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Easy Sudoku for 2/November/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hi everyone.
02/Nov/14 12:00 AM
1:35. Good night all.
02/Nov/14 12:02 AM
Welcome to Standard Time here in Texas.
02/Nov/14 12:08 AM

02/Nov/14 12:09 AM
G'day mates.
Here's today's daffynition:
Goatee: A small goat.
Here's today's factoid:
Spring travels south - or north, depending on which side of the equator you're on - at the rate of 30 miles per day.
02/Nov/14 12:16 AM
Good morning to all! Snow? Not here yet, but it's getting cold enough for it.
02/Nov/14 12:27 AM
Your two-day weekend puzzle:

1. His grandfather and he went to Nassau town on this type of boat –> a flight maneuver in which an aircraft flies a circular path in a vertical plane
2. This Patriot’s quarterback won three Super Bowls & two Super Bowl MVP awards –> in 2014, this More...
02/Nov/14 12:29 AM
Peter, that link you posted on yesterday's page to the dancers at the Nanjing World Youth Olympics was stunning. Thank you. I've passed it on to many over here!
02/Nov/14 1:08 AM
, y'all! WET, and chilly. Woke up to 36ºF this morning after wearing shorts & sandals earlier this week.

Getting ready for a Girl Scout meeting, going to earn the Car Care badge with Silverguy in charge.
02/Nov/14 1:10 AM
Pike's Peak! Been to the top of it. Oxygen sparser at the top and some folks felt it more than others. One tourist felt sick at the top. We were okay, though lightheaded. Silverguy fell asleep on the tram ride back down.
02/Nov/14 1:12 AM
I've been to the top twice, Summer both times. Rode the cog rail car both times. With my breathing issues, I was worried I wouldn't be able to get enough oxygen the second time, but I did OK.
02/Nov/14 1:31 AM

Same with me, Keith.
02/Nov/14 2:10 AM
Chilly, but that's okay. My mom had 2 inches of snow yesterday! Brrrr! If winter travels at the same rate that spring does, we'll get snow here in 6 weeks.
02/Nov/14 2:24 AM

Greg, you can have some of our heat if you want, we have way too much of it for this time of year..not great weather to be sleeping during the day
02/Nov/14 2:43 AM
Happy Saturday!
Family wedding this afternoon
Keith, Silvergal & HalT:
Are you telling me the trip to Pike's Peak is breathtaking (or leaves you breathless?)?
Sorry, I couldn't resist
02/Nov/14 3:31 AM
02/Nov/14 4:00 AM
Ah, Wolf, remember we're a day later than the Aussies? I hope you don't go by Standard time until tomorrow! Otherwise you'll be an hour early for everything! Which might be a good thing!
02/Nov/14 4:02 AM
Went for a run and in the middle, it rained! I figured as long as I was out there and I was going to wash my hair anyways, I might as well continue. It wasn't that cold and was welcoming since I started running with long sleeves, I wasn't getting too hot!
02/Nov/14 4:04 AM
Oh Keith!!! I will stop posting here until you get a chance to grab your 22!
02/Nov/14 4:05 AM
Thanks, Shosho.
02/Nov/14 4:13 AM
& away we go.
02/Nov/14 4:13 AM
02/Nov/14 4:13 AM
Wow, that took you long enough! I kept pressing the refresh key until I saw your 22!
02/Nov/14 4:14 AM
4 hours after changeover, I'd kept checking back to see if we were close enough ... we weren't, so I went and had breakfast. I've missed it because of doing that sometimes.
02/Nov/14 4:28 AM
Wait until next week (tomorrow, actually), after we go back to Standard time, and changeover here happens at 5:00 A. M. That half of the year, I don't get 22 very often ... or I didn't, when the site was a lot more busy.
02/Nov/14 4:33 AM
I've only been to CO once. I didn't make it to Pikes Peak then.
02/Nov/14 4:51 AM



In the More...
02/Nov/14 4:58 AM
Never been there, but I know it's a great ski place.
02/Nov/14 5:05 AM
We got snow last night! It was just enough to turn everything white, then it changed to rain about 3 am. There was no trace of that cold white stuff this morning.
02/Nov/14 5:11 AM
Saw Heidi's pumpkin, reminded me to change
02/Nov/14 6:03 AM
It can't decide if the sun want's to come out or not.
02/Nov/14 6:06 AM
The mail has finally came, can always hope something more than advertisements or people wanting money.
02/Nov/14 6:07 AM
Harry has spent all morning fixing my computer. I have no idea what was wrong, just wasn't working.
02/Nov/14 6:09 AM
one more and I need to find something else to do.
02/Nov/14 6:09 AM
Silvergal, I thought of you today. I went to the grocery store and picked up some 50% of Halloween candy. One of the things I purchased was sour patch kids.
02/Nov/14 6:24 AM
We are in the nobody comes to our house to trick-or-treat club. It's not because of lack of kid's though. It's be cause we don't really live in a neighborhood, the road is extremely busy, there is no sidewalk, there are no street lights, and the houses aren't close together.
02/Nov/14 6:28 AM
Last night I took my Spider-man, cowboygirl and preteen (no costume necessary) to a trunk or treat event at a not so local church. It's out of my usual driving range but we went last year and it was extremely well done. I thought the 35 minute one way drive was worth it.
02/Nov/14 6:29 AM
Today Free and I are not celebrating our 17th. He has to work tonight so we have tentative plans to do a movie and dinner tomorrow. I say tentative because he was feeling sick enough this morning to talk about calling out tonight. If he does that, we'll celebrate later. No fun in dragging a barely functioning date about town.
02/Nov/14 6:32 AM
I could keep the arranged babysitter, ditch the sick guy and go have some me time.
02/Nov/14 6:33 AM
I did my CP. Should I keep going?
02/Nov/14 6:33 AM
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