
02/Jan/08 11:14 AM
KATHY: I don't know what station you recorded the parade off of, but it is about 1 1/2 hours into the parade. If you recorded it on the station that only carries the first 1 1/2 hours you may not see it.
02/Jan/08 11:18 AM
To All whose New Years Day is today.

02/Jan/08 11:57 AM
Hey Greg, don't worry. By next week, there's a heat wave (they're talking 20-30 ABOVE normal temps) coming and so is the rain from what I hear. I suppose then you will be complaining of flooded yards and such?
02/Jan/08 12:00 PM
Morning all. Karen, I don't know why, but we put up our Christmas tree on December 24, and take it down on January 6. My kids used to want the tree up much earlier, but now accept that these are the dates. Oh, and I did stay out of the food preparation room on New Year's Day, except to refill More...
02/Jan/08 12:05 PM
plumber has stopped the leaks from 2 holes and now we await the arrival of the insurance loss assessors for both the landlord and ourselves to decide who is responsible for what repairs.
the carpet is soaked and stinks in the heat we are having, ceiling in the kitchenette is on the floor More...
02/Jan/08 12:11 PM
Now the cold air is headed into Florida! It was in the 80's(F.) yesterday, but tomorrow morning it's supposed to go down to the 30's - BRRR. We Floridians feel chilly even in the 50's!

Eve - I recorded the HGTV coverage which was supposed to be shown WITHOUT any commercials, so hopefully More...
02/Jan/08 12:11 PM
Kathy from Valarico! What fun that post was! I was sitting there with my hand on the mouse! Get ready for the cold weather!! Already blowing hard down here. Best wishes to you and hubby for 2008! And to all you other sudokuites around the globe - may your 2008 be peaceful and healthy.
02/Jan/08 12:27 PM
KATHY - the parade lasted 2 hours. They may have a list on the Tournament of Roses web site.

CAROL - as long as it isn't the hurricane force winds you got a couple of years ago.
02/Jan/08 12:36 PM
Eve, You are sooooo right! It is even fun to put on a sweater and long pants for a while. We cancelled golf and sailing until Friday. We are very spoiled!! You will be seeing alot of rain I think.
02/Jan/08 12:39 PM
They had forcasted winds in So. Calif for this morning - but as usual - no winds no rain - beautiful blue skies with the mountains in the back ground (this time not snow caped). I tell you they have a good hand shake with some one up stairs. Maybe it is because they will not have a parade on More...
02/Jan/08 12:50 PM
2:44 Happy New Year
02/Jan/08 1:07 PM
Happy New Year Sudoku.com.au crew. 2008 is great! Thanks for all the lovely holiday greetings for bert/bwi. 'hope you're still sipping the Veuve Clicquot Brut. While I'm pretty much reduced to an annual posting event on your personal pages, I truly appreciate the visits and goodies you've blessed More...
02/Jan/08 1:32 PM
Thank you Rosemary and Mamacita you know exactly how it is,I hope that Sully keeps improving and we can always use extra in the money coffers to spend on stress relief [shopping]LOL
02/Jan/08 1:48 PM
bert - thanks, ducks, for the Veuve Clicquot. It hit the spot! Right now, however, I am going to make some hot choccie. It's supposed to get down into the 20s tonight! We had to cover a few plants to protect them from frost, something we didn't have to do a single time last year! And just a couple of days ago it was in the 80s. Go figure!
02/Jan/08 1:53 PM
Mamacita - it sounds like Sully is making great progress - or are you dragging him around kicking and screaming???? Sounds like your holidays turned out perfectly. And I know you're all excited about your trip to California. Do keep us posted.
02/Jan/08 1:57 PM
cripes - nearly choked on my sausage...
aussies 6/135!!! Appy - you watching this?
02/Jan/08 2:08 PM
Re Christmas trees: Because my birthday is in early December, I refuse to put up the tree or send Christmas cards until after my birthday, then the Christmas season is allowed to begin. As kids, we were told it was bad luck to leave the tree up after January 6th, which is Epiphany, the last day of More...
02/Jan/08 2:16 PM
Eve that is a wonderful idea to have a vacation with something purposeful to do. Might start whispering in hubby's ear now.

We started watching the parade, our time at 11 am, on regular TV station. I did not see Eve's float until the end when the credits were rolling an hour later. But that More...
02/Jan/08 2:22 PM
Mon congradulations that was a great job and what a drink to go throughout the year with.

I too only ventured into the food preparation room to refill coffee cup or get a soda. Hubby did all the food preparing. But that means tomorrow I have a mess to clean up.
02/Jan/08 2:24 PM
Judy--before school I had my Christmas cards signed and addressed ready for delivery, Christmas tree and all the decorating up, and the majority of my Christmas buying purchased and wrapped by November 1st. Except for one or two times the tree has stayed up until after January 6, the other times More...
02/Jan/08 2:29 PM

On the other hand, Russian Christmas is January 7th.

02/Jan/08 2:39 PM
IAN: - I thought that the Russians celebrated the Greek Orthodox. The Christmas Celebration Dec or Jan was one of the things that the Romans & Greeks couldn't agree on and still keeps them apart. The intereting thing, is that it is believed that conception is Aug 15th and Dec or Jan would be More...
02/Jan/08 3:06 PM
Eve, I think you're confusing the conception with the doctrine of the Feast of the Assumption.
02/Jan/08 3:10 PM
Or more correctly, the doctrine of the Assumption, celebrated on the Feast of the Assumtion, August 15th.
02/Jan/08 3:12 PM
You are correct - I'm not Catholic and we do not celebrate this. Question: was the Church calendar set up at the Council of Nicea?
02/Jan/08 3:20 PM
I believe that the Eastern/Russian Orthodox rejected the Gregorian Calendar, because it was created by a Roman Pope. They maintained the Julian Calendar, and the subtraction of 13 days from one to the other accounts for the discrepancy: December 25 is, in effect, January 7. The Greek Orthodox, though, still celebrate Christmas on December 25th. I stand to be corrected, of course. Angie/Melbourne?
02/Jan/08 3:23 PM
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