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Easy Sudoku for 20/July/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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My problem is going to seem so trivial after reading of Jane's. I'm sure others have been where I am, so I'd like some opinions. My washing machine is 5 years old, and kept stopping mid cycle, refusing to spin. I called an electrical business, who came out, diagnosed the problem as the spin motor. More...
I should have added that the machine was moved before his first visit, not after, and that since he was the only one to move the machine, maybe he was the one who kinked it, if that was part of the problem.
Y'all just a bit on the t'ick side there aintcha Jude baby?
My students are doing some computer work so I have a chance to pop online. I want to thank everyone for providing input regarding family interaction. For those interested, it seems most people report contact with family members, either directly or through the phone, on a weekly or biweekly basis. More...
Do you have a low cal - low fat receipe for caramel?

If you want to improve your receipe, use chef's butter. Rather than being 20% butterfat like store bought, it's 40%. You can feel your arteries closing!
Hey there, JETHRO, you Redneck! How are things in Hicksville??
So your point here, SUSAN, is that you have a kinky repairman??
Always sensitive and considerate, WARREN. For the life of me, I cannot fathom why you have not been scooped up permanently!
Good Maen everyone...another beautiful day unfolding here in Southern Oregon, USA.

TFTD.... seems appropriate, especially today.

Set aside the concept of win or lose.
Is it not more meaningful to simply participate whole-heartedly?

Am I first??...No I was first!...No, I was.....

Good Wednesday Maen from the Sunny Pacific Northwest.

...ora et labora...
Judy, I don't know about kinky, but I bet he's rich!
You are driving in a car at a constant speed. On your left side is a valley and on your right side is a fire engine travelling at the same
speed as you. In front of you is a galloping pig which is the same size as your car and you cannot overtake it. Behind you is a helicopter flying at ground More...
SUSAN: Good enough!
Susan...Not many of the wonderful jokes on here make me laugh out loud but that on did...Thank you.
am a new Sukoku player but l love the gave
Good Maen everyone.

Warren, It is nice that you are there for your mother. I know I had called my mom & dad to tell then I was going to come and visit them after work and said I Love You, see you later. Glad I did because when I was about 8 miles from their house my dad called and said More...
My pleasure, Dave. 'night all
It is a kind of curious picture for July.
Glad you are doing well, Hi to your Linda. Like the TFTD, how true!

Thunderstorms here in Minnesota but we really need the rain, hate crunchy grass.
LK...Linda, thank you for the inspiration. What a wonderful story about your last contact with your Mother. I have been making an effort to talk to my family more often. Not only family, but friends are important as well. We just got home from a trip to the Northwest where we visited with several friends and my sister and her husband.
Dave, very wise words, we always need to let those we love how much they mean to us, it is something that we will never regret.
2.45am in Eastern Australia
Susan From Ingham: I think you are right not to pay that bill as work has not been carried out to your satisfaction.Put it towards a new machine.
Try your local Citizens Advice Centre or Gov. Dept. dealing with citizens rights. Google Trades Description Act and/or Consumer Protection Act for More...
Susan No he didn't, so I guess I can take back my WOW, but I will be happy if he gets here today, and at least I have water.
Company is here so I won't be on much till Sunday---I thought they were staying until Friday morning, yikes I am going to have to cook until SUNDAY? It will be fine, my husband is firing up the grill for a few of those days.
Susan From Ingham:
I mean you might want to keep your kinky outlet
Warren: Once a week to talk to your mother is not excessive. My husband's father calls once a week just to check in for 5 or 10 minutes. My mother died many years ago, but I try to talk to my sister twice a month, and then we talk for an hour when we do call.

Susan: Most repair shops More...
It looks as if the entire USA is HOT. When are we going to get some relief???? Fire season has already burned a lot of California. Say, isn't it winter in Aussie country?
I set the timer and up comes a picture of Christmas and its only yhe middle of July. Either I'm real fast or real slow.
Love the good stories about times with parents. My Mom and I were best friends.
I was with my Mom when she died and it was special to be holding her hand and telling her how much I love her. My Dad and my brother were there too. My sisters went home early in the day, they couldn't take More...
Company is wondering where I am. Have a good day everyone!
It's been 115 here it was a pleasure to dream of snow
Warren...Once a week is NOT intrusive! Where did you find that icebox????
I didn't write yesterday about my relationship with my Mother. She was an alcoholic, and seemed to take it out on me. As adults, even though we only lived about 6 miles apart, we might talk only twice a month. Things More...
haha! Merry Christmas, and good mAen all!
I must offer a tangent thought to the making contact discussion. Carol from Oregon yesterday mentioned that since she was always the one to make contact, she decided to not and see how long there would be no contact. I have done that several times with 'friends' never to hear from them again. No More...
JUDY from San Diego: nice to hear from you! Found your comments interesting, too -- thanks for sharing. Now....where is our friend KATHY from Valrico????? Where are yooooouuuuu????
ANNE from Albany: another BADMINTON player -- all right!!!! Isn't it a great game? I play every Tuesday morning More...
To Warren, Keith, Dave, Linda and others on the family correspondence:
I read some touching stories and comments. For myself, some relies in contact more than others. Keeping in touch is keeping informed and is not interference, as far as I'm concerned. My hubby and I try to remain in touch More...
Mickey - are you there? Is the baby in or out? Has anybody heard?
What can I say, the ex was selfish. She thought a marriage should be a husband and a wife, not husband and his family. From her perspective she only married me, not my family.
SUSAN from Ingham:
Try the ombudsman. Not fair to pay all that money and still not fixed. A spoken word is still a binding contract (in your case - he guaranteed his work and diagnosis). Pay no more money to him and try to resolve before paying for new machine yourself. I know what it's like More...
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