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Easy Sudoku for 20/March/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Good afternoon from Ireland. Strong northerly wind coming directly from the Arctic bringing snow and hale showers to north and east coast.

It's a bank holiday today (most businesses closed) as St Pat's day fell on Saturday.
20/Mar/07 2:00 AM
What about Bobby Sherman?

He was quite the heart throb in my youth!
20/Mar/07 2:01 AM
Happy Birthday to Ben have a good one!
20/Mar/07 2:19 AM
Growing up in the 1970s, I was hot for the two singers in Heart, Anne and Nancy Wilson. They had talent on top of being good looking. Most 'teen hearthrobs' are talentless, and quickly fade from the spotlight as their teenaged good-looks become adult and they are forced to get by on talent, which they lack. Are you listening, Britney?
20/Mar/07 2:24 AM
hello Corky,dent levelled..by Sehwags(110) century :)
20/Mar/07 2:41 AM
To Debby
I've never been on a riverboat cruise, though I'd like to someday, but I did take a cruise from Boston, MA to Montreal via the St. Lawrence. It was amazing. I saw so many Whales, and I really enjoyed going to Nova Scotia and PEI. My only complaint is that the stops were too short. I guess we'll have to go back to the Maritimes to see all that we missed.
20/Mar/07 2:44 AM
There was a blonde driving down the road listening to the radio. The announcer was telling blonde joke after blonde joke until the blonde was so mad that she turned her radio off. A mile down the road, she saw another blonde out in a corn field in a boat rowing. The blonde stopped her car jumped More...
20/Mar/07 2:47 AM
'big wheels keep on turnin'... Rolling, rolling, rolling down the river.'
20/Mar/07 3:17 AM
Good afternoon to all! Working from home today, and this is the first time I've been able to come on site while I was at work! Is the riverboat just a tourist attraction, or is it a floating casino?
20/Mar/07 3:19 AM
From liberal ''Northern'' California:

''Scores of protestors shed their clothes and hugged trees this weekend in a publicity stunt aimed at saving a grove of oaks slated to be chopped down to make way for new buldings on the University of California's Berkeley campus. On Saturday, 78 More...
20/Mar/07 3:20 AM
Martha: You're a Creedence Clearwater fan!
20/Mar/07 3:21 AM
20/Mar/07 3:42 AM
er,Judy do you mean to say these daring 'bare'bottomed supporters joined the similar folks living as such since dec in the trees??oh ho!confusion confusion...
20/Mar/07 3:58 AM
are we the first to make 400??
20/Mar/07 3:59 AM
YESSSSSS.........its the highest target in the world cup history..413runs....so what its against Bermudas??a record is a record isnt it??
:) :) :) :)...........wayyyy to go but..Lankan lions to be tamed..
20/Mar/07 4:11 AM
Hi everyone.
Wonderful picture and nice Riverboat. Where iit is going?
20/Mar/07 4:17 AM
Col-LOL... the HEADING on your page goes with the pic!!!
20/Mar/07 4:17 AM
well we must wrap them with a maximum margin...
hope they will do it..its late and cant stay up to watch anymore match tonite..
20/Mar/07 4:17 AM
Oh joy, just finishing work and about to go home. Took a bit of time today - msut be the fallign asleep in between moves. Why are mondays so exhausting? Although I think I woudl liek to join the tree huggers but splinters in your bottom - maybe not!!!!!!!
20/Mar/07 4:35 AM
Grannie Mo, just read your 'common sense' post--Bravissima! (And should be posted at the entrance to every school ...)
20/Mar/07 4:39 AM
To Jim from Jupiter- The Admiral is still there, but it's a casino now. There is also the Casino Queen on the Illinois side. The McDonald's boat is gone and the Burger King boat floated downriver and got stuck on a bridge during the flood of '93. The Robert E. Lee is a restaurant, but was moved More...
20/Mar/07 4:42 AM
Wonder what caused Bob Woolmer's sudden death!!
20/Mar/07 4:55 AM
Looks like the boat could be the Delta Queen with the Crescent City Connection bridge in the background - New Orleans. Delta Queen has 2 - 3 hour jazz cruises, lunch or dinner cruises down the Mississippi and back up to NO.
20/Mar/07 5:02 AM
20/Mar/07 5:08 AM
2:21 Nice boat
20/Mar/07 5:28 AM
Hi all
come to visit my msn space http://orsetta87na.spaces.live.com/ and write me a comment if you like it
I'm waiting for all you
20/Mar/07 5:29 AM
Celebration Belle out of Moline, Illinois churns up the Mississippi River. This picture was taken looking south from the port at the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium in Dubuque, Iowa. That's the Julien Dubuque Bridge in the background. There were seven paddlewheelers forming a More...
20/Mar/07 6:10 AM
Orsola/Naples: i checked out your msn space. it's so colorful and lots of action. love it. i couldn't appreciate the music, but that was just a 'generation gap' LOL. and since i don't speak italian, i couldn't read any of it, but i could appreciate all the work that went into getting it going. we plan to visit italy sept 2008
20/Mar/07 6:12 AM
Debra from Georgia - thanks for the update on the Admiral. I knew it had quit going out on the river and was a moored casino now, I should have said her 'cruising days' were long gone. CELESTE from WISCONSIN - Thanks for the update on the Julia Belle Swain. I stopped and talked to her Captain for a More...
20/Mar/07 6:32 AM
Rosemary (Wangaratta): What's happened to your page? You've lost all your comments. Just a glitch I hope!
20/Mar/07 7:37 AM
beautiful photo, fantastic riverboat.
Happy Birthday to my 'baby' Ben who turns 12 today.
20/Mar/07 8:00 AM
it has drizzled and rained all night long and predicted rain for all day long.
not drought breaking but just fantastic start to rehydrate the parched lands and waterways.
20/Mar/07 8:02 AM
have no idea will go and look.
20/Mar/07 8:03 AM
Sad Day
4th anniversary of the attack on Iraq and no idea when the whole debacle will end for the Iraqi people.
Maybe a good topic for the open forum page to be discussed today.

1st anniversary of cyclone Larry that devastated parts of northern queensland, wiped out most of our banana More...
20/Mar/07 8:08 AM
Good mAen,
Well, a picture close to my home - my son goes to college in Rock Island - I'm wondering if this is the bridge by the Quad cities - I had one of my best times on another puzzle - I was 45% faster then some others. and fast - Spring comes to my area of the world tomorrow :)
20/Mar/07 8:08 AM
so one more makes a CP for the day
well here it is
20/Mar/07 8:09 AM
didnt quite make CP status but thats ok.

have no idea where all my posts have gone on my page, hopefully they will return soon. would be a severe loss to the world if all those comments disappeared for ever .......
20/Mar/07 8:11 AM
Hiya all.......very nice pic...and GrannieMo, loved the Common Sense thing...too true.
20/Mar/07 8:13 AM
Rose: I just posted on your new page and everyhing came back. I'M A HERO!
20/Mar/07 8:14 AM
I posted a comment and think the ghost of sudokuland had hold of my page cos now they have all returned.
20/Mar/07 8:14 AM
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