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Easy Sudoku for 2/June/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning, all. Another black thick of fog on the Atlantic coast, southern New England. Thundershowers predicted for the next several days, but temperatures are supposed to be mild. Tourist trade will suffer without good beach weather.
good Maen
A firt to be first? Good Maen
2:10 who is this :) Maen
We are expecting rain this weekend. Glad we did the yard work last weekend! I think I need to so some shopping!!!!
Another Hot day in Pennsylvania. Good Maen all.
2:22 may be a good day to bet on 2's!
Good Maen!
2:02 Frightening picture from the luau from he**!!! :)
I don't think I would give a comment for that picture either!!!
Good mAen. Weather was supposed to be sunny here today, but what do the weather forecasters know. It's raining again. We are on hosepipe bans but it hasn't stopped raining now for three weeks.

What does 'Maen' mean?
what a retard
4:48 Good Maen everyone.
i think hes done too much swimming in a chlorinated pool
Maen - Good morning,afternoon,evening or night.Capitalize the letter to show your time zone.
1:56 - been there, done that
Good morning from MI. Looks like it's going to be a nice day, Cool as of yet, but says it's going to warm up. We had a few days of really hot weather, that I love, but, it was humid, which my asthma doesn't like. Feeling a little better today, however, have to have some oral surgery this More...
3:42 Is that a mermaid from the pacific? or has the sea just thrown up?
Good Maen (Morning Afternoon Evening Night) all! Cna't believe how easy the puzzle was. Almost broke 2 minutes (2:04) Started with the sevens and moved down from there. WOW! Weird dude, glad there wasn't a comment!
Good Maen! I am looking forward to tomorrow's photo! This one is pretty bad.
Is the Mermaid King missing his little mermaid? Or was it time to leave?
Wendy From Perth, West Australia:-'maen' is short for morning, afternoon, evening, night.'Good maen' is used as a universal greeting to wish Good morning,Good afternoon, Good evening and to bid Good night all at once since typically people using internet belong to different time zones and two dates.
3:01 Good Maen all. As for pix...Party on!! (White guys havin' fun).
2:24 - 'no comment' for the pic is understandable.

Hey Beehive - hope all went well for you today.
For all you regulars - I rendezvous'd with Beehive yesterday over a hot choc/coffee. First Sudokian 'face-to-face'- and what a gentleman!
Someone having a good time
Maen all
This guy is very disturbed! It would have been a much better picture if the person in tha background was wearing the coconuts...
Good Thursday Maen, all!

'Little Mermaid' wannabe guy?!
Gotta give the guy credit for his spunk!
I pictured Beehive as female. Oop. Sorry.
Sharnel - the moustache gave him away...
Baz,I have never seen you look better.
André - how was sunny spain? Even tan, bolly and chocs on tap? Paella good? You can skype me on billy_scrabble when you're set up.
Answering Loza from yesterday's question about fashions in the US -- when I walked into a woman's clothing store last week, I was struck by all the pleasant cheerful colors -- tangerine, teal, yellow. Beautiful. Thank God we're done with that horrible camoflage stage!
You go, Beehive. Love a good 'stache.
Hope he was dressing like that for a good cause!
4.02 Well, for now it's sunny & very muggy, but we're to have a cold front come in this evening & bring us rain. Maybe that mermaid will swim back to sea.
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