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Easy Sudoku for 21/June/2012


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Submitted by: Gath

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21/Jun/12 2:28 AM
Had to pay the second half of my property taxes today! taxes.
I'm thinking of becoming a squatter somewhere.
21/Jun/12 2:32 AM
The letter 'b' Keith.
21/Jun/12 2:46 AM
Oh, that's a real b of a situation.
21/Jun/12 2:48 AM
I b-n sightseeing again today.
21/Jun/12 2:50 AM
B-n walking on York's medieval walls
21/Jun/12 2:50 AM
B-n having a nana nap after I got back.
21/Jun/12 2:52 AM
And now, I better b getting ready to go out for dinner.
21/Jun/12 2:53 AM
One of the problems with getting older is that we sometimes don't always realize when we are being teased. Wait! That might be blessing, not a problem!!! lol
21/Jun/12 2:59 AM
Good mAen, all! Jaime and I will be meeting friends for dinner tonight. We're trying someplace new (to us): the poolside cafe at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. They have a June seafood special: a pound of local steamed shrimp for $12.50. Now THAT'S a deal! (All the JICH's restaurants are More...
21/Jun/12 3:03 AM
What's even worse, Jane, is when you don't realize you're being teased back.
21/Jun/12 3:11 AM
It's just flying all over everywhere, isn't it?
21/Jun/12 3:26 AM
With apologies to Karen Chandler and Mel Carter....

Tease me, Tease me
Never cease to do it 'cause you please me, please me,
And I'll let you know that you will just appease me, appease me,
And you'll make the site much more fun!
21/Jun/12 4:38 AM
21/Jun/12 4:46 AM
2:09. Hi everyone.
21/Jun/12 6:41 AM
And it's goodnight from me.
21/Jun/12 6:58 AM
I have finally found a minute of free time. Have been gone over the weekend and Harry's Dad is in town for the week so there won't be much free time for now.
21/Jun/12 7:02 AM
2.29 Hi all. it is cold, wet and misable here today.
21/Jun/12 7:04 AM
mAen, all. 2:04
21/Jun/12 7:46 AM
Great photo, fun jigsaw & sudoku! Now for a great read!!!
21/Jun/12 8:01 AM
Hello everyone, & anyone who's around!
Yes, HalT most Australians would think of a BBQ before a doll when a 'b/Barbie' was mentioned, the other one is generally referred to a 'barbie doll'! When I read your post about assembling a barbie, it made me think of my man's 'disassembly' of our BBQ (so no one thinks I'm talking of the doll).
21/Jun/12 8:19 AM
We were going to get a new one for the new house on the river, but he was worried about the ceiling of the verandah getting dirty, so he pulled the old one apart got some new bits for it, & instead of putting it back on its wheels he mad a frame for it so it is now suspended off the verandah rail! The ceiling won't get dirty & we don't lose any space on the verandah!!
21/Jun/12 8:23 AM
if anyone's interested, I've just put 2 photos of the before mention BBQ in my gallery - one from the verandah & on taken from below!
21/Jun/12 8:43 AM
Great pictures Kate. Your hubby is very clever.
Our BBQ is on the verandah, just near the kitchen window, so I can hand out food/tongs etc.
We made out fly screen slide either way so we can use the window as a servery. It has been very handy.
21/Jun/12 10:09 AM
You hubby is definitely a keeper, Kate! What a great solution! (Jaime would probably have just painted the ceiling black...hehehe)
21/Jun/12 10:22 AM
Both of our grills (one charcoal and the other gas) are on the deck in back. When it rains, Jaime wheels the Weber (charcoal grill) to the carport. The gas grill is too big to move and doesn't have wheels.
21/Jun/12 10:23 AM
Grilled chicken on the new bARBIE tonight. Very tasty.
21/Jun/12 10:30 AM

So, Hal's foolin' around with some chick called bARBIE?

Make sure you get all the screws, bolts and nuts in the right place and that they're all tight.

PS - I knew exactly what you meant when you mentioned barbie, Hal
21/Jun/12 10:40 AM
Peter, do you think it has been that long since HalT has had a bARBIE, that he doesn't remember where to put all the screws, bolts and nuts?
21/Jun/12 10:49 AM
House news.
Man came out and looked at the place and said, he wants it, but will give his final answer when he returns from his vacation, on the 19 of July. I really, hope we are gone by then. And I hope Man and the realitor lady, don't wait on him either.
21/Jun/12 10:53 AM
Karen, you DO remember that my wife's name is Barbara, don't you. And that we have been married 51+ years.
21/Jun/12 10:54 AM
I remember where everything goes.
21/Jun/12 10:57 AM
Mommy Tale.
Thing II, lost her her first tooth today. Poor girl, was excited and scared. Took her picture and she turned happy again. For the last 30 minutes she has been admiring her looks in front of the mirror and asking if the tooth fairy is going to come.
21/Jun/12 10:57 AM
What does your wife, Barbara and being married, have to do with everything goes?

21/Jun/12 10:59 AM
Gee whiz, Karen! You know about the tooth fairy... Do I have to explain everything...

Shosho, you taught children. Help me out here.
21/Jun/12 11:05 AM
Putting a grill under a ceiling is an invitation not just to a blackened ceiling, but possibly a burned down house! Every so often, somebody in my complex thinks grilling on the balcony would be a good idea - eeek. Kate's husband's solution looks nifty, but requires a good grip on tongs and meat - otherwise ... look out below!
21/Jun/12 11:06 AM
A triple pun, Karen. Does that help?
21/Jun/12 11:07 AM
Well, back in my day, teeth went for twenty-five cents, or if we are lucky, we got a half dollar piece.

I am totally clueless, at what teeth are going for these days.
21/Jun/12 11:11 AM
Well, Karen, are you just going to sit there?
21/Jun/12 11:11 AM
Or are you going to race me...
21/Jun/12 11:11 AM
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