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Easy Sudoku for 21/March/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Goodnight everyone!
21/Mar/19 12:03 AM
2:37. Good Morning, all.
21/Mar/19 12:08 AM
Good middle of the night.
21/Mar/19 12:10 AM
21/Mar/19 1:07 AM
1:52 A lovely photo of an amazing place.

Good night all.
21/Mar/19 1:18 AM

I too found that there was a DARWEN in England. According to Mr. Google, anyway. If you pop in, Darwen Jim, could you satisfy our curiosities as to where you are? For some reason, I just assumed you were in Australia.
21/Mar/19 1:26 AM
Hope you can say that two days in a row, too!
21/Mar/19 1:28 AM
Here's your number, Shosho!
21/Mar/19 1:28 AM
Darwen Jim's name actually says Darwen,U.K.
21/Mar/19 1:42 AM
21/Mar/19 2:02 AM
Weird! Easy harder than Medium today. Did Medium get misfiled?!
21/Mar/19 2:20 AM
21/Mar/19 3:09 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
21/Mar/19 3:09 AM
Thank you, Shiela! Here's flying your way!
21/Mar/19 3:11 AM
I love all these nice relaxing pictures.
21/Mar/19 3:59 AM
1:24. Good morning everyone.
21/Mar/19 5:17 AM
Lovely early morning photo!
21/Mar/19 5:28 AM
Good mAen, good people. I guess I should try Medium because today's Easy is really easy. I solved going up, skipping 2 until last. (1,3->9,2)
21/Mar/19 5:40 AM
The spring equinox would be my favorite day of the year if it didn't snow so often on the so-called 'First Day of Spring.' Yup. Snow, slush, gray yuck. No signs of a green up around here yet.
21/Mar/19 5:42 AM
Looks like I got here at the right time.
21/Mar/19 6:10 AM
21/Mar/19 6:10 AM
21/Mar/19 6:11 AM
Denny, my experience wasn't like yours. Easy was appropriately easy and Medium seemed as usual. (I also did the jigsaws to give Keith time to show up.)
21/Mar/19 6:22 AM
Interesting photo
21/Mar/19 7:01 AM
Kathy is right, i'm from a small town called Darwen in Lancashire in the north of England, next door to Blackburn(of Blackburn Rovers fame for any football fans).
21/Mar/19 7:24 AM
21/Mar/19 8:10 AM
I agree with Plum, Easy seemed like an easy, and Medium seemed like a medium.
21/Mar/19 8:25 AM
Darren Jim, Thanks for the information about your link to Darwen. Could you give us any information you have about whether there is any link between Charles Darwin and the down or is there another derivation?
21/Mar/19 9:45 AM
I'll take 29, thank you. And I changed into my 'spring' outfit.
21/Mar/19 12:00 PM
Good maeN
Relaxing and watching TV
Could go for some ice cream
21/Mar/19 12:13 PM
Was such a good puzzle I did it twice - plz direct me to the medium site
21/Mar/19 12:19 PM
21/Mar/19 12:27 PM
Top right hand corner, Mymare. Easy - Medium - Hard - Tough. Pick one......

But first I'll open the bar - drinks all round, footy season starts tonight. I'll bet Wombat is rarin' to go.
21/Mar/19 1:39 PM
Tonight was the beginning of Purim, the holiday derived from and described in the Book of Esther. Much merriment - it is like Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's Day, and Halloween all rolled into one, with costumes and drinking and silliness. Also good food, especially treats. The service itself, in More...
21/Mar/19 2:26 PM
Thanks Anne, it was a wonderful time in my life when we were able to travel all over Australia and enjoy our unique landscapes.
21/Mar/19 2:47 PM
Northern Qld and the Northern Territory are preparing for a very strong Cyclone Trevor to cross the coast this weekend. There is also Cyclone Veronica expected to cross the north/west coast of West. Australia right where my daughter lives. Two cyclones at one doesn't happen very often, as far as I know. Stay safe everyone.
21/Mar/19 4:15 PM
'once', not 'one'.
21/Mar/19 4:16 PM
Wow, Anne, that makes yet another continent with weather issues. Tonight on the news there was a farmer whose calves were washed away in the flooding in Nebraska talking about all the damage to the area. The positive news from Africa was still dire - since they cannot yet get large helicopters in that could rescue anyone, they are using small helicopters to deliver food to stranded people.
21/Mar/19 8:24 PM
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