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Easy Sudoku for 20/November/2012


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Submitted by: Gath

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20/Nov/12 8:10 AM
Almost got in Greg's way that time!

Well Fiona, I can do without the turkey, but the pumpkin pie is going in my bag. I'm throwing in some whipped cream, too!

I need to fix an early dinner, then toddle off to a meeting.

20/Nov/12 8:33 AM
Quick good morning, then out the door! Bye!
20/Nov/12 9:03 AM
all. 'Slose' Greg????
Have another drink, buddy.
20/Nov/12 9:10 AM
Cranberry Sauce
20/Nov/12 9:19 AM
Mmmmmmm.... I love cranberry sauce.

Kathy.... a friend and I are flying there instead of driving. I don't want to contend with holiday traffic, and drunk drivers. I haven't flown in 13 years and am a bit nervous about it. I've never had to deal with post 9/11 security before.
20/Nov/12 9:39 AM
IT'S A BOY!! We are all thrilled. Today is Paul's birthday, & at the moment of the announcement by the technician he leaned over & told Kyley, 'That's the best birthday present you could ever give me!' Guess how many people in the room had tears in their eyes! I will remember it forever.
20/Nov/12 10:06 AM
Later on (when I could talk) I asked the technician, who's been doing sonograms for 12 1/2 years, what her estimate is of the percentage of couples who DO choose to find out the sex of their baby before birth. I was amazed when she said 90%!!
20/Nov/12 10:12 AM
Awwww, Kathy. Congratulations.
My tear ducts were swelling, just reading your post.
20/Nov/12 10:12 AM
From the last gathering, I will stuff my family into the bag. I do like them.
20/Nov/12 10:39 AM
Kathy!!! The most important thing is that the baby appears healthy. ((You would have said something otherwise.))
20/Nov/12 10:56 AM
2.41 My granddaughter arrived last Thursday and she is beautiful. They named her Samiyah Lee.
20/Nov/12 11:12 AM
kath - Congratulations on your new granddaughter! I didn't know you were expecting! Does the new baby live near you?
20/Nov/12 11:21 AM
The baby appeared to be healthy - normal head, spinal column, legs, arms, hands, feet, & heart. The only thing the tech could not get a good view of was the kidneys. 'Skittle' (his nickname given by K & P at the time of his first songogram) was moving all over the place & would not hold still when he was supposed to. Hope that doesn't foretell his future behavior!
20/Nov/12 11:25 AM
Congrats Kathy, and Kath.
20/Nov/12 11:37 AM
Heidi - try not to worry about airport security. There are sometimes long lines & you might be one of the lucky ones selected for a pat down or scan, but most of the time we get through the process with no problems. Don't forget to put all your carry on liquids (3.5 oz. or less) in a quart size zip lock bag for inspection.
20/Nov/12 11:46 AM
Hi All,
Kathy has given Heidi all the flying tips she needs to know...every thing else will be easier than catching stray cows...at least as far as I'm concerned...

Congratulations to all of those blessed by the arrival or near arrival of grands... the second time around is More...
20/Nov/12 12:04 PM
As for the EOTW bag...I'm with Karen...family it is!
20/Nov/12 12:06 PM
I wasn't planning on taking any carry-on liquids.
20/Nov/12 12:17 PM
I have taken all of the knives out of my purse, however.
20/Nov/12 12:18 PM
20/Nov/12 12:20 PM
Heidi, no shampoo, make-up, eye drops, perfume, mouthwash, anything like that??
20/Nov/12 12:39 PM
Hi Everyone,

Sorry it has taken sooooo long, but the process for submitting (and accepting) your smilies & avatars is now working. Again, apologies that it has taken this long.

20/Nov/12 12:51 PM
Heidi -- no knives or liquids..?
Leave your guns behind also!
20/Nov/12 12:53 PM
Heidi, put a cast on your arm, add a sling to carry the weight, and you can get through the security check with a couple of swipes of a, how do I put this, wipe on your fingers. You're through in seconds. I did it in San Francisco.
I didn't have to take off my shoes, empty my pockets, or walk through the scanner/metal detector. Easiest trip thru security since pre-9/11.
20/Nov/12 1:09 PM
Hi Gath,
Thanks for the info.Must now see if I can do any of those things !
So much clever work for one SO YOUNG (see photo at end !!!
20/Nov/12 1:09 PM
Yippee! Way to go, Gath. Now to bombard the avator thingy.
20/Nov/12 1:22 PM
Serena, you are my hero today. The information you gave me this morning worked. Thank you.
20/Nov/12 1:23 PM
The liquids are going in my checked in luggage. And I'm carrying on all my drugs in their prescription bottles. I can't afford to have those rerouted. Liquids can be purchased in Florida if my luggage is lost.
20/Nov/12 1:28 PM
20/Nov/12 1:29 PM
Now to go try to submit some avatars......
20/Nov/12 1:29 PM
Also Heidi, be careful about the words you use when in hearing distance of the TSA agents. Don't say things like, 'That was an explosive movie I saw last night.' Or, 'Dyne-o-might.' Even the word 'bum' could get you in trouble if not enunciated correctly.
Oh, and if you see a friend named Jack, don't say 'Hi' to him.
20/Nov/12 1:33 PM
My goodness, Gath. It amazes me that you can fix a little glitch like that and gain the admiration of all the ladies. My hat's off to you, sir.
20/Nov/12 1:38 PM
It's getting late here, and I have to get up early tomorrow to drive half way to Springfield, Missouri. Going to B's sister's for Thanksgiving. So, I think I shall sign-off for today. Can't promise when I'll be able to join you all again, but will try whenever possible.
20/Nov/12 1:45 PM
I'm back!!! With sanity still intact. Everything on and in the gingerbread house is edible! Problem was we didn't wait long enough for the frosting to harden a bit to hold the walls and roof together. We ended up with a flat top roof!
20/Nov/12 2:19 PM
I was amazed that I spent three-four times the money on candies than I did with the rest of the house! The boys loved the gummy soldiers I found. The red whips and M&Ms were the next favorites. The shimmery balls were not a hit, though.
20/Nov/12 2:21 PM
Hal - are you still up?
20/Nov/12 2:24 PM
Hi, Shosho!
20/Nov/12 2:25 PM
Hal - GReat suggestions for Heidi on flying.
20/Nov/12 2:25 PM
20/Nov/12 2:26 PM
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