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Easy Sudoku for 20/December/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen to all. It is a brisk, sunny morning and I'm looking forward to a day of errands and wrapping Christmas gifts.

I wish I could figure out how to reduce photos to a size that is acceptable for this site. I've got some great ones from a recent trip, but the size is too large. :(
Barbara/N CA:
Check the Archives 12/16, page 4 for the info from Deb about Kiarah's stats...
Deck the site with boughs of holly
Tra la la la la la la la la
Solve the puzzles then get jolly
tra la la la la la la la la

I am going out to dinner
Tra la la la la la la la la
They want me there 'cos I'm a singer
Tra la la la la la la la la

I'm the driver for tonight
Tra la la la la la la la la
See you all about midnight
Tra la la la la la la la la
Ate 3 weetabix this morning 3:13
That chipmunk is too cute!

Reminds me of that Christmas favorite, ''The Chipmunk Song'':
(Ross Bagdasarian aka David Seville)
(All right you Chipmunks)
(Ready to sing your song)
(I'll say we are)
(Let's sing it now)
(Okay, Simon)
(Okay, More...
I thought I was the only person old enough to remember that song
Someone please cut off GANNIEMO's supply of booze! She is going off the rails with Christmas Spirit! :)
I must admit to thinking the photo was a squirrel, but then I wouldn't know a chipmunk if it leapt up and bit me......or maybe I would!
but Judy, it is only once a year
GANNIEMO: OMG! You are going to be this hyper all the way through New Year's? Heaven help us!

Just kidding ... party on!
3.06 Hi all, new here... !! That squirrel looks quite content! Nice site!
Hi, Cy/US East Coast!

Welcome to the site--lots of nice people here...
After seen GANNIEMO's picture in Australia, I think she has a perpetual smile of joy on her face and in her being....I love it. Sing on Ganniemo.....
2:22. Fabulous photo! So sharp and clear!

Chris: Thanks for telling us the breed on those puppies. They are adorable! One of my friends has Cavalier spaniels and they are sweet dogs, but not as cute as this cross-breed. Of course, I'll never get my husband to go for a small breed. :(
~♪Im Good Haha Im better than you hahahahahahaha Love ya!!! muah ♪~just kiding
Good Wednesday Maen to you all. Five sleeps to Christmas and we have woken to rain this morning. It's meant to be the height of summer here!!! Who has stolen our good weather??
Gannie Mo, they did a takeoff on the Chipmunks song on Saturday Night Live last Saturday. Justin Timberlake as Simon, and 3 of the regulars as the Chipmunks. Very cute (and funny)
Martha, the small dogs are ok if they aren't yippers. I need something big enough to hold their own against Psycho Kitty. She has a fa#t caught sideways this morning. She actually climbed up in a window and taunted the dogs outside.
2:20 Funny looking cat Maen
I have a similar picture from a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. They will eat right out of your hand!
3:57 all is well that ends well.
Morning all, Sarah Beth - how's the weather?
very sweet little squirrel and excellen photo!
Hi.2:56. Good Maen For All.
Chipmunk (Tamias striatus)of the order rodentia.
A North American rodent of which there are 21 sub-species. Tamias sibericus lives in China
The following is the philosophy of Charles Schultz, the creator of the 'Peanuts' comic strip.
You don't have to actually answer the questions. Just read it straight through, and you'll
get the point.

1. Name the five wealthiest people in the world.
2. Name the last five More...
Bother, just signed out at work, ready to go home and popped back to say bye.
CP, Left the house for a while. Bright sunshine, crisp, cool, about 31 deg. Have a good sleep!
Good afternoon to all! Another addicted person who is quite 'chip'er!
Mo: You're in fine singing voice tonight. Been into the wine maybe!

Saw Rudolph on your page. Glad he's resting, because all the children are starting to dream about Christmas morning on my page!
Hi all! GannieMo, I liked your sudoku christmas song. I made a quick trip to Long Island to check on my mother who fell Sunday night and broke her shoulder and wrist. She's 83 and she has to be in the hospital because she can't fully use her other arm due to a minor stroke a month ago, and with More...
Jan/Georgia, thank you for the philosophy according to charles Schultz, A big Hi from tomorrow.
Oops, sorry Charles.
Hello from Michigan,It's a beautiful sunny cool day today.I don't think we'll have a white Christmas this year.Judith
Oh Stella, my thoughts are with you. I have my mum staying for Christmas, she's frail too, so I know what a worry that is.
I am sitting in Seattle airport waiting for a flight home to Australia for Christmas. To all hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
cute little squirrel
hope your mum recovers ok ... worrying time as they get older and frail.
such beautiful singing ... you are right into the christmas season.
mAen all! 2:59

I really enjoyed the christmas carols lol. Huge difference than listening to my boyfriend singing

'Dashing through the snow, on a one horse open sleigh, over the hills we gooo--cliff...'
today, tomorrow and friday are worrying days again on the fire fronts.
fires are right at the fences of some houses at maidentown and walhalla is gippsland and with the predictions of high temperatures, strong winds and then storms we are in for a repeat of the bad days of last More...
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