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Easy Sudoku for 21/April/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hello Page 3!
21/Apr/09 6:12 AM
Does brassiere rhyme with spear? Does that help?
21/Apr/09 6:44 AM
I love these nature pics, they are so worth the wait.
21/Apr/09 6:44 AM
I love the pictures on these! It gives us a little prize at the end.
21/Apr/09 6:53 AM
Oh my dear!
The gondolier
stabbed my rear
with a spear!
The pains is severe!
21/Apr/09 7:10 AM
OOPS! pain is....
21/Apr/09 7:11 AM
Hello, world. Long time, no play. Beautiful sunny day here in Lakewood. Too bad I have to work tonight!
21/Apr/09 7:28 AM
Keith, I have sent you an email with arrangements for tomorrow, enjoy your first day in Adelaide
21/Apr/09 7:40 AM
Margo, I have sent you a response.
21/Apr/09 8:53 AM
Hello Keith, it all sounds rather wonderful on your trip so far...hope you are both enjoying it x
21/Apr/09 9:07 AM
Good morning all - enjoy your day.
Mo - looks like only you and I have been to Jane's page party so far.
21/Apr/09 9:14 AM
andré, we are having such a great time.
21/Apr/09 9:27 AM
Good Morning everyone.. another lovely Autumn day here in Perth..
21/Apr/09 10:55 AM
Swelteringly hot today. Almost in the 90's and it's only April! Had a couple of kids going home early due to the heat. I'm thinking what are they going to do when it's really hot in summer?
21/Apr/09 11:02 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Rayray!!!
to you!
May your special day be wongerful with a and lots of !

21/Apr/09 11:02 AM
The puzzle pic seems to match today!
21/Apr/09 11:03 AM
Hubby is out bike riding in this heat. Hope he makes it home ok. He's got his cell phone so I may have to retrieve him.
21/Apr/09 11:04 AM
Maybe I better make some cold drink for him.
21/Apr/09 11:05 AM
21/Apr/09 11:05 AM
Made 100!
21/Apr/09 11:05 AM
102 F here today, Shosho! We have remained in the air conditioned house or car all day! Yikes!
21/Apr/09 11:08 AM
I had to brave the great outdoors today - physical education. I and the kids stayed in the shade of two trees! Hoola hoop battle and a native American game but instead of shooting a stick through a moving hoop I had the kids shoot themselves through!
21/Apr/09 11:11 AM
I let the other teacher stay with the hoola hoop battle. The kids ganged up on her (the gist of the game is knocking someone else's hoop down while keeping your hoop going) Been there done that. But I must say I am getting pretty good at the game, getting very aggressive gyrating my hips to get that hoop going really fast!
21/Apr/09 11:14 AM
Wonder what time is it?
21/Apr/09 2:01 PM
Lunch time Shosho !!
21/Apr/09 2:43 PM
Afternoon tea time now !
21/Apr/09 3:02 PM
Rayray, hope you enjoy the day.
21/Apr/09 3:09 PM
Good night worldly people.
21/Apr/09 3:23 PM
Rayray!today and tomorrow

Fiona,they all go pop!

21/Apr/09 3:56 PM
I hope everyone is ell tonight.
21/Apr/09 4:29 PM
21/Apr/09 4:30 PM
I'm ell ,ty Terry ,hope you are ell too!
21/Apr/09 4:40 PM
Cheeky Nancy!
21/Apr/09 4:49 PM
Yea; alls ell that end ell!
21/Apr/09 4:55 PM
Margo: Your avatar is spectacularly 1920s charlston. Full of the hopishness of "Baby! baby! Let's go to top-notch hop"
21/Apr/09 5:20 PM
Rayray again on the proper day. Remember, after a certain age it is best not to light the candles unless you have a fire appliance and team standing by!
Have a great day.....
...Oh and a to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II God Save The Queen ....and Rayray
21/Apr/09 6:10 PM
Thanks for your wishes GM. Also for the warning about candles, but I am not allowed to drink alcohol much these days. Most of my enjoymwent today; on my own; is from reading the goodwill messages on site. They are boosting my otherwise sombre mood. I didn't realise how effective and benficial such More...
21/Apr/09 8:05 PM
GM: Further:
I am much aware that it is also QE2's birthday today. I met the Queen in Oz when she was opening a Uni there, on the day before our shared birthday. I had an interesting conversation with her. I complained about a flag that flies on a local castle in England, which, until I was More...
21/Apr/09 8:11 PM
Terry: pedantic correction -
"Yea; alls ell that end ell!"
Should read
Yea; all's 'ell that ends 'ell!
21/Apr/09 8:14 PM
'ello all.
We've landed in Adelaide. Just settling in. It was already dark when we arrived, so, no exploring until the morning. Lunch tomorrow with Margo and Elsie. Hope all goes well with everybody.
21/Apr/09 9:36 PM
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