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Easy Sudoku for 20/June/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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20/Jun/19 12:00 AM
Good Maen, all!
20/Jun/19 12:00 AM
20/Jun/19 12:00 AM
Got me both ways, Hal.

& Morning Wolf.
20/Jun/19 12:01 AM
Hal, Wolf, Keith, and all to follow!

20/Jun/19 12:10 AM
That sunny smilie is a tad optimistic. It is overcast and muggy. It's as though it can't make up its mind to rain or not.
20/Jun/19 12:12 AM
2:08. Good Morning, all!
20/Jun/19 12:37 AM
20/Jun/19 1:40 AM
Good Maen, good people. Must be the northern hemisphere in the photo.
20/Jun/19 1:55 AM
Evens down then odds down.
20/Jun/19 1:57 AM
20/Jun/19 2:14 AM
How are you feeling today, Denny?
20/Jun/19 2:16 AM
Sunny - may rain later, though.
Went golfing this morning. First time this season. Sunk a 25 foot putt on the first hole! Really impressed my hubby & golf mates! (Me, too!)
20/Jun/19 3:21 AM
Plum, thanks for asking. Doing fairly well. No major problems. Can't believe the number of meds required. Makes me sleepy alot.
20/Jun/19 4:12 AM
Say what you like, but snow does make a lovely photo.
20/Jun/19 4:14 AM
Good mAen
Taking a break during my day
The man from snow river and the silver stallion on the menus tonight
20/Jun/19 4:22 AM
20/Jun/19 4:24 AM
1:46. Good morning everyone.

I contemplating going out for my run shortly, but I just had a look at the bureau of met's site and the apparent temp outside is currently -7.3°C. Hmmmmm.....
20/Jun/19 4:51 AM
Damn! That Hal has fast fingers...
20/Jun/19 5:07 AM
Lovely snow photo
20/Jun/19 5:46 AM
20/Jun/19 6:03 AM
Morning all, I don't think I would like to be in Canberra this morning. Chris ,that is a low temperature.
20/Jun/19 6:12 AM
2:09 Good morning one and all.
20/Jun/19 9:45 AM
20/Jun/19 11:06 AM
DoA drives a mean tractor. He makes nature trails in the Northwest US.

The tractor is almost as old as he is.
20/Jun/19 11:47 AM
The tractor has a ways to go, Hal.
20/Jun/19 12:56 PM
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