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Easy Sudoku for 2/October/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Because of Peter's good work we know that the use hom0phone in the puzzle it was sent to the naughty corner. My ability to post was also denied for about six hours so I could not post my back up puzzle until late in the day.
Thursday is Serena's day for posting so we do not want to steal her More...
02/Oct/15 12:03 AM
Nice day here in Dallas - not too hot for a change.
02/Oct/15 12:03 AM
02/Oct/15 12:05 AM
Morning all.
02/Oct/15 12:22 AM
I would decorate everything in sunrise and sunset images if I thought I could get away with it.
02/Oct/15 12:38 AM
This style of teaser is to use the clues given to find two words that rhyme and fit the description. For example, 'a weird ape' would be 'a funky monkey,' or 'a wealthy Halloween gal' would be 'a rich witch.'

1. a tidy rhythm
2. a tiny round thing
3. an apologetic error
4. a home for a rodent
5. a nettle's tune

Answers to my ‘’rhyming’’ inbox please.
02/Oct/15 12:40 AM
Did I miss a Silvergal post about vacationing, heavy workload or something? I haven't ''seen'' her around in a while.
02/Oct/15 12:41 AM
I was going to start schoolwork with little boy instead of coming here when I heard snoring. I guess he has succumbed to whatever was going around.

Hi shosho.
02/Oct/15 12:43 AM
We are replacing our coffee pot. Hubby wants one without a clock. Sounds like a simple request doesn't it?
02/Oct/15 12:44 AM
It rained all day yesterday. Good thing because our shallow well went dry last week. It's funny when you consider water leaking into your basement to be a positive sign.
02/Oct/15 12:51 AM
I should have read Wombat's post first. I would have let him steal my glory.
02/Oct/15 12:53 AM
I'm off to search for a clockless coffee pot and matching toaster. I wonder if hubby would freak if I found a toaster with a clock?
02/Oct/15 12:54 AM

Chilly here in Cleveland and will be for at least the next week. Then hopefully we'll get a few more warm days before really getting cold. My furnace kicked on overnight. So I guess I officially made it to Oct. 1 before that happened.
02/Oct/15 1:29 AM
Serena - What does getting a new coffee pot have to do with getting a new toaster? They sure don't make things as well anymore. I still use my taster that my grandmother gave me when I moved into my first apt. in 1974. My brother already had to replace his that was bought in 2008. I forget whether he had to replace it in 2014 or earlier this year.
02/Oct/15 1:31 AM
Dottie, this goes under not enough information to solve the problem. They are both broke/breaking. I just didn't mention the toaster at first.
02/Oct/15 1:37 AM
Good afternoon to all! At this time of the day, I'm sure I missed the sunset in Perth.
02/Oct/15 3:43 AM
Nice sunset in Perth! all! Wow! Phantom got LPOTD! and before 9PM at that!
02/Oct/15 3:46 AM

Good morning all, lets just skip how busy its been at work lately and the prospects of getting any better within the next week arent looking good at all, ohhh well, I dont have time to get bored!!
02/Oct/15 3:46 AM
Work continues on our garage ramp replacement. All the gravel has been compacted. Styrofoam has been laid and the electrical system is now being installed. I assume that new concrete will be laid next week. It has been amazing (and noisy) to watch this work.
02/Oct/15 3:46 AM
The Toronto Blue Jays clinched their division baseball title last night, and are now chasing the league title. Playoffs for the World series start next week!
02/Oct/15 3:49 AM

Just reading Gregs posts on what is happening to the complex garage makes me realise how lucky we are in Oz not to have to deal with all the issues that come with snow and ice. In all my @(*#(@* years I have only spent one full day in the snow, enough to convince me I dont want to live in it for 6 months of the year.
02/Oct/15 3:50 AM
02/Oct/15 3:56 AM
nicely timed Keith!
02/Oct/15 3:59 AM
I love Perth, such a great city but the sunset really threw me until I realised that it was the sun setting over the water and the shadows were all wrong. Over here on the east coast of Oz the sun rises above the water!! not that you bright lot dont already know that....
02/Oct/15 4:04 AM
Well, Serena, we might be in a position to help you out -- I just learned that the weather-guessers are predicting 6' - 17'! rain for us, Saturday & Sunday.

02/Oct/15 4:54 AM
Good mor...uh...afternoon people of the world.
02/Oct/15 5:37 AM
Though I am not in pain today and I hope I am walking and standing like a normal person, there is this feeling that if I just slightly make a wrong move my body is going to hurt me. I am still best friends with the heating pad, just not as much. To me, that is all good signs of becoming normal again.
02/Oct/15 5:40 AM
Such sad news. Another senseless shooting in Oregon, USA at a community college. At least 10 or more dead and twenty injured.
02/Oct/15 5:42 AM
Phantom, I gave public health announcement either Sunday or Monday, my time, to remind people of the dangers of sneezing. Which is how I got in this mess I am in.

I would tell a tale that involves, the toilet, baby oil and sneezing, but the bus alarm is about to go off.
02/Oct/15 5:44 AM
My public appearance requirement this morning had me at one store shopping for a 2, 3, 4, 2/6 and 10 year old. It took forever and when I was being checked out, I remembered I forgot one boy. Thankfully, the cashier could put my order on hold and I could run...uh...walk straight back to the boys More...
02/Oct/15 5:50 AM
CG, I just read the head line on that shooting. The how and why questions, again go through my head, along with who thinks they have the right.

Then I have another thought, of how said it is that my children are attending school that has enough security for an adult prison system. To have More...
02/Oct/15 5:56 AM
Oh, the school is also doing another police background check on me, so I am able to go into classrooms and on field trips. Way back when I was told one background check, I think every 5 years. 10 years later, I have to get one each year.
02/Oct/15 6:00 AM
1:30. Good morning everyone.
02/Oct/15 6:12 AM
Having to have a police check once a year seems way over the top Karen - ours is still at the five year renewal stage, and I hope we don't end up going down the same annual road! This is the sort of policy that could easily discourage people from volunteering, not because they object to having a police check but because of the frequency of it.
02/Oct/15 6:15 AM

I have returned from North Carolina and I brought the rain home with me. We are getting it now, and will be getting it through this weekend, too, lonewoof. It seems to be traveling up the East Coast.
02/Oct/15 6:16 AM
Yes, another school shooting. I don't know what the heck it is going to take to get something done about this rampant carnage. AGAIN I will ask, Australia did it, why can't the US??? Or, more to the point, why WON'T the US??
So horribly sad.
02/Oct/15 6:26 AM
Good mAen, everyone!!!
02/Oct/15 6:42 AM
So close . . . (can't get ahold of my smilies with my phone).
02/Oct/15 6:43 AM
But I can try for the turning of the page . . .
02/Oct/15 6:44 AM
Getting there . . .
02/Oct/15 6:44 AM
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