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Easy Sudoku for 2/January/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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02/Jan/11 5:16 AM
02/Jan/11 5:17 AM
Big day for the Big Ten! Victory for MSU! Go PSU! On Wisconsin! Go Blue! C'mon, Big Ten!
02/Jan/11 5:22 AM
It is too bad that Sierra Madre's float broke down, it is going to cost them plenty - big fines, for delaying the parade. They are another small town that provides a self built float - the association undoubtedly cannot afford a fine.

The reason it is so costly, is because of the delay More...
02/Jan/11 5:26 AM
Pac Ten fans have the big game to cheer in for the Oregon Ducks. Not much else.
02/Jan/11 5:28 AM
for the COFFEE, Jerry!
02/Jan/11 5:35 AM
MSU Spartans!
02/Jan/11 5:38 AM
Happy New Year to all you amazing people! Thanks for your good humour, strong opinions and beliefs and camaraderie for 2010. Look forward to another wonderful year with you all - when I get back from our beach holiday! Surf, sand, seafood here I come! See you in a few weeks!
02/Jan/11 5:51 AM
Enjoy, lurker!
02/Jan/11 6:37 AM
Parade video:

Helaine's video of judging: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nohl8IUBOQ

Another video made during judging of a series of 6

02/Jan/11 6:43 AM
Has anyone ever been able to get a 7 1/2 ft. artificial Christmas tree back in it's original box? It was so compressed when we took it out that it took us all day to "fluff" the branches. I think we over-fluffed. We have broken it down, tied it tightly, wrapped it tightly in the original bubble wrap, and taped it. 2/3 of the thing fits in the box.
02/Jan/11 6:44 AM
We have given up, Kathy, trying to return our 9-foot artificial to its original boxes ... and have just devoted a corner of an unused bedroom to store the behemoth! Besides, if you squish the branches too much, they never look good again. My sister used to store her tree in one piece in the garage, covered by black trash bags ... calling it Darth Vader!
02/Jan/11 6:49 AM
Oh, good. It's not just our incompetence. Well, it's down now, but next year I'm moving stuff around so it can just go in a corner of the storage room with a sheet thrown over it!
02/Jan/11 7:01 AM
Another pot for those just arriving / arising...

02/Jan/11 7:04 AM
Kathy, our tree breaks down into sections. Each section has a tote. The biggest section is shoved in to fit. After 3 or 4 years of shoving, it still looks good after fluffing.
02/Jan/11 7:05 AM
Happy New Year to the topsiders, I'm sure you are all feeling fine after all the coffee Jerry has provided,poor guy must be exhausted.
Another great photo, Kate.
02/Jan/11 7:24 AM
Yesterday we spent the morning at my Aunts swimming[she lives facing the beach and harbour] then went to our D1 for a BBQ lunch. By the time we got home we both agreed it was time for a nanna nap.
02/Jan/11 7:30 AM
Just wondering:
Did MSU leave the first string players in East Lansing?
02/Jan/11 7:36 AM
Gail posted this on Facebook. I thought it was appropriate for here, also. ♥

Copy and paste if you have enjoyed the blessing of meeting people online that you never would have met any other way. This is my end of the year shout out to the many "friends" I have never been in More...
02/Jan/11 7:39 AM
Did not get to bed until 3:00, had to get up at 8:00, I am tired. The heard has been fed, mess cleaned up. Some are playing games, us old people have been sitting and talking. A very good day.
02/Jan/11 7:50 AM
regarding Christmas trees, in Chicago, a radio show, reported that they kept the tree up all year and trimmed the tree in the season -- snowmen for Jan - hearts and red ribbons for feb, green -- etc -- I don't know if I could handle a large tree all year
02/Jan/11 7:55 AM
MSU?? They kind of remind me of the Ottawa Senators the way there playing this year.
02/Jan/11 8:06 AM
This looks like a nice place for a leisurely walk!

We have seen the sun a couple of times today, but it wants to hide! We are having some weird weather for the first day of January. Most of our snow melted yesterday and it was 50 degress (F) this morning at 2:00 a.m. Our temperature has been slowly going down through the day.
02/Jan/11 8:12 AM
Sure beats the brown and murky Brisbane River after all the rain.
Good Morning to y'all.
02/Jan/11 8:15 AM
It looks like it, Shiela, and the Wolverines left their first string in Ann Arbor ...
02/Jan/11 8:20 AM
... or maybe they just don't have one ...
02/Jan/11 8:21 AM
Judy - that was cruel - if your new year resolution was to be nice. But then how could the phantom handle that.
02/Jan/11 8:28 AM
1:45, hi everyone.
02/Jan/11 8:28 AM
I'm with you, mymare. It's gorgeous at Christmas, but I sure don't want to see it all year 'round, no matter how it's decorated!
02/Jan/11 8:30 AM

I'm home from the beach. I think we had 4 sunny days out of 14.

I have lots to catch up with so I'll just send my wish for a wonderful 2011 to everyone.
02/Jan/11 8:32 AM
Happy New Year to everyone!♥
02/Jan/11 8:32 AM
02/Jan/11 8:33 AM
The Phantom would have nothing to summarize if Judy were always nice, because the rest of us, of course, are above reproach.

Decorations all down, everything put away, I've vacuumed and dusted, I'm exhausted! Going to veg in front of the TV for awhile before I have to More...
02/Jan/11 8:40 AM
Happy New Year topsiders...
02/Jan/11 9:19 AM
Please, must you all be so productive, I don't feel like taking the tree down yet.
02/Jan/11 9:47 AM
Never fear, Amelia. I am with you. I am a firm believer that whatever you do on the first day of the year, you will do all year long.
Man has prepared all the meals today and taken the majority of child rearing. I have been served my meals, played games, chatted and had a nap. Sounds like a great start to the year to me.
02/Jan/11 10:27 AM
There have been a few mistakes, like loading and unloading the dishwasher.
Also, a major hunt for Rabbit, who is still MIA. Rabbit is Thing II's lovey. I really do not want to spend the year hunting for Bunny and Rabbit. Bunny is Thing I's lovey.
Losing Rabbit made nap time not as enjoyable as it should have been. Has anyone seen Rabbit?
02/Jan/11 10:31 AM
Phantom, I just read your last year's "year in review" post. Just for you, I made a resolution not to post any more bad jokes in 2010. Cheers!
02/Jan/11 10:33 AM
Would any know why my homemade fudge, that tasted wonderful yesterday, but today has a rum taste to them. It is not hurting them at all in disappearing quickly. Just wondering why they taste like I put alcohol in them when I didn't.
02/Jan/11 10:34 AM
Oh, quick look over there...
02/Jan/11 10:34 AM
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